American Debt Enders is a non-profit organization that specializes in debt settlement. But unlike all of the for-profit debt settlement companies that we have covered on this site, American Debt Enders does not offer direct services to clients in need and instead aims to connect them to a company that can help. It's a unique take on a common theme, and in this guide we'll take a closer look at American Debt Enders and this service of theirs to see if it works and to determine if it is the right solution for you and your situation.

American Debt Enders

About American Debt Enders

Basic Information

  • Address: American Debt Enders, 265 Sunrise Hwy, Suite 1-#250, Rockville Centre, NY 11570
  • Web Address:
  • Contact Number: 877-766-2465
  • BBB Accredited? No.

The Company

The first thing you will notice about the American Debt Enders website is that it's incredibly busy, and that would be putting it nicely. The website needs work, and has the look of a site that began with a solid aesthetic, but then kept having links and content added to it, cramming them in everywhere they could.

It's dated, it's messy, and it needs to be cleaner. We're not even sure that we can blame the designers, as this has the feel of a project where the demands were too many and too unreasonable. The end result is something that can be hard to navigate, with many areas getting lost amongst the chaos.

The Services

American Debt Enders don't offer debt settlement services themselves. Instead, they connect the user t a service that can help them. This method can work, but only when done right, and it wasn't done right here. There is a disconnect between American Debt Enders and their affiliates, and this makes it frustrating for customers who have complaints to make and issues to resolve.

This can also raise the price of the service, and it means the customer is never quite convinced that hey are getting the best deal that they can get, knowing that somewhere along the line someone else is taking a cut and always suspecting that they are the ones paying for that.

The Reviews

There have been a lot of bad reviews for American Debt Enders and many of them concern the way they operate, with complaints about their affiliates and the fact that there is such a wide disconnect between American Debt Enders and the companies that actually do the work.

Our American Debt Enders Review

Now that we've covered the basics it's time to dig a little deeper and provide some detailed analysis on American Debt Enders, before our expert researchers offer their opinions.

The Good

In the first instance, American Debt Enders provides a free consultation, during which time a representative will chat with debtors to find the best service for them, and to determine if debt settlement would even be a good option.

Clients are also matched with a lawyer who is licensed to practice in their state by a company called Peak Legal Advocates. This gives the client leverage when dealing with creditors because lawyers are typically held to a higher esteem and are taken much more seriously in the financial sector. This is one of the main reasons Trinity Debt Management, who we reviewed here, are so successful and sought-after.

Customers are required to have a minimum of $5,000 of unsecured to enroll, this includes debt in credit cards, store cards, medical bills, repossessions, and personal loans. $5,000 is lower than the average, which is closer to $15,000, and is one of the better rates you will find.

Debts are expected to be settled in 3 years or less following assignment with one of their affiliate programs, but in truth it all depends on the type of debt that has been enrolled and the amount of these debts.

An escrow account is required for this program. A predetermined monthly payment will be made in order to save enough funds to commence the negotiation process, giving the debt settlement team the leverage they need. On average, clients have settled for around 55% of what they initially owed, with all fees included, which is one of the higher rates we have come across.

Pros for this company include:

  • They offer a free consultation
  • They provide licensed lawyers to handle cases
  • Clients are put in contact with attorneys
  • A host of educational resources

American Debt Enders Review

The Bad

Most of the complaints about American Debt Enders are about their affiliates, which is to be expected. The company's business model lacks consistency with their services due to the fact that they do not have complete control over their affiliates. It's always the case when your business is based around referral, and it's something that's hard to keep track of.

There is also a certain lack of transparency here. It is not clear what kind of services American Debt Enders actually offer and it is difficult to navigate the company’s website due to an over-saturation of links and what is generally a very messy and cluttered aesthetic.

For this reason, we couldn’t decipher what kind of benefits and drawbacks a consumer can expect when signing up with American Debt Enders and their affiliates. A more streamlined and organized display of information would make things a lot more clearer and would make out job a lot easier.

What's more, American Debt Enders lacks accreditations from the AFCC and IAPDA. While the company does not provide the services themselves, it would still be reassuring to know that they are practicing with affiliates who are accredited and certified. On the other hand, we do like the fact they use licensed attorneys for their debt settlement program.

Cons with American Debt Enders include:

  • Lack of transparency with regards to pricing
  • Limited guarantees
  • No accreditations

The Bottom Line

American Debt Enders offers a wide range of services, but everything they provide goes through their affiliates. The company does not provide specific programs directly to the client, and instead act as middlemen, which brings with it a number of issues.

The debt settlement programs they provide are not serviceable in CT, IL, KS, ND, SC, WA, WV and WY, limiting services to individuals in 42 states. The company’s lack of clear information and transparency means we cannot recommend them highly and instead recommend some higher rated rivals, including Freedom Debt Relief and Money Management International.