Founded in 1966, Clarifi is one of the oldest debt companies on our list. The company focuses on providing education, counseling, and sound advice to help meet the financial goals and obstacles of those in debt trouble. Clarifi stands out from its competitors because its debt counseling program goes above and beyond what other companies provide. Nonetheless, there are still concerns around the interest rates on the programs offered, the up-front fees, and the money back guarantee.

The Good

  • 51 years in business
  • Free consultation with certified credit counselors
  • NFCC accredited

Above and Beyond Services

Califi offers low fees for its services combined with more experience than most of their competitors in the industry. The company set itself apart, however, with its detailed debt management programs offered. These programs provide advice, counseling, and assistance with anything finances, including debt education, housing, and food programs. This in and of itself is much more than what is offered by other consolidation companies, even offering courses for single mothers.

Free Consultation

Clarifi also provides a consultation free of charge to help determine if the potential customer’s needs will be met by the services offered by Clarifi. A certified counselor will also help review each financial situation and help customers prepare a budget plan that fits each individual’s needs accordingly. On top of this, a counselor will aid the customer in creating a plan of action to help ensure a client's future financial success.

Non-profit Organization

Debt management programs are available to any person in any socio-economic class. These plans aim to create one one monthly payment on credit debt and other types of unsecured debt with a lowered interest rate. As a non-profit business, they never let a client go due to the inability to pay.


Clarifi is accredited with the NFCC which is proof of their commitment to abiding by sound business practices and resolving customer concerns. They also offer certified counselors to aid customers during the whole process. Additionally, we are pleased to see that Clarifi hasn’t been involved in any lawsuits despite their long time in practice.

The Bad

  • Limited availability
  • Unknown interest rates
  • Unknown refund policy

Limited Offering

One major issue with Clarifi is their availability throughout the states. They are only able to operate in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. On top of this, they are only available in certain counties inside of these states. This greatly limits their availability to customers.

Transparency Issues

Another downside to consider before engaging with Clarifi is that there is still a lot that isn’t known about the services. The average interest rates, upfront fees, and refund policy aren’t disclosed on their website. Not only does this make it difficult for potential customers, but also for us when it comes to the ranking process.

No Refund Policy

Moreover, it is not clear what kind of refund policy Carifi offers, if any. For obvious reasons, companies who offer refunds are much more desirable due to the fact that if the customer isn’t satisfied with the results, they can drop out without much of a financial stake. Want to see the top rated Debt Consolidation Companies? Click Here

The Bottom Line

Since 1966, Clarifi has helped thousands of people get out and stay out of debt long term. Clarifi might be a fitting option assuming potential customers live in the serviceable areas. Something else to consider is that Clarifi offers group classes and other community events for anyone who is looking for additional help. We suggest taking advantage of these services along with competent and comprehensive debt counseling. However, due to the company’s lack of transparency, we cannot recommend them at this time.



About Clarifi

Clarifi is a long-established, non-profit organization that is centered around promoting financial literacy. They provide certified counselors for customers about credit reports, debt management, housing, college planning/loans, and bankruptcy. Clarifi also offers debt consolidation by aiding customers to negotiate lower interest rates across all of their unsecured debts while permitting customers to consolidate all of their debt into one affordable monthly payment. Clarifi additionally provides educational resources like workshops, bankruptcy education, and DIY money boot camps.