American Debt Enders is a non-profit organization that does not provide direct settlement services to consumers. Instead, American Debt Enders is an intermediary party that connects customers who are struggling with debt with one of their affiliates who offer settlement programs.

The Good

The company offers a consultation free of charge where a representative connects individuals who are financially burdened with debt to an affiliate program that fits their financial needs. Clients are also matched with a lawyer licensed to practice in their state from a company called Peak legal Advocates. This process gives the client leverage when dealing with creditors because lawyers are typically held to a higher standard and are taken more seriously in the financial sector. Customers are required to have a minimum of $5,000 of unsecured debt in credit cards, department store cards, medical bills, repossessions, or any other debt not tied to collateral. Debts are expected to be settled in 3 years or less with the company’s affiliate programs, depending on the amount of debt enrolled. An escrow account is required for the program, where a predetermined monthly payment will be made in order to save enough funds to commence the negotiation process. On average, clients have settled for around 55% of what they initially owed, with all fees included.

Pros for this company include:

  • Free consultation
  • Licensed lawyers to handle cases
  • Clients sign directly with attorney’s
  • Educational resources

The Bad

Many complaints about the company are about their affiliates. The company's business model lacks consistency with their services due to the fact that they do not have complete control over their affiliates. There is also a lack of transparency with the company. It is not clear what kind of services they actually offer and it is difficult to navigate the company’s website due to an oversaturation of links displayed on the pages. For this reason, we couldn’t exactly decipher what kind of benefits and drawbacks a consumer can expect when signing with this company and their affiliates. A more streamlined and organized display of information would make things a lot more clear. Moreover, the company lacks in accreditations from the AFCC and IAPDA. While the company does not provide the services themselves, it would still be reassuring to the clients knowing that they are practicing with affiliates who are accredited and certified. On the other hand, we do like the fact they use licensed attorneys for their debt settlement program.

Cons with American Debt Enders include:

  • Lack of pricing transparency
  • Limited guarantees
  • No accreditations

The Bottom Line

American Debt Enders offers a plethora of product offering and operates their program through affiliates. The company does not provide specific programs directly to the client. They act as an intermediary for their affiliates. The debt settlement programs are not serviceable in CT, IL, KS, ND, SC, WA, WV and WY, limiting services to individuals in 42 states. The company’s lack of clear information and transparency leads us to recommend not using their affiliates.