Accredited Debt Relief offers debt consolidation for those who need to manage their credit card debt. Having partnered with premier debt relief companies, Accredited Debt Relief is better able to serve their clients. This company has over 20 years of experience with debt relief and financial services. In addition to years of experience, accredited debt consolidation negotiators have settled thousands of accounts for anybody ranging from families and individuals, to businesses.

Accredited Debt Relief

The Good

  • Free consultation
  • Online management
  • Program Benefits
  • Enrollment

Free Consultation

Many individuals who are struggling with debt have a hard time finding the right way to manage their financial difficulties. To help ease this process, Accredited Debt Relief has set up free consultations and free quotes. By calling Accredited at 866-345-5007, individuals are given an approach with no strings attached to see which process would best suit them with their financial situation.

Online Management

Accredited never leaves their clients wondering what is happening with their account by setting up an easy and fast way to view their debt consolidation situation online. Individuals are able to access their account from where ever by desktop or mobile to see at what part of the negotiating process their debt is in.

Program Benefits

For those in need of help with which direction to take with their debt, Accredited offers a dedicated debt specialist to best match them with the most fitting consolidation program. With this attention to detail, clients are matched with one of the following specialized plans.

  • Reduction of monthly payment: our team of negotiators works with your creditors.
  • Elimination of multiple creditors: a possibility with individuals who work with creditors that allow for complete elimination.
  • Lower interest rates: relief is provided by negotiating interest rates down to an average of 7.9% interest rates.
  • Straightforward bill-paying process: the repayment of debt is simplified for debt consolidators with easy online access.
  • Avoid delinquencies: the elimination of debt delinquencies are reported on your credit reports.


This benefit provides clients with a quick and easy way to begin their debt consolidation process. Once individuals enroll with Accredited, the negotiation process will begin in 2 weeks. Now keep in mind, this doesn’t necessarily mean their debt will be consolidated that quickly, but the process is put into place within a quick 5 to 10 business days.

You need to understand, however, that your debt will not be erased in a matter of days, weeks or even months. It can take years. But this is all standard and is not the result of them taking it easy, moving slowly, or leaving your accounts at the bottom of the pile.

Accredited Debt Relief Reviews

The Bad

  • Debt settlement focus
  • Availability
  • Debt Settlement Focus

When it comes to Accredited Debt Consolidation, it is important to note that this company typically focuses on debt settlement when most debt consolidation programs rely on a number of debt relief solutions. Note that this does not mean they do not provide you the help needed to get the job done.


Unfortunately, the Accredited Debt Consolidation services are very limited in the United States. Presently, there are only 8 states that have access to Accredited services such as:  Iowa, Idaho, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, and Texas.

Things you Need to Know

Here are a few highlights taken from frequently asked questions, terms we believe you need to know about, and more.

How Quick is the Process?

As mentioned above, it generally takes a week or two before they get started. You don't need to worry too much about anything negative happening in this time (see below) and patience is a virtue here, as it can take a further 6 to 8 months from the point of negotiation to the point when these debts begin to settle.

According to their website, the average program takes between 2 and 4 years to complete in full.

What Happens with Lawsuits and Debt Collectors?

If you are contacted by a debt collection agency prior to the process beginning then make sure this is known to Accredited Debt Relief as they promise to help with this.

If your creditors try to sue you then Accredited Debt Relief will continue working on the account but will typically prioritize it.

Non-Paying Creditors

If a creditor refuses to settle, then they will simply be removed from your account and your fees will be adjusted accordingly. In other words, if they can't help you then you don't need to pay.

This is actually very rare, as most creditors are more than happy to come to a settlement. They want to clear their accounts as much as you want to clear yours, so this is not a major issue.

What to do if You Miss a Payment

You should always try to make your payments, but as you would expect, debt relief agencies are a little more forgiving than creditors. Contact them in advance if you can't afford to make a payment and they should be able to arrange something. Just don't make a habit out of it.

Will it Affect my Credit Score?

Signing up to Accredited Debt Relief will not impact on your credit score, but the process leading up to it certainly will. Your score takes a huge hit every time you fail to make a payment, and if you're on the verge of financial collapse it will be suffering severely.

Take a look at this article to learn more about credit scores, and know that while signing up to Accredited Debt Relief and other debt relief companies will not hurt your score, it should help to fix it. Just don't expect this too happen quickly.

About the Company

Accredited Debt Relief Help

Accredited Debt Relief was founded in 2008 and is currently headquartered in San Diego. They hire around 100 employees are considered to be one of the best debt relief agencies in the United States, both in terms of the benefits and quality of care they provide to their employees, and the level of service they offer their customers.

In fact, the San Diego Business Journal once voted them as one of the best places to work in the city.

What Their Employees Say

Awards are one thing, but to really understand how a company treats its employees you need to dig a little deeper. If we take employee statements and reviews into account then it begins to look a little less promising, but still great on the whole.

The Bad

There have been complaints regarding:

  • Hiring Policies-some have suggested that they will hire anyone.
  • Managers-complaints regarding managerial practices.
  • Results-there are suggestions that they may be quick to fire under-performers.

The Good

While there are some bad reviews out there from employees, it's important to remember that no company has unanimously positive reviews. There will always be a few disgruntled people, even if you are the best company in the world, because there will always come a time when you hire a manager that some staff disagree with or you sack someone for under-performing.

On balance, this seems to be a good company to work for, with dozens of good employee reviews for every bad one, picking out positives such as:

  • Fun environment
  • Good experience
  • Training in sales work
  • Rewarding work

The Bottom Line

Clients who go with Accredited will almost immediately see work being done on their case as they work towards financial independence. However, there are some questions surrounding their availability around the United States and their accreditations. But for individuals who live in the serviceable states, it is worth getting a no-strings-attached quote to see if the service offered is the right one for your financial situation.

About Accredited Debt Consolidation Solutions

Accredited Debt Relief works to help individuals with the stress credit card and other forms of debt can impose. The Accredited team will collaborate with creditors on your behalf to consolidate your debt and make you one step closer to financial freedom.