is a relatively new debt relief company, one that is lacking in the experience that many of its competitors have, but still has a lot to offer nonetheless. They are a subsidiary of Springboard Nonprofit Consumer Management, Inc., a conglomerate that brings together many long-established credit consolidation companies, more than making up for the apparent lack of experience that possess and providing the peace of mind customers seek.

With the support of Springboard, this is a company that has over 40 years of experience in the industry, more than enough to satisfy even the most demanding of customers. offer a number of useful services aimed to help Americans achieve financial freedom and to clear some of that staggering national debt that is crippling US families. Review

About is a non-profit agency aimed to help improve the lives of others by guiding them through debt consolidation. They offer credit counseling and debt management as their 2 main services. is a company that aids clients to consolidate their debt into one affordable monthly plan. also offers financial resources such as seminars, free online courses, budgeting guides, video gallery, financial calculators, and live assistance.


Credit.Org is one of the most experienced companies we have reviewed. At the time of writing they are celebrating their 44th year, which means they have even more experience than long-running companies like Christian Credit Counselors. They also have a reputation to rival that of National Debt Relief and ClearOne.

If reputation and longevity is a big deal to you, and it should be, then Credit.Org are a very good option.


Credit.Org have been accredited by the BBB since 1983 and while there are complaints out there, they tend to be dealt with quickly and professionally. As mentioned elsewhere in this Credit.Org review, they are also trusted members of many organizations in this field.


This is an area in which Credit.Org slip-up a little. Or a lot, as the case may be. There are a lot of bad customer reviews out there for Credit.Org and for Springboard Nonprofit.

There are a lot of reviews from angry customers disappointed with the level of service and the upfront fees, which they seemingly were not expecting. But you have to understand that these services are not free, and just because they provide a free consultation doesn't mean they will also provide a free service.

Credit.Org haven't handled things great in the past and we feel that they could have been a little more transparent, but these days they have cleaned up their act a little more. There are still high fees, which we will get to soon, but at least they are clearly presented throughout.

Credit.Org Review

Now for the good stuff. We have spent some time reviewing Credit.Org's services and have compiled some good and bad points below to help you decide if this debt management company if the right choice for you.

The Good

  • Accreditations including NFCC and AICCA.
  • A wealth of education resources.
  • They have a certified financial counselor on hand to help every customer.

Free Consultation

If you are not what who are are or what they can offer you, then simply take advantage of their free consultation with a Certified Personal Financial Counselor. This service is offered to all prospective customers and gives those customers a chance to assess the company, their services, and their support staff. Clients can also rest assured knowing that the person they speak to has undergone a series of certified courses, ensuring they well equipped to deal with any issues that present and to steer the initial consultation into the right direction.

During the consultation, individuals will be asked personal questions to help shed light on which program or service would best suit their financial situation, and to determine if the company can even help them. After examining every creditor account, the counselor will then tailor their recommendations to suit the situation and to find the best course of action.

In some cases, the plan doesn’t escalate further, in others, a CPFC will advise consumers to enroll in a debt management plan to consolidate all debts into one easy-to-manage debt.

Debt Management Plan

If the Certified Personal Financial Counselor determines that the customer needs one of their debt management plans, they will then guide the client through every step of the process. The debt management plan is the actual consolidation proposal, and once this has been arranged, it will help the client to better manage their debts and to put them on the right financial path going forward.

As far as the fees are concerned, there is a one-time enrollment fee of up to $35, and there is also a monthly service charge of up to $20.

The Bad has an wealth of helpful tools that can help clients to overcome debt, but there are a few drawbacks that need to be mentioned as they are far from perfect.

  • They do not have an ISO accreditation.
  • They charge high enrollment and service fees.
  • The whole process can be consuming.

Time Consuming

The whole process can be very time-consuming. A 30-45 minute phone call doesn’t sound too laborious, but when you add in the time to gather and organize all necessary financial documents, as well as any other additional steps that maybe required, it can all add up. Make sure you take into account variables such as income from a spouse (if any), house owner and/or car(s), more than one credit card account; all of these add onto the amount of time you will have to invest in this company if you want to use them to settle your debt.

High Fees

There is an enrollment fee with this company and it can be high, although in truth it all depends on how much debt you need to consolidate and how many creditors you have. There is also a small monthly fee to use’s debt management program, and this adds even more of a financial commitment.

Your assigned counselor will divide your payment and will then use that to pay creditors without you having to do anything. This is a big plus for many, but for some the lack of control can be a scary thing. In some cases, you may not see eye-to-eye with your consolidation counselor, and in the end, the counselor decides which approach is best and not you. Again, this can be scary for some, especially those who struggle to stand back and let others take control, but the counselors really do know best and should be left in control. About

The Bottom Line

We believe that is a reliable option for those looking to take control of their financial situation and get back into the black. You will need to dedicate some time to the process, gathering your bank statement, credit card balances, mortgage details and more, ensuring your counselor has all of the appropriate information on hand, but it can be worthwhile and it will certainly seem like the right choice if they succeed in saving you money and easing your debts.

We highly recommend to those who find themselves in need of debt consolidation and want to put experts in control of their situation. The experienced and patient staff will put your mind at ease and you can relax, safe in the knowledge that they know what they are doing.

If credit consolidation is something you think you might benefit from, give them a call to find out more. We don't rank many companies highly here on DebtReviews, so the fact that gets full marks should tell you all that you need to know.