CuraDebt seems to have everything you could possibly want in a debt settlement company. They combine elements such as low pricing, low minimum debt requirements, and a wealth of experience. However (it's never that straightforward, is it?), there are some questions surrounding their business practices, and these raise serious concerns.

In this guide we'll take a closer look at CuraDebt to see what these issues are, highlight the pros and looking out for the cons. We also have our very own CuraDebt review, which you can see a little further below.


About CuraDebt

Basic Information

  • Address: 4000 Hollywood Blvd STE 555S, Hollywood, FL 33021-6853
  • Web Address:
  • Contact Number: (877) 850-3328
  • BBB Accredited? No.

The Company

CuraDebt seems to be a big company and one that has a lot of employees, but not all of these are in the United States, as we shall discover a little later on. The company is not accredited by the BBB and there isn't a lot of concrete data on its past.

There are also some inconsistencies. Take its founding date as an example. On its BBB page, and in most of its literature, you will see the date listed as 2008, which makes them a decade old at the time of writing. On the CuraDebt website you will see that they have a copyright notice that began in 2000, suggesting they are at least 8 years older than that, but our researchers also found evidence of them existing since 1996.

It's not that they have gone to great lengths to cover this up, as that doesn't seem to be the case, but that there are inconsistencies and confusion concerning them and it's worrying from the perspective of a potential customer.

The Website

We hate the CuraDebt website. We have said that about a lot of different sites in this industry and we've said it for many reasons, from the simple and ineffective approach of ZipDebt, to the old-school and dated look of Trinity Financial Mission. CuraDebt has an okay aesthetic, but there are no many pop-ups that it makes it difficult to navigate the site.

We were merely trying to take a look at their About Us page to discover a little more about them, and we were met with two popups stopping us from doing that. When we were eventually allowed to click, there was another popup waiting for us on the other end.

We understand how effective these tools can be when it comes to marketing and we use one ourselves. But when they are repetitive and passive aggressive they stop being effective and start being annoying. CuraDebt need to fix that.

The Employees

CuraDebt are based in Nevada, but they are headquartered in Florida, which is a little odd. Their HQ is in a building that is owned by Regus, who rent physical and virtual office addresses across the United States.

We have done a little digging with Regus and discovered that there are half a dozen CuraDebt employees working out of the Florida HQ, but they also seem to have many more employees in South America. This is all very strange, and it's not something that will provide prospective customers with the peace of mind they seek.

CuraDebt Reviews

Our CuraDebt Review

You can see our rating for CuraDebt at the top of this page, and in many ways it gives away everything that is to come. But it's still worth looking at the reasons behind this rating and that's exactly what we will do in our CuraDebt review.

The Good

Low fees

CuraDebt offers great pricing, charging a mere 20% of a client's original debt for their settlement services. This price is slightly more competitive than most other companies on the market, but it's far from the lowest we have come across. On the one hand, it looks great when compared to the likes of National Settlement Services, but on the other hand it falls somewhat short when compared to NetDebt and a number of other companies we have covered on this website.

Experience and Accreditation

CuraDebt is one of the longest running debt settlement companies in the industry, with a good couple decades behind them. This doesn't come close to the half century or so that some debt management companies have been running for, but it's a long time for a debt settlement company.

CuraDebt also have a number of major industry accreditations including AFCC and the IAPDA.

It is Easy to Qualify

Prospective clients don’t have to worry much if they don't have a great deal of debt to enroll. In the past we have reviewed exclusive companies like Trinity Debt Management, where the minimum debt is $30,000, and we're also discovered that the average is as high as $15,000. But CuraDebt have a minimum requirement that is a third of this amount at just $5,000.

It's worth bearing in mind, however, that all of this $5,000 needs to be unsecured debt, which includes everything from credit cards to medical debt, but excludes tax debt and federal student loan debt.

The Bad

Transparency Issues

One cause for concern is CuraDebt’s transparency, or rather the lack of it. They are filed in Nevada but they have no offices in the state, and as discussed in our About CuraDeb section, it's all rather strange and confusing, It's not entirely unusual and we've had concerns like this about companies in the past that haven't necessarily evolved into anything serious, but it's still cause for concern.

Not Available in All States

CuraDebt is only available in 37 states, which means there are 13 states and millions of Americans that do not qualify for their services. This may change in the future, but they have been going for a long time and have shown no sign of changing thus far, so it seems highly unlikely.

The states that CuraDeb do not operate in are as follows: CO, CT, GA, ID, IL, KS, ND, NH, SC, VT, WA, WI, WV.

The Bottom Line

At first glance, CuraDebt appears to have a lot going for them. They have competitive pricing, accreditations, a money back guarantee, and 15 years of experience. Unfortunately, there are too many concerns, too many questions that go unanswered, and all of this means that we're inclined to stay clear of the and to opt for one of their rivals instead.

That's not to say that they are a bad company and it's definitely not to suggest that they are in anyway a scam, but just that they don't make us feel as secure as other companies do.