Clean Slate Tax LLC is an ASTPS member tax firm that aspires to help Americans and businesses alike with a variety of tax issues. By utilizing the services of attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPA’s, the company is can offer tax services that range from 3 broad categories: tax resolution and compliance, tax settlement and negotiation, and tax preparation.

The Good

  • Help on several levels
  • Tax resolution
  • Thorough investigation
  • Experienced staff

Help on Several Levels

It isn’t uncommon for taxpayers and businesses to find themselves in trouble with a taxing authority, like the IRS, at one point or another. In these instances, individuals have a choice to either deal with the situation on their own or hire a professional firm for help. Companies like Clean Slate Tax help those who decide to address the issue with professional help.

Tax Resolution

Moreover, Clean Slate’s tax resolution plan calls for a full investigation prior to the process starting. During this period, the client is not expected to do anything but be patient. Clean Slate Tax adamantly believes that no individual should pay anything until they know exactly what is wrong, which tax service can resolve the problem, and how much it will cost.

Thorough Investigation

For the investigation itself, Clean Slate Tax does a very thorough search for any information that might help them with the tax relief process. In particular, the company searches for information pertaining to the amount of money you owe, who you owe the money to, the penalties that have been assessed, when the debt started, and how your present finances could impact how much you pay.

Experienced Staff Members

Clean Slate Tax has one of the most trusted staffs in the tax debt industry. Their team consists of lead tax attorneys, other types of attorneys, and CPA’s. Their experience is second to none with their lead attorney holding memberships with the State Bar of California, American Bar Association, and National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. Clean Slate Tax has developed a reliable system consisting of a highly experienced staff and services that clients actually need. Compared to the competition, this company stands out in most key areas.

The Bad

  • Time in business
  • Pricing transparency
  • Small staff

Time in Business

Clean Slate Tax opened for business in 2013, making them one of the newest tax debt relief companies. Although this shouldn’t be the sole reason someone looks elsewhere, it is something worth paying attention to.

Pricing Transparency

For people looking to get a good understanding of what they will have to pay for the services at Clean Slate Tax, they won’t find it. The company’s web page does not disclose their pricing information.

Small Staff

During our research, we found that the company’s website states that their tax professionals have over 25 years of experience combined. This may sound like a lot, but in reality, the staff at Clean Slate Tax is relatively small compared to other tax debt companies. This does not mean that they do not have the capability to resolve complex tax debt issues, it simply means that some people might be more comfortable with a firm that has a larger number of seasoned employees working for them. Keep in mind, the cons should not outweigh the pros with this company. Simply, one should be cognizant of those downfalls before making an informed decision on what company to go with.

The Bottom Line

It does not take much searching to find a company that is willing to help someone out with their tax relief services. Even so, some providers stand well above the competition. Clean Slate Tax is a prime example of this. Although this company isn’t perfect in some aspects, the advantages of enrolling with the company well outnumber the disadvantages.   Clean Slate Tax provides clients with a thorough investigation and a number of tax resolution services. What's more, the staff has great experience in all things taxes. Nevertheless, the company is small and does not have a lot of experience operating as a business altogether.   It was very difficult to find a reason not to engage with Clean Slate Tax when we compared them with the competition. Specifically, we were pleased with the case review offered free of charge. In the case you may find yourself with tax issues, Clean Slate Tax is more than willing to provide you with details on what to do next. From that point, if you decide to enroll with the company, you will be charged. This no-obligation approach allows for potential clients to explore different options with no added pressure, that alone is reason enough to contact them.