Car Insurance for Women

There is a battle of the sexes on the roads. The vast majority of men think they are better drivers than women and this has even influenced female drivers, as surveys suggests that most women are happy to concede that men are better at reversing and parking.

But these two issues aside, most of those women stand firm in the belief that they are the better drivers overall and if you base this contest on the likelihood of being in an accident, they’re right. In fact, women tend to be much safer drivers and are involved in significantly fewer car accidents. Not only does this give the fairer sex the bragging rights, but it also gives them access to cheaper car insurance.

Why Women Get Cheaper Car Insurance

When you apply for car insurance the insurer essentially plugs your details into an algorithm, which then tells them how much of a risk you are based on other users with similar details.

They use vast quantities of statistics to arrive at these calculations and sex is one of the biggest factors. Statistically, women are less likely to be involved in an accident, which means that the insurer is less likely to pay out.

And the differences between the sexes can be quite staggering:

  • Nearly three-quarters of all car accident fatalities are male.
  • More male drivers have died as a result of speeding.
  • Men are more likely to participate in street-racing.

Young men are the highest risk group and in terms of accident risk and chance of making a claim, the difference between young men and young women is staggering.

What’s more, women are significantly less likely to:

  • Risk driving under the influence.
  • Buy unsafe cars that cost more money to insure.
  • Break the speed limit.
  • Not wear a seatbelt.

They also drive less than men, which means they spend less time on the road.

The End Result: Women Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Best Car Insurance for Women

When you see the statistics above it’s easy to see why women drivers get cheaper car insurance. You can still get cheap quotes as a young man by making sure you tick other boxes (see Cheap Car Insurance) but simply being a man puts you at a disadvantage.

It’s not sexism either. It’s common sense. Unless you have been driving for a long time and can show an extensive history to your insurer, then they have nothing to base their quotes off other than what other customers who are the same sex and age as you have done.

What to Consider

Women still face some of the issues that men face. As a female, you will pay more for car insurance between the ages of 16 and 24 then you will when you are older. You will also pay more if you drive an unsafe car or have a history of car accidents.

In other words, just because you’re female doesn’t mean that you have an instant ticket to cheap car insurance. Far from it. If you are labelled as “at-risk” then you will end up paying more than the average male drive. Being female simply means that you have a greater chance of getting a good deal, but you also need to make sure you tick other boxes as insurers will also look at:

The Best Car Insurance for Women

Car Insurance for Women 2018

To get the cheapest car insurance as a woman, make sure you follow these steps:

1. Get a Safe Car

Your first step is not to get a quote or see what is available. Your first step is to strengthen your position and to make yourself as insurable as possible.

There are a few things you can’t change, at least not easily, but there are things that can be changed:

  1. Your Car: If you drive a gas-guzzling speed-machine that will fold like a sheet of paper in a crash, then you’re going to pay a lot more than you would if you had a basic Ford Ka. Always choose a practical, safe vehicle.
  2. Credit Score: A low credit score can hurt your chances. Spend some time on your score to bump it up. There are a few things you can do to increase your score quickly.
  3. Secure Your Car: Many insurers will drop the rates if you go to great lengths to secure your car, adding things such as a dash camera, antitheft device, etc.,
  4. Take Lessons: A defensive driving course can not only come in handy on the road, but it could also help you to get cheaper car insurance.
  5. Check Milage: If you don’t intend to drive a lot then you may be able to benefit from low mileage discounts, which are offered by several insurers.

2. Compare and Contract

You need to understand how strong or weak your starting position is. If it’s strong, then you can be more demanding and you can expect a better deal. If it’s weak because you are high risk, then you need to lower the bar.

In both cases you should shop around. Spend some time reviewing quotes and making a short list of the best ones. Once you have that then you need to study the pros and cons of these quotes, understanding that good car insurance (just like good home insurance and good life insurance) isn’t just about paying the least amount of money. You can also try to negotiate with them, playing one provider off the other.

3. Reduce Coverage

Car Insurance for Females

This is an obvious one, but one that is still worth mentioning: the less comprehensive your cover is, the lower your rates will be. You don’t want to be gambling here, but you can certainly run some calculations to see if you can afford to reduce the coverage a little.

4. Keep Your Record Clean

To ensure that your rates remain low and potentially get lower, you need to maintain a good, clean driving record. So, always pay attention behind the wheel, always wear your seatbelt, never use your phone when you are driving and if you feel tired when you’re on the road then try to perk yourself up before continuing on your journey.

It only takes one minor accident to send those rates soaring and to make life very difficult and expensive for you. Even if you are involved in a fender bender that was someone else’s fault or you simply have a few speeding tickets or parking fines, it can negatively impact on your future rates.