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In some cases the best way to get across the issues that America has with debt, credit cards and loans is to put it in image form. Only then can they truly realize the scale of the situation and hope to find a way out of it.

That’s where these infographics come in. We have partnered with debt experts and skilled artists to create statistically sound, visually stunning infographics that perfectly represent the issues at hand, from the amount of debt that the United States finds itself in, to the ways that American families spend their money and the amount of money that each household spends on food every year.

There is a lot to cover and we have tried to cover as much of it as we can, with the release of regular infographics combined with detailed, stat-heavy articles to ensure you get all of the information that you need concerning all of the important issues that Americans are facing today.

Flying the nest to go to university does not always mean relocating to the nearest educational establishment. An increasing number of people now choose to expand their horizons in a more literal sense, and explore their options for international study. It is therefore an unsurprising and well-known fact that the tuition international students pay to […]

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Why Do We Get in Debt

Humankind is not known for its ability to reign-in its desires, and how we deal with our finances is not an exception. Let’s face it, nobody really needs a Fabergé egg decorating their fireplace, but our spending habits do not only depend on what we need, but also on our wants and desires. Why Do […]

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Keeping up with one’s finances can be a challenge, especially in the current economic climate. Most household face financial problems, arising from credit card debt, student or medical debt etc., however, tax debt might be the most severe of them all, carrying heavy penalties and consequences which can escalate quickly, if allowed to get our […]

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Pros-and-Cons-of-Owning-a-Credit Card

Credit is an essential part of modern life, it is integral to almost all our purchases, but is owning a credit card all it is cut out to be? Many modern consumers own multiple credit cards, with various providers and banks inviting consumers to use their credit cards as their preferred method of purchasing goods. […]

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Alternative Ways to Pay Off Student Debt

Student loan debts total $1,000,000,000,000. Most people find it hard to even imagine that amount of money. For many college graduates the transition from studying to entering the world of employment is a difficult one, and it is made even more worrisome by the huge amounts of student debt they have accumulated during the course […]

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Medical Debt in the United States

There are many reasons why people would choose the U.S. as the perfect place to start a new life. If asked, they would quote positive characteristics like, availability of opportunity, vast variety of diverse landscapes and multi-cultural cities. The U.S. has been a popular destination for immigration, let’s not forget, this is how the United […]

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How Much do Americans Spend on Subscriptions

  How Much do Americans Spend on Subscriptions If you are not frantically asking your friends to provide you with suggestions on the next series to binge-watch, then you are not alive in 2018. With busy lifestyles, long work hours and the growing intolerance towards clothes softener adverts, online video streaming services have become the […]

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Age vs Credit Card Debt Infographic

Many Americans start their adult life with a considerable amount of debt, but does it get better later on? The statistics are not painting a good picture. Many Americans under the age of 25 owe at least $709.79 on average on their credit card. This figure would be considerably higher if the mounting student loan […]

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Minimum Wages vs Average Household Income

When one is referring to minimum wage in economic terms, they are usually referring to the lowest amount a worker has to earn in order to be able to afford adequate shelter, food, pay bills comfortably etc., This amount, which varies greatly between states and even counties, is also known as the ‘living wage’. However […]

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Cost of Education in the US

Education funding in developed countries varies significantly. According to figures published by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) the US education spend amounts to approximately $29,328 per capita, which is by far the highest spend among G7 countries. Education spending in the US was recorded since the beginning of the 20th century at […]

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Costs of Healthcare in the US

It was November 2017, when a young couple plunged to their death in Manhattan, NY. The note found in the man’s coat read “Our children are upstairs, please take care of them […] We both have medical issues, we just can’t afford healthcare”. The sad reality about healthcare costs in America is often a standing […]

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Unemployment in the US Infographic 1

Unemployment rates show how prosperous a country’s economy is, and it is directly related to periods of growth and recession. Even though the US job market received approximately 14,000 job vacancies fewer than experts and economists anticipated, the national unemployment average in the US subsided to 4.3% in 2017, and more recently to 4.1%. These numbers […]

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Average American Household Food Spend

Food is cheap in the United States. In fact, when you compare the price of groceries to the average household income, it’s some of the cheapest in the world. The average working family doesn’t need to worry about putting food on the table and while issues do exist in lower income families, it’s nothing like […]

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There are over 300 million credit cards currently issued in the United States. That’s more than 1.3 for every adult in the country. Seen as “easy credit” by the majority of the population, these 3×2 inch pieces of plastic account for a sizable portion of the US national debt and for the majority of the […]

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