Consumer Education Services, Inc. is a non-profit organization that focuses on debt consolidation. For over 26 years, CESI has helped 320,000 people clear their debt. In addition, a money back guarantee sets CESI apart from most of their competitors. Potential clients can also take advantage of a free consultation, but one must also be aware of complaints clients have had regarding the customer service.

The Good

  • Money back guarantee
  • Certified credit counselors
  • AICCCA and FCAA accreditations

Money-back Guarantee

CESI offers a 100% money back guarantee to customers to demonstrate their confidence in their ability to help someone who is in need. It should be noted that this is uncommon in the industry, and should a customer become unsatisfied with service, they can have a piece of mind knowing that they can get their money back. CESI also has 26 years of experience, which is well above average in the industry.


CESI’s accreditations with the FCAA and AICCCA is impressive. This exemplifies the company’s will to address any concerns, have books audited, and comply with sound business practices. The company offers clients with certified credit counselors to help lead customers through every step of the consolidation process.

The Bad

  • Poor customer service
  • Multiple lawsuits
  • Lack of transparency

Lack of Transparency

CESI doesn’t disclose their actual interest rates on consolidation loans, which can leave potential clients hanging out to dry when it comes to knowing how much it will cost them to pay off their debts. The company also doesn’t disclose the upfront or monthly fees for using their services. Whats more, we found that CESI was involved in two lawsuits, one of which involved the IRS, alleging the company was abusing its non-profit status and operating more as a for-profit organization. This needs to be taken very seriously before deciding to engage with them.

Poor Customer Service

Poor communication with CESI’s customer service and slow speed are some common complaints submitted by past customers. We are seeing a major flaw here that should be taken into consideration. Generally, clients can expect to take 3 to 4 years to become completely debt free, and potentially on top of that, receive poor customer service.

The Bottom Line

On one side, CESI is a long-established name in the debt consolidation industry coupled with sound accreditations. On the other side, there are many issues reported with dealing with their customer service and with the lawsuits filed against the company. Overall, we do not recommend using CESI at this time.



About CESI

CESI is a non-profit debt relief organization that loves to help customers with credit counseling, debt consolidation, financial education, student loan counseling, and bankruptcy counseling. CESI also helps customers create a debt management plan that allows customers to consolidate their unsecured debt into one monthly payment and negotiate lower interest rates with the credit companies. CESI also offers different financial resources like financial calculators, videos, webinars, and a comprehensive guide to personal finance success.