Creative Tax Solutions is a fairly new company, having been founded fewer than 5 years ago, but they have made a big impact in that short time. They claim to have helped clients to save up to 90% on their IRS debt, which is a significant amount and one worthy of the highest praise.

The team at Creative Tax Solutions is handpicked based on their education, skills, and experience, ensuring that clients get the very best team on their side to help with their tax debt issues. They provide their services to customers across all 50 states, regardless of their socioeconomic background. What's more, Creative Tax Solutions prides itself on being upfront and honest throughout the process.

To learn more about Creative Tax Solutions and the work that they do, keep reading.

Creative Tax Solutions

About Creative Tax Solutions

It wasn't easy to compile this page as our researchers noted that there were several companies out there with similar names and this caused some confusion. This issue, and others, have been outlined below.

Basic Information

  • Address: 1177 Hypoluxo Rd #201, Lantana, FL 33462
  • Web Address:
  • Contact Number: 877-707-5151
  • BBB Accredited? No.

The Company

If you run a search for Creative Tax Solutions then you will find a few different addresses, phone numbers and websites., for instance, is owned by a company of the same name that is based in California. It looks like it is the same Creative Tax Solutions that we are reviewing here, but the website is empty and outdated, and there is very little info on them out there.

There is a chance that these companies are two and the same and that Creative Tax Solutions merely operate out of several locations. But there is also a chance that they are separate companies and we're going to assume that is the case going forward. The actual Creative Tax Solutions website is often listed as, but there seems to have been a complete renovation sometime in 2017/2018 and during this point they switched to the address currently listed in our About section above.

The Services and Prices

Creative Tax Solutions offer a huge range of tax services, covering a wide spectrum that includes OIC, returns, and more. Their range of services are just as extensive as some of the highest rated companies we have covered, including Tax Defense Network, JG Tax Group and more.

Their prices vary, but you can find extensive guides to all of their services on the Creative Tax Solutions website. They go into detail about every aspect of every service, which makes for a refreshing change when you consider that the vast majority of services lack any kind of in-depth information.

The Employees

Creative Tax Solutions has a small team of highly skilled employees operating out of its Florida headquarters. We have spoken with a few of these, and with some of their former members of staff, and they have had nothing but good things to say. It seems that Creative Tax Solutions is a good place to work, with respectable pay, training and benefits, as well as a good working environment.

The Reviews

There are a lot of good reviews out there for Creative Tax Solutions and they do well to manage these. They seem to be responding to reviews, which means they are on hand to resolve bad reviews and complaints, but we couldn't actually find any of these so we weren't able to confirm that fact.

If you look at their TrustPilot review page then you won't see anything less than 4/5, despite the fact that they have dozens of reviews. This is very impressive and it is testament to the amount of effort that they put into their customer support and service.

Creative Tax Solutions Review

Our Creative Tax Solutions Review

Our Creative Tax Solutions was first created in 2017 and has been updated on a regular basis since, ensuring customers get the most up to date opinions on the latest changes within this company.

The Good

  • Solid Services
  • A two-phase system
  • A specialized service
  • They can deal with any tax debt
  • They offer a free consultation
  • They have flat fee pricing


Creative Tax Solutions provides an array of specialized services that include tax resolutions, audit defense, and accounting services. Their tax resolution system can assist in preventing levies and liens, as well as wage garnishments, reduction or elimination of penalties. Whatever you need when it comes to tax, Creative Tax Solutions can lend a helping hand. This is true whether you are an individual looking for assistance with personal taxes and tax debt, or a business who deals with large amounts of money and/or tax debt.

Two-Phase System

The tax debt resolution process employed by Creative Tax Solutions takes place in 2 phases. In the first phase, they attend to the most immediate needs of the client, after which they work on implementing long-term solutions to ensure financial freedom. This detailed approach eliminates mistakes and ensures a faster and smoother process for everyone involved.


Creative Tax Solutions specializes in tax debt resolution. They understand this process better than most and are perfectly equipped to deal with the IRS and everything that they can throw at you. They may be relatively new and inexperienced on the surface, but their team consists of some of the most tax attorneys in the business.

Any Tax Debt Serviced

Creative Tax Solutions can help with a variety of tax debt issues, including both IRS debt and state tax debt, and they can handle your debt no matter how large it is or how complicated you believe the situation to be.

Free Consultation

Creative Tax Solutions offers a 100% free consultation free of charge. This is actually very common in this industry, but it's not offered by all companies and it's still good to see a money back guarantee that works as quickly and as smoothly as the one offered by Creative Tax Solutions.

Flat Fee Pricing

Creative Tax Solutions charges a flat rate of $399 for their services, making them a great option for clients with a large amount of debt. This is very uncommon, but it's something that will appeal to a large range of customers and something that helps to set them apart from their many competitors.

The Bad

  • Money back guarantee restrictions
  • Lack of accreditations

Money Back Guarantee Restrictions

Creative Tax Solutions offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with their level of service. As mentioned above, this is effective and it does exactly as it promises to do for the most part, but there are some issues, the biggest of which is the fact that you only have 15 days before you can no longer make a claim.

Lack of Accreditations

Creative Tax Solutions is not accredited with any major industry organizations, including the ASTPS, the NATP, and the NAEA. Again, this is not unusual, but it would have certainly made them more valuable in our eyes, and in the eyes of many prospective customers, if they had these certifications.

Creative Tax Solutions Help

The Bottom Line

Creative Tax Solutions offers their services to consumers across the whole of the United Sates. They also provide clients with a consultation at no cost.

Their pricing structure is based on a flat-rate fee, making them a great option for those with large amounts of tax debt, and for anyone concerned about percentage payments and potential over charging.

However, for all the good that they do, and there really is a lot of that, there are also some minor issues such as the lack of accreditations and some restrictions on their money back guarantee.