Accelerated Tax Solutions is a leading financial company that provides tax service to individuals and businesses across the United States. They work with customers across all walks of life and can help in many ways (discussed in more detail below) but one of their main target groups is truck drivers, and they have helped countless people in this profession.

Accelerated Tax Solutions

About Accelerated Tax Solutions

Accelerated Tax Solutions are based in North Miami Beach and they have a team of hard working professionals on staff waiting to help with your tax needs.

Basic Information

  • Address: 200 South Biscayne Boulevard Suite 2790, Miami, FL 33131
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 2004
  • Contact Number: (855) 299-4019
  • BBB Accredited? No.

The Services

Accelerated Tax Solutions can help with a number of tax issues. The cost will differ depending on the type of service, the individual who needs it, and the extent of their issue. Their services include:

  • Offer in Compromise (OIC): An OIC works in the same way as a debt settlement program. The experts will approach the IRS concerning tax debt and they will make an offer for less than the amount owed. Unlike debt settlement programs, which are negotiated with private companies, OIC's can be tricky because they are negotiated with the IRS.
  • Installment Agreements: An agreement to pay back tax debt over a time that is more suited to the debtor.
  • Tax Return Preparation: A basic service that could end up saving you thousands of dollars, not to mention a lot of time.
  • Penalty Abatement: They will try to reduce your debt by getting rid of penalties.
  • Additional Services: If it relates to tax, they may be able to help.

The Employees

We always like to speak with employees and check employee review sites, because we often find that a company that treats its staff well is also a company that treats its customers well. It only makes sense when you consider that a happy employee is more likely to be a competent one and one that will go the extra mile, whereas an unhappy one is more likely to ignore emails, delay responses, and generally be very helpful.

We have found some strange and insightful things, including one highly rated and otherwise brilliant company where its staff were accusing it of pressure selling. Accelerated Tax Solutions is one of the strangest and the most polarizing.

The vast majority of former employees claim that they left because the pay was too low and the requirements were too high. There was a lot of stress and they were being asked to do too much for too little. However, they did enjoy the environment and the other members of staff and, strangely enough, they also said that the onsite cafe was amazing.

So, if nothing else, working here will mean you get to eat great food all day!

The Reviews

There are a lot of good reviews out there for Accelerated Tax Solutions, and in our own Accelerated Tax Solutions review (see below) you will see that we echo many of the sentiments.

We are a little concerned about the responses made to some of the complaints out there though and we feel this is worth mentioning. There have been a number of complaints made about the company that have quickly received responses claiming the exact opposite. The timing and the nature of these responses is very suspicious, especially when you consider that some of the benefits mentioned in these responses don't actually exist.

It doesn't look great for the company as it looks like staff members may be the ones responding, but we think that it's more likely that friends of the company, such as overzealous family members of staff/owners. They are likely the ones responsible and are just trying to defend their loved ones, even though it often has the opposite effect.

Accelerated Tax Solutions Review

Our Accelerated Tax Solutions Review

Now that we've seen what others have to say about Accelerated Tax Solutions, it's time for our own review. You have no doubt already seen our rating for this company at the top of this page, but now we'll show you why we gave them such a good score and why we recommend them so highly.

The Good


Accelerated Tax Solutions specializes in help truck drivers, who are in a very unique position and can save a small fortune by going with a company like this.

Truck drivers can be paid per diem or per hour, and they often have unique and complex needs when it comes to tax deductions. They are also required to file a diverse range of information on 2290 forms, which include multiple deductions and write-offs. Accelerated Tax Solutions understands all of this better than anyone. They have a wealth of experience dealing with these exact issues and are a valuable asset in the truck driving profession.

General Experts

Accelerated Tax Solutions also provides debt services to other individual taxpayers and small business owners. Their tax services cover a wide range of needs, helping clients release liens and levies, while preventing the IRS from garnishing wages.

Free Consultation

To help determine the best tax resolution plan, they offer every customer a free consultation. Just give them a ring, discuss your situation with one of their experts, and see if they can help you. Unlike a debt management company or a debt settlement company, Accelerated Tax Solutions should be able to help you regardless of your issue, providing it relates to tax. And if it doesn't relate to tax, then this is not the company for you (try Discover, U-Fi or Solid Ground Financial if not).

They can also help you regardless of where you live, as Accelerated Tax Solutions work across the entire United States of America.

Accelerated Tax Solutions Reviews

The Bad

Lack of CPAs and Accreditations

Accelerated Tax Solutions has a team of highly qualified attorneys on staff, but at the same time they are deficient in some key areas. There are currently zero CPAs and enrolled agents on staff, which can be a big issue when it comes to providing tax solutions and filing simple tax returns. They will also never be able to receive certification from the American Association of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) or the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), which may be cause for concern for some prospective customers.

High Minimum Debt Requirement

Accelerated Tax Solution's $10,000 minimum tax debt requirement is high when you compare it to some of the rivals. This can be a problem for prospective customers, but these higher minimum amounts help them to keep the quality of their service high for all customers. It's one of the reasons why Trinity Debt Management has a minimum amount of $30,000, but also has a 100% success rate and is one of the best companies in the debt settlement sector.

Staff Concerns

There are some credibility issues when it comes to Accelerated Tax Solutions. After doing extensive research, we have discovered than many of the founders of Accelerated Tax Solutions are former employees of Tax Defense Network, and it appears that may have been fired due to ethical issues. However, we can't be certain about this and it's worth noting that Tax Defense Network, just like Accelerated Tax Solution, have a 5/5 rating. We don't give out top scores lightly here on DebtReviews, so a connection between these two could be considered a good thing.

Lack of Online Resources

A major downside is the lack of educational resources available on their website. It is always good practice to keep customers informed about the process and to help them avoid tax debt in the future. This is not as big of an issue with tax debt as it is with other debt, as it's more specific and people who clear large amounts of tax debt rarely relapse and go back into debt.

The Bottom Line

There is a lot to like about Accelerated Tax Solution and that is why we have scored them so highly. There are some downsides and some things that may be cause for concern, but there are always going to be negatives and the only real issue is if those negatives begin to outweigh the positives, which is not the case here.