Headquartered in North Miami Beach, Accelerated Tax Solutions has been providing tax services to individuals, couples, and families since 2004. They have a tax resolution team of 45 professionals who offer financial services in all 50 states, and their main target clients are America’s truck drivers.

The Good

Services for Specific Client Types

Accelerated Tax Solutions is unique in that they specialize in providing tax relief services for truck drivers throughout the U.S. For example, truck drivers can be paid per diem or hourly wages, and often have unique and complex needs and deductions come tax time. In addition, truck drivers are required to file a diverse range of information on 2290 forms, which include multiple deductions and write-offs. Accelerated Tax Solutions understands this and have a team of experts who specialize in meeting the specific tax needs of truckers.

Accelerated Tax Solutions provides debt services to individual taxpayers and small business owners. Their tax services cover a wide range of needs, helping clients release liens and levies, while preventing the IRS from garnishing wages. To help determine the best tax resolution plan, they offer every customer a free consultation for all customers. They have an experienced group of tax attorneys who are capable of taking care of any tax issue, regardless of the resident’s state.

Free Consultation

Accelerated Tax Solutions offers a free consultation to those interested in learning more about their tax debt relief services.


The Bad

Lack of CPAs and Accreditations

While Accelerated Tax Solutions has a team of highly qualified attorneys, they are deficient in some important areas. There are currently zero CPAs and enrolled agents on staff, which can be a big issue when it comes to providing tax solutions and filing simple tax returns for customers. And by not having CPAs or enrolled agents on staff, they will never be able to receive certification from the American Association of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) or the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA)

High Minimum Debt Requirement

Compared to competitors in the industry, Accelerated Tax Solution's $10,000 minimum tax debt requirement is high, and can be a problem for prospective customers.

Staff Concerns

There are some credibility issues when it comes to Accelerated Tax Solutions. After doing extensive research, we have discovered than many of the founders of Accelerated Tax Solutions are former employees of Tax Defense Network, and it appears that may have been fired due to ethical issues.

Lack of Online Resources

A major downside of Accelerated Tax Solutions is the lack of educational resources available on their company website. While many other businesses provide extensive information to educate taxpayers, there is little to no information on Accelerated Tax Solutions’ website for potential customers to cultivate financial literacy and increase knowledge of tax-related topics.

The Bottom Line

Although we love the experience of Accelerated Tax Solutions and their proven history of being able to resolve tax problems for individuals dealing with the state and IRS, they leave much to be desired. They have no CPAs or enrolled agents on staff, lack transparency, and have a high minimum debt requirement of $10,000, all of which are signs for concern. We strongly recommend looking elsewhere for tax relief services.