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Debt is something that tens of millions of Americans are struggling with at ay given time. It usually begins with student loans and from there it take on the form of car payments, credit card debt and mortgages. Even those who seem to have it good, with a high-paying job and a lot of money coming in, often find themselves in a mountain of debt, from a high interest mortgage to a car they technically don’t own.

It’s just the way that things are in the United States right now and here on it is our goal to make this situation better. Debt will always be a way of life in a capitalist, consumerist society such as this, and we’re not here to change that. Instead, it is our goal to provide support for people in this situation and to make sure that everyone knows how to manage their money, get over their debt, and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Loans aren’t necessarily a bad thing. They’re an important financial vehicle that can help many people do a variety of important things, like paying for a home, or a new car. Sometimes the only way to make positive step forward in your life is to take out a loan. Of course, that means that you […]

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The coronavirus crisis triggered one of the worst global economic recessions in history. It will, no doubt, affect every business and individual in some way. This means that the matter of debt will become even more relevant and can lead to a crisis of its own. Those who already have debt, which means the majority […]

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US Economy in 2018

The United States is one of the richest countries in the world and depending on the criteria it may even be the richest. But it also has a high unemployment rate, private healthcare, and one of the biggest disparities between rich and poor in the entire first world. It is unique, to say the least, […]

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Debt Relief Programs

Many people who find themselves in debt find their finances to be, at best, disorganized. Debt is unfortunately overwhelming for many people. It’s because it seems so insurmountable that many people choose just to ignore debt, rather than to pay it. If this sounds like you, you may be interested in debt relief programs. There […]

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You’ve heard the expression, “more month than money.” In fact, many Americans feel as if they spend a large portion of their income just paying bills and paying down debt. Of course, everyone wants to have a high income and a low debt. But what is a good debt to income ratio? And what’s the […]

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Beat the Debt Collectors

If you owe money, you know the stress of having the debt collectors call. They’re relentless; they’ll call your home, your employer and may even call your family. Of course, you do owe money. But sometimes debt collectors’ phone calls border on harassment. In fact, sometimes debt collectors are absolutely guilty of harassment. Are you […]

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Debt Counseling Services

Did you know that 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck? If this describes your financial situation, you can rest assured you’re not alone. Sometimes this can happen because of a low income, or because of emergency expenses. But, more often than not, you’re living paycheck to paycheck because of existing debt. If you’re […]

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Debt Settlement Program

Have you ever maxed out a credit card? Have you ever forgotten about a credit card bill for so long that the card was cancelled? If so, you may have been the recipient of a few phone calls. First, the issuing bank will call you to remind you you’ve got a past due balance. Then, […]

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US National Debt

The national debt of the United States is the combined debt accumulated by the US government, a sizable proportion of which is held by the public. It is a direct reflection of the economic stability of a country and the fact that it is at its highest point in US history has been great cause […]

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