Advantage Credit Counseling Services is a non-profit counseling company. Founded in 1968, Advantage CCS has over 45 years of experience in credit counseling and debt management. Additionally, they offer services like bankruptcy counseling, bankruptcy classes, and home ownership counseling for both pre-purchase and foreclosure.

Advantage Credit Counseling Help

About Advantage Credit Counseling Services

Advantage Credit Counseling Services has been in the financial sector for over 4 decades now. They are a non-profit organization aimed to help people consolidate their debt into one monthly payment and decrease their monthly interest rate. During the process, Advantage CCS will provide certified counselors to analyze a customer’s financial situation to offer the best fitting solutions to their financial problems.

On top of debt consolidation, Advantage CCS provides assistance in bankruptcy, credit counseling, housing counseling, credit report review, and an electronic budget advisor. They also provide free tools like a calculator for credit card debt, mortgage and car loans, emergency savings, college, and retirement.

Basic Information

  • Address: 2403 Sidney St Ste 400, Pittsburgh, PA 15203-2181
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 7/31/1968
  • Contact Number: (412) 390-1300
  • BBB Accredited? Yes, since 1990.

The Company

Advantage Credit Counseling hire around 50 employees and turnover more than $1 million a year. It's a lot of money and a decent sized payroll, but it's actually on the small side where this industry is concerned, with the likes of Money Management turning over more than $500 billion and hiring over 1,000 staff members.

There are two acting presidents and CEOs, and if you have an issue and want to go straight to the top, these are the guys you need to contact:

  • Ms. Mary Loftus
  • Mr. Gary Vollmer

The Services and Costs

Advantage Credit Counseling offer counseling, debt management plans, and bankruptcy assistance. They do not loan money like Best Egg, and they will not file bankruptcy for you, but rather they will counsel you in doing these things.

For their debt management plan they charge a one-time fee of $50 for the consultation and a monthly fee of between $5 and $50 thereafter. The monthly fee will depend on the number of creditors that you have.

The Reviews

We tend to ignore user review sites because they are not as impartial as you might think. Some of them (we're not naming names, but it's fair to say that they are not small) give businesses complete control, allowing them to court good reviews and basically delete or ignore bad ones. And then you have the fact that it's always easy for someone to fake reviews.

However, it is a different story with Facebook reviews. You tend to get much more honesty, much more transparency, and fare less fakery. And if you look at the Facebook reviews for Advantage Credit Counseling you will see a majority of 3, 4 and 5 star reviews. There are some bad ones as well, as to be expected, but they have a very strong overall rating.

To see what our own reviewers had to say about Advantage Credit Counseling, keep reading.

Advantage Credit Counseling Reviews

Our Advantage Credit Counseling Review

There are many great debt consolidation companies out there and we have reviewed most of them. The question is, are Advantage Credit Counseling Services one of them? Keep reading to find out with our Advantage Credit Counseling Services review.

The Good

  • Reduced interest rates
  • Eliminate late and overdraft fees
  • Reduce harassing credit calls

Reduced Interest Rates

Advantage CCS has over 4 decades of experience managing debt management and counseling. Advantage CCS offers what is called a debt management program. They work with creditors to lower monthly payments, interest rates, and repayment time. Customers who decide to go with Advantage CCS can see interest rates drop to 15% and even 0% for those who enroll in the debt management program.

Free Consultation

Counselors are available at Advantage CCS for clients who want credit counseling about their financial situation, methods to repay debts, and how to create an overall better life financially. Each session is tailor suited to meet each individual's unique situation.

With sessions lasting around an hour, clients are encouraged to be fully upfront to ensure they receive that best possible solution. We admire Advantage CCS for offering such a personalized approach. When each counseling session is over, clients are given the option to enroll in their debt management program, house counseling, bankruptcy counseling, and many others.

Educational Resources

One on the strong points with Advantage is their educational resources. Clients have the opportunity to become financially literate and stay out of debt which is priceless.

They also offer blog posts on various topics, including finances and the holidays, which is always an important topic for consumers. Moreover, Advantage CCS offers a plethora of tools like financial calculators, online budgeting advisors, newsletters, an electronic library, and video guides to help guide consumers to financial stability.

Advantage Credit Counseling

The Bad

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Lack of accreditation

Money-back Guarantee

Although we may like many things about Advantage CCS, we would like to see an outline of the money-back guarantee online. This can give a piece-of-mind to customers who may be on the fence about joining Advantage CCS. It's always nice to know that if everything goes wrong, you have a crisis of conscience or you simply find a better service after it's too late, you can get your money back.

There is no clarity on such a guarantee here.

Lack of Accreditation

Another concern with Advantage is their lack of FCAA accreditation. This accreditation guarantees a minimal level of quality for the services offered. Customers are not contractually bound and may cancel at any point in the process. If in fact, the customer opts out of the plan, by law, debt consolidation companies must notify the creditor which will more than likely restore interest rates to the previous rate.

It's not necessarily a make-or-break issue, or rather it shouldn't be one, but it's definitely a cause for concern and they would get a bigger rating from us if they fixed this one small issue.

The Bottom Line

Advantage CCS provides free credit counseling with a range of program options to aid anybody struggling financially. Although their lack of accreditations concerns us, they offer consolidation services that are worth looking into. We recommend taking advantage of their free consultation as well as their credit counseling services to figure out if Advantage CCS is right for you.

Advantage Credit Counseling don't quite get full marks from us (checkout New Era Debt Relief, Freedom Debt Relief and Consolidated Credit to see companies that do) but they come very close and we definitely recommend them.