Creative Tax Solutions has been offering tax debt relief to individuals for several years now. Reportedly, the company has saved customers up to 90% on their IRS debt, which is a significantly large amount. The team at Creative Tax Solutions is handpicked based on their education, skills, and experience to be able to provide the best possible service. They provide their services to people in all 50 states in the US, regardless of their socioeconomic background. Additionally, the company prides itself on being upfront and honest throughout the entire tax debt relief process.



The Good

  • Services
  • Two-phase system
  • Specialty
  • Any tax debt serviced
  • Free consultation
  • Flat fee pricing


The company provides services that involve tax resolutions, audit defense, and accounting services. Specifically, the company’s tax resolution system can assist in preventing tax levies and liens, wage garnishments, reduction or elimination of penalties, and negotiations with the IRS.

Two-Phase System

The tax debt resolution process with Creative Tax Solutions takes place in 2 phases. First, the company attends to the most immediate needs, then the company works on implementing the long-term solutions needed for future success.


Creative Tax Solutions specializes in tax debt resolution, therefore the company knows the intricacies of this industry inside and out.

Any Tax Debt Serviced

This company can help with a variety of tax debt issues, including both IRS debt and state tax debt.

Free Consultation

Creative Tax Solutions offers a consultation free of charge, like most other tax debt resolution companies in the industry.

Flat Fee Pricing

Creative Tax Solutions charges a flat rate of $399 for their services, making them a great option for clients with a large amount of debt.

The Bad

  • Money back guarantee restrictions
  • Lack of accreditations

Money Back Guarantee Restrictions

Creative Tax Solutions offer a 100% money-back guarantee or customers who are not satisfied with their service. With that being said, customers have a 15-day period to decide if they want a refund or not.

Lack of Accreditations

Creative Tax Solutions is not accredited with any major industry organizations, including the ASTPS, the NATP, and the NAEA.

The Bottom Line

Creative Tax Resolution offers their services to consumers across the entire US. They also provide potential clients with a consultation free of charge. Their pricing structure is based on a flat-rate fee, making them a great option for those with large amounts of tax debt. Although there is a money-back guarantee offered, clients only have 15 days to decide if they want to opt-out of the service. Last, the company is not accredited with any major associations.