Christian Debt Counselors specialize in debt consolidation and is base their business practices in the Christian faith. This company may offer some of the lowest interest rates in the industry, but they do lack greatly in experience and in major industry accreditations. People looking to see if Christian Debt Counselors would be a good fit for them can call for a free consultation.

Christian Debt Counselors

About the Company

Christian Debt Counselors are not new. They certainly don't have the history of the similarly named Christian Credit Counselors, but they have been going for over a decade now and that's still somewhat impressive.

The issue is that they haven't been a major debt company throughout that time and their actual experience in this matter is therefore pretty limited. Their website also looks very dated. The layout and aesthetic was probably dated back when they launched, and it doesn't look like they have done much to improve upon it since.


Despite operating for 11 years at the point of writing, Christian Debt Counselors are not accredited by the BBB. Of course, many reputable companies are turning their backs on the BBB for what they believe are bullying tactics and we fully support this. However, it does leave customers in somewhat of a quandary because they don't know if a particular company is making that decision out of principle or if there is some other reason.

In any case, there is a BBB file on them and we can only see two complaints on this. Our view is that while we would expect a debt management company to be BBB accredited, we don't think it is a major issue when they are not. Especially when that company has been operating legally for a number of years and has a host of good reviews, as is the case with Christian Debt Counselors.


There are a lot of good reviews out there for Christian Debt Counselors, which is always a good sign. At the time of writing their TrustPilot score is 9.8 out of 10 from over 150 reviews. You would expect to find more reviews from a company that openly collects them and is more than a decade old, but that's a good average rating in anyone's book.

We can't find much in terms of employee reviews, again hinting towards their relatively small size (and not just when compared to giants of the industry like National Debt Relief) but that doesn't make them any less reputable, nor does it make them less of a viable choice if you need help with your debt.

The Good

  • Their average interest rate is 6.93%
  • They offer all customers a free consultation
  • They are available in all states

Great Interest Rates

The biggest positive for Christian Debt Counselors is the average interest rate on their debt management plan, as this is much better than what other companies are offering right now. The average rate is 6.93%, which is the lowest we’ve seen from any of the companies we have covered in the debt consolidation sector.

A rate this low makes a massive difference when it comes to sizable debts and ensures that the average American can save hundreds of dollars on their unsecured debts. On top of this, Christian Debt charges lower monthly fees than what many other companies are charging, saving them even more money.

In some instances, clients have paid up to 50% less on their monthly fees, leading to savings of up to $200 over the course of the debt management plan.


Christian Debt are available across the United States, which makes it easy for anybody in the country to enroll with them and take advantage of their services. Many companies in the industry do not possess such a broad reach and even the bigger and better ones can be limited to a handful of states.

This ensures that Christian Debt Counselors can always be included in your search for a debt relief company. They may not always be the best option, but at least they can be considered. They also offer a free consultation to make it easy for you to determine if they are indeed what you are looking for.

Christian Debt Counselors Reviews

The Bad

  • Not as much experience as their rivals
  • They lack key accreditations
  • They don't have a refund policy

Short Time in the Business

Christian Debt was founded back in 2008, meaning they lack in experience when compared to some of their competitors, but still have plenty of years behind them (they have been going for more than a decade, after all). This isn’t a deal breaker for us, but potential clients should keep this in mind.

No Accreditations

The most glaring issue that we have wit Christian Debt Counselors is that they lack most major industry accreditations. What's more, their debt counselors don’t seem to be certified by any institution. The lack of accreditations can lead clients to question their business practices, and rightly so. It doesn't mean that Christian Debt Counselors are not legitimate, as they most definitely are, but it is cause for concern.

We would like to see some major accreditations like the AICCCA and NFCC, both of which will make us feeling more confident about their services and will ensure that prospective customers feel the same way.

Unknown Refund Policy

We always like to see a refund policy with debt consolidation and debt settlement companies as it gives customers some much needed peace of mind. They don't necessarily have nothing to lose if there is no such policy in place, as they still stand to lose their time and potentially money due to increased interest rates and the risk of litigation.

With all of that said, our team of reviewers was not able to find a refund policy for Christian Debt Counselors. We can only assume that this is because no such policy exists.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Christian Debt Counselors offers some of the best interest rates in the industry, there isn't much disputing that and that's one of the things that initially draws customers in. They are seen as an alternative to bankruptcy, and they are a very good one, but for all of the good that this company do and all of the benefits that they provide, there are a few issues that we have.

Firstly, they lack the experience and accreditations that many of their competitors have. This is not necessarily a deal breaker, but it is when you combine it with the fact that Christian Debt Counselors fall flat in several other areas as well. The fact that they are rooted in the Christian faith may also be a turn-off for the millions of Americans who do not follow this religion, either because they practice another religion or because they consider themselves non-religious.

Christian Debt Counselors Help

Generally speaking, there are a lot of positives here and a lot of reasons why you might want to consider signing up to Christian Debt Counselors. But we think there are better alternatives out there, such as Delray.