20/20 Tax Resolution is a tax debt relief company that is headquartered in Denver, CO, and is proud to call itself one of the longest running and the most experienced companies in this sector. They have been in operation for more than two decades at the point of this review, and throughout that time they have been helping tax debtors just like yourself to escape the clutches of government debt and attain complete financial freedom once again.

In this guide we'll take a closer look at 20/20 Tax Resolution, learning more about them and then outlining our review of this company.

20:20 Tax Resolution Review

About 20/20 Tax Resolution

20/20 Tax Resolution has been helping clients to reduce IRS tax debt for over 20 years. They are located in Denver, Colorado, and use their vast experience with debtors and with the IRS to calmly and quickly negotiate around the many potential pitfalls and to help the client attain financial freedom.

Basic Information

  • Address: 11800 Ridge Pkwy STE 400, Broomfield, CO 80021-6538
  • Web Address: http://www.2020taxresolution.com/
  • Date of Founding: 8/2/1998
  • Contact Number: (800) 240-1048
  • Opening Hours: 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM Monday to Friday (closed weekends)
  • BBB Accredited? Yes, since 1999.

The Company

20/20 Tax Resolution are accredited by the BBB and have been throughout most of their history. They have an A+ rating and no warnings, and as discussed below, there are also very few complaints, bad reviews, and employee issues. It's as close as you're going to get to a perfect company in this sector, although as discussed in our 20/20 Tax Resolution review further down, there are a few slight issues that stop it from getting full marks.

The Services

20/20 Tax Resolution provide services to individuals and businesses in all 50 states. All of the work can be completed over the phone and through emails and there is no need to visit them, although they do seem to do more business in their local area, suggesting that customers prefer to keep it local.

20/20 Tax Resolution offer services relating to all of the following areas:

Business Taxes:

  • State Levies and IRS Levies
  • State Liens and IRS Liens
  • IRS, State, and Trust Fund Recovery Penalties
  • Payroll Tax Problems


  • IRS Levies and State Levies
  • Notice of Intent to Levy
  • IRS Liens and State Liens
  • IRS, State, and Trust Fund Recovery Penalties
  • IRS Garnishments and State Garnishments

They can also help with all of the following typical tax issues:

  • Tax Debt Payment Plans
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • An Offer in Compromise
  • Penalty Abatements
  • Levy Appeals
  • Business Finances

The Prices

Pricing structure is not listed on the 20/20 Tax Resolution website. This is not uncommon for tax companies like this as they offer a wide range of services and these all differ greatly in price. You also have to consider the extent of the issues at hand: an individual with a small income is going to receive a smaller quote than a business with a large income.

To take advantage of the services offered by 20/20 Tax Resolution you need to have tax debt to the value of more than $10,000. They may make exceptions if you are a few hundred short, but in most cases companies tend to be very strict with their minimum requirements. This also needs to be all tax debt, which means you won't qualify if you have $5,000 in tax debt and $5,000 in unsecured debt.

The Employees

Former and current employees of 20/20 Tax Resolution have nothing but good things to say about the company, which is always a good thing to see. Typically, we see the opposite with debt management companies like this, and it always makes for a refreshing change when so many employees have so many good things to say.

They hire over 100 employees at a time and those employees have praised everything from the atmosphere and the management, to the pay and the training.

The Reviews

There are a lot of good reviews out there for 20/20 Tax Resolution. As we have mentioned many times before, it's important to be wary of user reviews if they are concentrated on aggregate review sites like TrustPilot, because it's very easy to manipulate these systems (contrary to what they want you to think, sites like TrustPilot are very business-centric, as they are the ones who pay the bills).

However, things are a little different with 20/20 Tax Resolution. They have a lot of good reviews on sites that usually attract negative comments. The BBB site is a great example of this. Every customer who has ever had a bad experience with a company and wants to get back at them sees sites like the BBB as a good outlet. They know that a bad review on that site will be seen by the company, it will hurt them, and it may even generate a response. The fact that 20/20 Tax Resolution's BBB page has nothing but good reviews is testament to their commitment to their customers and to their competitively priced services.

