Century Support Services is owned and operated by Debt Away LLC and provides an alternative solution to bankruptcy or debt consolidation. The company specializes in debt negotiation and in doing so has helped thousands of families achieve financial freedom. They work with those who have over $7,000 of debt.



The Good

A free consultation is given to those who call Century Support Services. A specialist will assess the caller's financial situation and determine if the potential client would qualify for the company’s services. When enrolled, clients will be asked to set up a trust account with an account from a FDIC insured financial institution to accumulate enough funds to commence the negotiation process. Those who go through with the settlement option will pay about 68% of the original amount of debt enrolled, including service fees. The more attractive aspect Century Support Service has to offer is their price range of 18% to 25%. The industry average is 25% so signing with a company that only charges 18% is a great deal. Aside from the price, there are several other advantages to consider when settling your debt with Century Support Services:

  • No upfront fees
  • One debt consultant will be assigned to you throughout the settlement process
  • AFCC and IAPDA accreditations
  • Only requires $7k of debt to start

The Bad

When settling your debt, there are several risks clients must take into consideration including things like tax implications, possible litigation, and hits to your credit score. CSS does not offer any counseling services nor do they provide advice on tax laws. In short, there are other relief options that may be a better choice for your situation. There are several compliances and features that CSS falls short of:

  • No mention of a free consultation on their website
  • Limited industry experience – the company only began in 2012
  • No mention of a money back guarantee found
  • No mention of who the CEO or President is on their site
  • Only available in half of the U.S. states

Another reason for concern is that the company has multiple names circling the business, and they lack in updated and useful educational resources.

The Bottom Line

A debt settlement program can save consumers money. Century Support Services also tried to take monthly income into consideration when creating a payment plan. Note that clients may be subject to additional fees if the company notices charged-off payday loans, medical bills, or student loans. While CSS provides viable options for those looking to settle their debt, there are companies that offer better services, have more accreditations, and have better experience.