Debt Consolidation Care is a safe haven for the countless Americans looking to hide from the ever encroaching specter of debt. Since 2004, they have aided thousands of individuals to find their path to financial freedom, going from deep in the red to happily in the black.

Debt Consolidation Care offers a free consultation and credit counseling to everyone who qualifies. Their website also offers information about all of the options available through their company and through other debt relief companies, allowing consumers to make an informed decision on whether Debt Consolidation Care is right for them or not.

Debt Consolidation Care

About Debt Consolidation Care

We have a few major issues with this company. Yes, they have a large forum and a huge community and yes they offer a wealth of services. But there are some concerns and anyone who has spent any length of time on their website will likely have similar concerns. So, before we get to our Debt Consolidation Care review, let's take a look at these issues.

The Company

As far as we can tell, Debt Consolidation Care are owned by another company, one listed as InterNext Technologies on their website. Under this listing they claim that their parent company is accredited by the BBB and is based in Nevada, even though the link they provide is to an unclaimed, non-accredited company that is based in Utah! (They may fix this after we publish, but the link they use was this).

It's odd, to say the least, but it could also be an innocent mistake. Not a mistake you would expect to find on such a large site as it would have surely had to have gone unnoticed by the writer, editor and developer, but we're happy to overlook that for now.

There isn't a great deal of info on this company in any case, and it's one of the only companies in this sector that operates through a parent company (Debt Guru is another, although in that case it's just the web name for American Credit Foundation). This should always be a concern for potential customers, and it certainly raised a few red flags for our reviewers.

The Services

Debt Consolidation Care provide a number of services, including consolidation, financial assistance and more, but we're not at all comfortable using their website and we know that many others have reported the same issues.

There are broken links, strange aesthetic choices, and there are also some issues with broken English, which is definitely not to be expected. We're sure that we have made some mistakes here on DebtReviews as well, and we definitely don't want to come across as hypocritical, but many of our reviewers are researchers first and writers second, there are many of them (the actual review, published further down, was written separately to this section) and most importantly we are not a major nationally accredited consolidation company. They have no excuses to make so many mistakes, and yet they do.

These things don't always equate to poor service. A poorly made site with bad writing doesn't necessarily mean that the company will be equally poor, and vice versa. However, you expect a certain level of professionalism and attention to detail and we just don't see that here.

Debt Consolidation Care Reviews

Our Debt Consolidation Care Review

To see what our expert reviewers had to say about Debt Consolidation Care and the services they provide, see below.

The Good

  • Free counseling to all customers
  • A wealth of helpful services
  • A helpful debt community

Free Counseling

Prospective customers of Debt Consolidation Care have several options when it comes to debt counseling. To begin with, the counselor will go over the customer's specific situation, looking at income, expenditure, and more in order to discover the best course of action for them going forward. If the customer decides to enroll with Debt Consolidation Care, they will continue to receive personalized care throughout the entire consolidation process, with great support from consultation to settlement.

Debt Consolidation Care has created a place where people can come to get support in consolidating and resolving their debt. Founded in 2004, the company has helped thousands of people all around the country jump-start their journey to financial freedom. Their website offers information about all different options and solutions, so customers can have what they need to make an informed decision, and it also contains a wealth of data on credit, debt, budgeting, and everything else that a debtor could ask for.

Lots of Services

Every financial situation is unique and calls for a unique approach. Customers need to have the best options at their disposal for their situation, and there is no cookie-cutter approach that will work for all.

Debt Consolidation Care offers information and guidance for every one of these options so consumers are never left in the dark and always receive the high level of personalized care that they need.


Debt Care Consolidation stands out from their competitors by offering a debt community where customers can get support from others throughout the settlement process. This community includes forums and discussion boards that customers can use to get everything from support and advice to budgeting tips and more.

This is not common practice in the industry and it ensures that Debt Consolidation Care stands out from the crowd. Communities like this are actually a brilliant idea and we're surprised they haven't been utilized by many other companies. It's helpful to be able to discuss your situation with people who have been there themselves and are maybe even still there. No matter how many professionals are on hand to help, and to matter how much advice they provide, a debtor will always listen more intently to a regular person. They can relate to them better and know they are coming from a place of experience.

Debt Consolidation Care Help

The Bad

  • Lack of Transparency
  • They use third party companies
  • Anyone can post on their forum

Lack of Transparency

There are a lot of aspects to consider when deciding to consolidate your debt. One major factor to consider is the price tag to go through with the process. Unfortunately, Debt Consolidation Care will not be able to give you a price quote until you have a credit counseling session.

This makes it extremely difficult for potential clients to decide if enrolling with Debt Consolidation Care is in their best interest. It also makes it challenging for our team of reviews to rank the service provided by Debt Consolidation Care.

Third Party

Although it isn’t uncommon practice, Debt Consolidation Care does not actually do the consolidation work for the customer. Essentially, Debt Consolidation Care helps the customer by finding which steps to take to resolve the debt issues. They also do not help the customer find which company will actually be doing the consolidation work. Potential clients may want to do their own research to find a company that they can work with throughout the entire debt management process.

Non-Expert Driven Forum

We really like the online community that Debt Consolidation Care have created and we want to emphasize that once more before we trash it, because it's not quite perfect. On the whole it's still a great idea and one that works, but there are a few issues and the main one is that anyone can post. They don't need to have had any experience with debt relief, either as financial advisors or debtors, and this leads to the spread of information.

If you have experience with forums then you will know how to tell the trolls from the genuine people, but not all customers will understand that. They may approach the forum with little experience and they may start taking advice from someone who really isn't in the best place to give advice. This can lead to disastrous outcomes, but the same could be said for the internet in general. It's why we still get people believing that an app can make their iPhone waterproof, or that microwaving tinfoil can turn it into a solid ball.

The Bottom Line

Debt Consolidation Care is a great resource for people looking to start their path to financial independence. This company offers a resource where anyone can ask questions and interact with past clients to get an idea of how they should begin their journey, and to get some solid advice on that journey.

Conversely, it doesn't seem that Debt Consolidation Care will help much beyond this point. Customers will have to find other companies to get the actual consolidation work done. We can recommend Debt Consolidation Care for additional support, but we do not recommend them for the consolidation process.