Allied Credit Solutions, LLC was founded by experts with years of experience in corporate finance, business development, and transactional law. They utilize their diversified skill set to offer services such as credit repair, collection removal, identity theft, consumer credit monitoring, auto lending, and debt settlement to set clients on the road to financial freedom.

The Good

Allied Credit Solutions provides clients with a wide range of services including credit repair, collection removal, identity theft, credit monitoring, auto lending and other franchise opportunities. Along with their product offering, they include debt settlement, which is what this review will concentrate on. The first part of the process is the free consultation where it will be determined if the program is the right fit for the potential client and their unique financial needs. Typically, once enrolled, customers will make monthly payments to an escrow account. Once enough funds are saved, it will act as negotiating leverage to settle the debt of the client.

Unfortunately, our team of researchers was unable to confirm if this process is indeed what Allied Credit Solutions uses. ACS states that they have a “no-results, no-charge” guarantee, although, under strict FTC regulation, companies accepting clients into a debt settlement program must operate on this performance-based model. This means that if they are unsuccessful at negotiating a debt, then they don’t get paid. This regulation was implemented in 2010 in response to dishonest settlement companies taking advantage of individuals facing economic hardship. Allied Credit Solutions offers military discounts.

Pros with Allied Credit Solutions:

  • “No Results, No Charge” guarantee
  • Free consultation
  • Customer testimonials

The Bad

There are several concerns with Allied Credit Solutions. There is plenty of information on the company’s website about their product offerings, but very little was found about their debt settlement program. Additionally, we were also unable to get a hold of the individual handling debt settlement, therefore we were unable to determine with certainty if their program is beneficial to consumers. ACS lacks in educational resources and tools as well as clear pricing fees for their services. They are not accredited with the AFCC or IAPDA. Although affiliations with these companies aren’t a necessary part of a successful debt relief company, nonetheless, it is a good way to convey credibility to customers and clients alike.

The Bottom Line

Allied Credit Solutions provides consumers with a consultation free of charge, along with a “no results, no charge” guarantee. Aside from these positives, their services are very limited, and information about their debt settlement program was very hard to find. They lack transparency, and that should worry any potential client. In the end, we cannot recommend this company to consumers and suggest looking elsewhere for your debt settlement needs.