Membership Clubs

Discount clubs can be a great way to reduce your monthly outgoings. These clubs offer all kinds of discounts on the things you buy every month. In most cases they are not free, but the benefits, the deals and the discounts typically far exceed the amount of money that you spend on your membership.

Such is the case with all of the membership clubs on this list. These are the best discount clubs for 2018 and beyond.


The YMCA doesn’t get the respect that it deserves these days and that’s a shame, as it still occupies a deserved spot at the top of the US fitness community. Membership is cheap and easy to come by and once you have it you can gain access to the 2,686 YMCA locations found throughout the United States.

Not only does this give you access to a host of fitness facilities, but it will also allow you to take part in everything from sports (they have basketball courts and swimming pools) to workshops, camping, and even after-school care.

The YMCA is like a gym, a pool, a sauna and a community center all rolled into one. It is cheaper than a membership to a high-end local gym and it will offer you so much more as well. If you’re still not convinced, take advantage of their introductory rate to try it out for yourself.


Discount Membership Clubs

You can’t create a list of the best discount clubs and not mention the AARP. This is a true discount club, one of the very first, and it helps millions of American seniors live cheaper and easier.

And you don’t need to wait until you’re 65 or even 60 to join the AARP. You can get a regular membership when you are just 50 years old and if the big half-century is too far away then you can just get an associate membership, which is available at any age. This is something that few people realize, and it means that millions are missing out as a result.

Membership is cheap at just $16 a year for the regular option and $12.50 for the associate option, and it will grant you sizable discounts at a host of restaurants, grocery stores and more. You can even use it to save money on utilities, holidays, rental cars and much more. The savings are often slight, at around 10% to 15%, but it all adds up and in a few years your AARP card could have saved you hundreds of dollars.

Food Buying Clubs

If you have ever looked at the wholesale prices of food and other household essentials and wished you had the money to buy bulk and the capabilities to use it, then you might want to consider a food buying club.

These clubs pool together the budgets of half a dozen families, allowing them to increase their buying power, to get more discounts and larger amounts of groceries, and then to divvy these up between the members. It’s a simple but ingenious idea and it’s a great way to save money on your weekly grocery shop.

These clubs are local, often created by groups of friend, certain communities, workplaces or even churches. You can find more information on them and the best ones available by visiting this food buying club directory.

Sam’s Club

Discount and Membership Clubs

Sam’s Club is one of the best membership clubs out there, right up there with the AARP in terms of benefits and popularity. They have cashback schemes, loans, tax services and much more, and you can also choose from three different membership plans.

Sam’s Club provide even bigger discounts to members of the military and other select groups and one of the best things about being a member here, and shopping here regularly, is the sheer number of savings that you can make on the things you use every day. They will even give you some bonus discounts and some freebies when you signup, including a free roasted chicken, tire installation and more (subject to change; offers were available at time of publication).

To learn more about this program and similar ones like it, take a look at our guide to the Best and Worst Store Cards, the Walmart Store Card, Sears Store Card and Best Buy Store Card.

Only when you understand what else is on the market can you truly appreciate just what Sam’s Club offer they customers.


The American Automobile Association is one of the biggest membership schemes in the United States and there are millions of Americans who proudly carry their AAA cards, but there are many more who don’t and even the ones that do have a membership often don’t understand just how much that membership can get them.

To understand just what we mean, take a look at the following benefits that you can get with your AAA membership but that many members simply do not use:

  1. Rewards: You can collect WowPoints to get rewards every time you spend. You just need to connect to their shopping portal and along with big deals and discounts you can collect up to 3x points. These points are worth $0.01 each.
  2. Health: You can save on fitness classes, gym memberships, fitness apparel, supplements and more, with savings of up to 50% at retailers like GNC.
  3. More Than Towing: There is much more to AAA membership that towing and roadside assistance. They have a locksmith service, extrication service, and much more.
  4. Retail Deals: You can save up to 50% at many popular retail locations, including Lowe’s, Home Depot and even Walmart.
  5. Dining: You can dine for less and collect stacks of rewards points for every bite that you eat. The same applies to groceries.
  6. Vacations: Going away? You can get an average of 10% off hotel stays, up to 25% off rental cars, and many other essential vacation savings. There is also plenty of cover for travel insurance, including accident cover, interruption protection and more (will depend on the membership tier you choose).

There are several tiers to AAA membership and it’s one of the most expensive schemes on this list. But you get what you pay for and if you can see yourself taking advantage of the above benefits, then we would definitely recommend that you signup. Just take a look at the comparisons between the different tiers to find out which one is best for you.