We've also heard many good things from DebtReview readers who have used this service. If you have also used 20/20 Tax Resolution and want to review them, leave your comments below. We will accept good and bad reviews and don't discriminate, but please keep it family friendly.

Our 20/20 Tax Resolution Review

We have reviewed some big, impressive and experienced companies on DebtReviews over the years. The question is, are 20/20 Tax Resolution one of them and are they worthy of a high ranking, or is this another in a long line of disappointing companies?

20:20 Tax Resolution Reviews

The Good

  • They offer new customers a free consultation
  • There are a lot of good reviews and real testimonials
  • They are certified and accredited
  • Their site has a lot of tax forms

Free Consultation

As mentioned already in our About 20/20 Tax Resolution section, there are over 100 employees working for this company. They are highly trained and experienced and can help with any issues that you might have. This all begins with a free consultation, at which point you will be connected to one of these experts and can get the advice and the direction that you so desperately need.

20/20 Tax Resolution encourage potential clients to take advantage of this free consultation, during which time every caller will be read their rights as a taxpayer, and will then have their potential options discussed to them. There is no pressure selling (this exists with many companies we have covered before, even the better ones like Navicore) and they are very calm and helpful

A plan of action will be formulated to help stop harassment from debt collectors, and a team of expert CPAs and Enrolled Agents will then assume control over all contact with the IRS from that point onwards, ensuring the client doesn't need to deal with the stress and the hassle.

Real Testimonials

20/20 Tax Resolution offers a unique service whereby customers can make direct contact with previous clients in order to hear their testimonials first hand. These clients have given their permission for this, so you don't have to worry about being asked to do this yourself if you don't want to, and it's a very forward-thinking approach that helps to authenticate testimonials. After all, most clients ignore testimonials because they know that they are easily faked. This negates any such issues.


20/20 Tax Resolution is accredited by organizations held in high esteem throughout this industry and they also hold significant certifications. They are members of industry leading organizations such as the National Association of Enrolled Agents, and the National Association of Tax Professionals, where they received an award for “excellent service.”


You will find a huge number of tax forms on the 20/20 Tax Resolution website, giving you access to whatever you need whether you are a customer or not. We always like to highlight companies when they go the extra mile to provide resources and guides, and that's exactly what 20/20 Tax Resolution have done. The forms include Power of Attorney, wills, returns, and many financial statements.

20:20 Tax Resolution

The Bad

  • Limited range of products
  • Lack of transparency

Limited Products

There is little to be concerned about with this company, as you can see from our rating, but there are still a couple of minor issues worth noting. Firstly, they are very limited in terms of the products they offer, especially when you compare them to the likes of Tax Defense Network and Southwest Tax Relief.

Many other industry leaders provide bookkeeping or payroll services to business owners. This company only performs levies, liens, and penalties.

Lack of Transparency

The lack of an expansive product range isn't enough to stop them from getting  5 out of 5 rating, but the lack of transparency is. We understand why it is difficult to list prices in detail, but they don't need to go into detail. A little more info on the rough price structure, as well as the process for each of their services, would have been very helpful and enough to take our 4 star rating to a 5 star rating. All of this cold have been fixed by adding another 1,000 words and a few pictures/videos to their FAQ.

The Bottom Line

It's fair to say that a company must be doing something right if they have been around since 1998 and have not received any warnings or lawsuits. Even the biggest and best companies that have been around for a long time, Freedom Debt Relief included, have received warnings, complaints and fines, and the lack of any of those on the behalf of 20/20 Tax Resolution is promising.

There is a lot to like here and many reasons why they might be the perfect company for you and your situation. Our recommendation is to give them a call, take advantage of their free consultation, and then see if they are a good fit. You should also take a look at some other highly rated companies we have reviewed, including Community Tax LLC and Creative Tax Solutions.