Christian Credit Counseling has been in the consolidation industry for over 2.5 decades. They provide free consultations with certified counselors with no obligation to employ them for their services. Overall, the company has helped over 300,000 people with their debt issues.

The Good

  • Free consultation with certified counselor
  • Get out of debt 80% faster

Free Consultation

Christian Credit Counselors has 25 years of practice as a non-profit company in the consolidation industry. The company provides free consultations with their certified counselors for those who want more information about the debt consolidation process. Moreover, counselors at CCC will put together a budget and debt analysis based on your current debt situation, income, and spending habits.

The Bad

  • May take up to 5 years
  • Lack of Transparency

May Take Longer

Many consolidation companies claim to have a 2 to 3 year resolution period. From our own research, we found the industry average is actually 3 to 4 years. On CCC’s website, they state the consolidation process can take up to 5 years, this is unusually high from the industry average. Obviously, this can persuade potential customers to go with another company.

Lack of Transparency

CCC’s website lacks quite a bit of the information we normally use to rank the consolidation companies. This information is critical for individuals who are trying to decide which company to go with. The following points were nowhere to be found on the company’s website: – Refund policy – Interest rates – Industry accreditations (ISO, FCAA, and NFCC)

The Bottom Line

CCC has more experience doing business than most other consolidation companies. Free consultations and debt analysis are just one of many great features offered by the company. There is a concern with the lack of information about interest rates and accreditations. For these reasons, we cannot recommend using them to help solve your debt concerns.



About Christian Credit Counselors

Christian Credit Counselors is a non-profit organization that offers clients a credit counselor to help them get back on track to financial freedom. These credit counselors will work with the individual to provide a free debt analysis report and budget to aid them furthermore. Christian Credit Counselors consolidates credit by gathering all of the customer’s debt into one easy monthly installment and with lower interest rates. Overall, customers can expect a debt payoff within 24 to 60 months.