Allied Credit Solutions, LLC was founded by financial experts with years of experience in corporate finance, transactional law, and other essential areas of this complex field. They utilize this experience and their varied skill set to offer services such ranging from credit repair and collection removal to consumer credit monitoring and debt settlement, putting clients on the road to financial freedom in the process.

In this guide to Allied Credit Solutions, LLC we will focus on their debt settlement services, seeing how they can benefit individuals and businesses across the United States. If you want to learn more about Allied Credit Solutions, LLC, including a detailed review of their services, then this is a good place to start.

Allied Credit Solutions, LLC Review

About Allied Credit Solutions, LLC

Allied Credit Solutions manage to get a lot of things right and they look like a solid company on the surface. But as we shall discover, once you dig a little deeper there are some serious concerns regarding how they operate and how they treat their customers.

Basic Information

  • Address: 2600 Avenue K Suite 226, Plano, TX 75074
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 6/24/2007
  • Contact Number: (800) 901-8122
  • BBB Accredited? No.

Reviews and Complains

We often save the reviews and complaints for the end of our About section, but there are some very concerning things here that we feel need to be discussed right off the bat.

Complaints are very common in this industry, let's make that clear right away. You will find them on every company, even the very best, because it's an industry that creates expectations and doesn't always deliver. A good company is not necessarily one that is devoid of complaints (although in the case of Trinity Debt Management, they seem to have managed to do just that) but one that deals with them well.

Allied Credit Solutions have quite a few complaints, and not only have they not dealt with them well, but they haven't even responded to them. There is a very high possibility that they know they exist, and an equally high possibility that they know other customers will see them, so it's baffling to us why they haven't responded.

It's also one of the reasons we advise being cautious about using their services. The content of these complaints are also concerning, but it's mainly the lack of a response that we have issues with.

The only thing more frustrating than a company that leaves you short of good service, is one that won't listen to complaints. And for that reason alone, we recommend being very wary of Allied Credit Solutions and the promises they make during the initial consultation.

The Services

As discussed already, Allied Credit Solutions offer a wealth of services. This can be seen as a good thing and a bad thing. On the one hand, they are able to fix many issues that you might have. On the other hand, it means they are trying to keep too many plates spinning at once and this can result in a few plates smashing.

Allied Credit Solutions, LLC

Our Allied Credit Solutions, LLC Review

Our researchers pored through the Allied Credit Solutions website, contacted support staff and customers, and then offered their opinions. These are displayed below in our Allied Credit Solutions review.

The Good

Allied Credit Solutions offers a number of different services. We discussed some of these at the outset of this review, but others include identity theft assistance and auto lending. They are a complete package for anyone who needs help with their finances, but it's debt settlement that we are interested in and it's debt settlement that we will focus on.

Debt Settlement Highlights

The first part of the Allied Credit Solutions debt settlement process is the free consultation, during which time it will be determined if the program is a good fit for the client. If so, they will discuss how the process works; if not then they will recommend an alternative, whether it be debt management or basic budgeting.

With most debt settlement programs, customers will be required to make monthly payments to an escrow account. Once enough funds have been saved in that account, it will provide leverage when settling the client's debts.

Unfortunately, our team of researchers was unable to confirm if this is the same process used by Allied Credit Solutions. They state that they have a “no-results, no-charge” guarantee, however, under FTC regulation, companies accepting clients for debt settlement must operate on a performance-based model, so this guarantee is pretty redundant.

All of this means that if Allied Credit Solutions are unsuccessful at negotiating a debt for the client, then they will not charge a settlement fee. This regulation was implemented in 2010 in response to dishonest settlement companies taking advantage of economic hardship, and while it is still occasionally ignored, it's a law that most legitimate companies follow.

Allied Credit Solutions also offers military discounts, so if you are in the military or you are a veteran, you shoudl enquire about this.

Highlights of their Services

  • They provide a free consultation
  • They are FTC compliant
  • There is no shortage of good reviews

The Bad

We have several concerns with Allied Credit Solutions. Firstly, while there is plenty of information on the company’s website regarding their services, there was very little additional information about their debt settlement program.

We were also unable to contact the employee handling debt settlement, or find further information after contacting them by phone and email. This info is important, as it gives you an idea of how much they charge, what their process requires, and how it all develops. Sure, you can get this info by undertaking their free consultation, but if all companies operated like this then you'd need to spend an hour on the phone to every one of them just to get basic information.

Imagine how difficult your life would be if every time you did a comparison (for any product or service) you needed to spend an hour or more on each company. Some companies do this intentionally because they know that a customer is more likely to signup for their services if they are in direct contact with a customer service rep.

Allied Credit Solutions are not accredited with the AFCC or IAPDA. Affiliations with these companies aren’t a necessary part of a successful debt relief company, however, it is a good way to convey credibility and to give clients some peace of mind.

Allied Credit Solutions LLC Help

The Bottom Line

Allied Credit Solutions provides prospective clients with a free consultation and they don't charge anything until the debt has been settled. However, their services are very limited, as is information on these services.

They lack transparency, and that should worry any prospective client. In the end, we cannot recommend this company to consumers and suggest looking elsewhere for your debt settlement needs. We have covered many highly rated companies in this sector, including Debt RX and America Debt Resolutions. Take a look at those and more before making up your mind and signing on the dotted line.