America Debt Resolutions is a vastly experienced debt settlement company that has helped countless Americans to get out of debt. In this guide we'll look at them a little more closely to determine if they are the right company for you or if there are better options out there.

America Debt Resolutions

About America Debt Resolutions

Basic Information

America Debt Resolutions are not accredited by the BBB, but that's not entirely unusual and they do have a page with them. They also have the necessary accreditations elsewhere, as we shall discuss later on in this America Debt Resolutions review.

  • Address: 555 Republic Dr STE 200, Plano, TX 75074-5469
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 6/25/2006
  • Contact Number: (877) 350-3328
  • BBB Accredited? No.

The Company

America Debt Resolutions are a small private firm operating out of Plano, Texas. We couldn't find much information on their employees or the company in general, but it's worth noting that there are companies out there with similar names, so it's important to be careful when doing your research or when getting in touch with them.

The Services

America Debt Resolutions offer debt settlement services, nothing else. But we really like the way that this service is presented. They do it in the form of an FAQ on their website, with questions that clients are supposed to ask themselves to determine if settlement is right for them at this specific point in time.

There is also a toll-free, charge-free phone call available, during which they will determine what's best for your situation. You can find this number in our “Basic Information” section above, but we would recommend reading our full America Debt Resolutions review below before going any further.

The Reviews

There are a lot of good reviews out there for America Debt Resolutions, and while there are bad reviews as well, these are easily dismissed. Some of them are the result of customers not quite understanding how the debt settlement program works, others are minor, and there are even ones that were a mistake.

Their BBB page is a great example of this. You will notice that they have a somewhat average overall rating, but if you actually read the reviews you'll see that only one of them is negative, despite the fact that the reviewer has nothing but praise for America Debt Resolutions.

Our America Debt Resolutions Review

We have a team of experienced debt professionals on hand to review every company that we cover here on DebtReviews. The information they find is sourced from scouring the web, talking with employees and customers, and going through the same process that customers go through. The result of this investigation forms our America Debt Resolutions review, which you can find below.

America Debt Resolutions Review

The Good

First, let's focus on the positives, because there are quite a few of these to get through for America Debt Resolutions.

This company offers a settlement program that gives hope to those who find themselves with more debt than they can handle, which accounts for a huge percentage of the US population (take a look at our guide to national debt to learn more). America Debt Resolutions offers a free consultation in the first instance to help potential clients determine if this service is right for them.

America Debt Resolutions offers competitive rates ranging from 16% to 21% of the total debt enrolled. They also states that no fees will be charged unless they are able to successfully negotiate the debt. All of the service fees and other information can be found in the agreement.

A predetermined amount will be paid monthly to a FDIC insured escrow account, and once enough funds have accumulated, their team of professionals will negotiate with creditors to settle the debts. After the clients and creditors have agreed to a settlement, clients pay the creditor and service fees to American Debt Solutions using the money in the escrow account. This is standard practice in debt settlement and ensures that debts are paid quickly and without issue.

One of the things that sets America Debt Resolutions apart from the competition is that each of their consultants is paid on salary. This allows consumers to have more confidence that they are being guided by good intentions and not by financial incentives. The company also guarantees dedicated support after completion of the program, which is important to ensure the client remains debt free, and upon request they will obtain outstanding zero balance letters on the client’s behalf.

America Debt Solutions is accredited by the AFCC and it is also FTC compliant. We appreciate them taking the time and spending the resources to obtain these endorsements as it shows they are willing to go the extra mile.

Finally, they have a dedicated team of coaches who will reach out to the clients on a monthly basis to provide updates on their accounts. One of the biggest complaints we hear is that debt settlement companies keep clients in the dark throughout the process, so this is a huge positive. It's also something we have noted with other top rated debt settlement companies, including DMB Financial, DebtMerica and Debt Relief A La Carte, among others.

America Debt Resolutions promises that clients' personal information will be kept safe and secure. Many of the company’s competitors state in fine print that they will sell, trade, or giveaway personal information to 3rd party affiliates, and in a world where privacy is becoming increasingly important, it's good to see a company that operates differently.

Pros for this company include:

  • They have very competitive fees starting at just 16%.
  • They have decades of industry experience.
  • AFCC and IAPDA accredited and certified.
  • They provide complete transparency.
  • There is a free consultation.

The Bad

With debt settlement in general, there are risks involved, such as credit score reduction, tax charges, the possibility of litigation, and more. It can be a great option and in some cases it is by far the best option, but it's worth checking other options first before diving into this one.

Issues with debt settlement aside, we didn't find a whole lot wrong with America Debt Solutions. However, as far as we could tell, they do not offer a money-back guarantee, and there was also no statement regarding a minimum debt amount. Some companies, DS Financial Services being the most notable, don't have minimum enrollment requirements, but we don't think that America Debt Solutions are one of them and believe that this is more of an oversight.

America Debt Resolutions Reviews

The Bottom Line

America Debt Resolutions is a reputable company with good transparency, great rates and other huge positives. They are accredited by the AFCC and IAPDA and they also abide by FTC regulations.

The company also has a successful track record, but they do not provide any resources to help clients stay out of debt for life. In all, we really like what they do here, but the lack of a money back guarantee and a few other small issues means we can't quite give them full marks.