Debt Management Guys provide an array of financial services to those in need, including debt settlement, which is what we will focus on for the purpose of this review.

There are a number of positives here, but there are also plenty of negatives that need to be mentioned as well. We will cover these issues and more in this Debt Management Guys review and guide.

Debt Management Guys

About Debt Management Guys

Basic Information

  • Address: 2653 Coney Island Ave Fl 2, Brooklyn, NY 11223-5502
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 5/8/2011
  • Contact Number: (800) 667-3328
  • BBB Accredited? No.

The Company

We have reviewed a number of companies that have gone out of business, have gone quiet, or are in the process of shutting down. Usually, as is the case with Superior Debt Relief, it's easy to determine if they are active and to get an idea of what's going on. We just contact them, ask, and then write down our findings. With Debt Management Guys we had a bit of a struggle.

When this review was first penned, in 2017, we couldn't get through to them on the phone. Since then there have been a number of changes that tell us that they are still active, including a BBB file that was opened in mid-2008, some review responses that were made early 2018, and contact we had with them in late 2018.

The Services

Debt Management Guys offer an array of services to those in need, including:

  • Debt Settlement: Often seen as an alternative to bankruptcy, debt settlement works by helping the client put money to one side and to build a balance that can then be used to negotiate with creditors. The ultimate goal is to pay those creditors off with a balance that is considerably lower than the total amount of debt owed.
  • Credit Counseling: During a credit counseling session an expert will talk the client through their issues and help them with everything from budgeting to debt management and more.
  • Debt Consolidation: With this service Debt Management Guys will help the client to get a loan that will be used to pay off their other debts. This will ensure they only have one monthly payment to make going forward and that it has a low interest rate.

The Reviews

There are some bad reviews out there for the Debt Management Guys and a lot of these concern the company's lack of responsiveness. As mentioned above, we experienced this directly ourselves when initially writing this review, so much so that we were led to believe they were no longer in operation. Maybe this was a temporary issue, maybe not, but in any case it's a concern and something that negatively impacts our Debt Management Guys review, which you can find below.

Debt Management Guys Review

Our Debt Management Guys Review

The Debt Management Guys review below was first compiled in 2017, but it has been updated several times since then. We had a number of concerns about whether they were still operating or not when this review was first posted, now we're sure that they are, but there are other concerns that need to be addressed.

The Good

Debt Management Guys claim to work with hundreds of attorneys who are experienced in debt settlement and in helping Americans to tackle their debt and attain financial freedom. These experts are always helpful in such situations and can make a massive difference.

The first step in working with Debt Management Guys will be to determine if you qualify, after which you will be enrolled in the program. You will be required to setup an affordable monthly payment plan that is determined by the amount of debt enrolled in the program. This monthly payment will be electronically drafted from the client's account into a FDIC savings account. Once a lump sum is accumulated, the negotiation process commences, and the money will then be used to payoff creditors.

The Debt Management Guys claim to settle all debts in in under 48 months, with some finalized in just 12 to 24 months. This is reasonable and competitive with industry standards, but only if they manage to clear within that 24 month period, as the 48 month quote is very long and may lead to further problems for the debtor.

The Debt Management Guys also offers credit counseling tools and face-to-face meetings to guide the customer and to help them stay debt free over the long-haul. They do really well in this regard and this extensive information is always nice to see. There are too many companies out there that only care about settling, taking their money, and leaving, so when we find one that looks to help clients avoid relapse it stands out.

Pros of Debt Management Guys:

  • There is a reasonable time frame for debt settlement
  • They have affordable monthly payment plans

The Bad

There are a lot of concerns regarding Debt Management Guys, including the fact that they can be very hard to reach and have been for some time now. Their website is also dated, with a copyright notice that has not been updated in several years and content that is just as old. This is a point we have discussed multiple times already and we won't drag it out, but it's a very serious concern and one that we find it hard to avoid.

Other concerns we have include the fact that the Debt Management Guys have no IAPDA accreditations. It isn’t an industry standard to have this, but we take the accreditations seriously and always appreciate it when a company shows dedication to being professionally responsible.

They also lack some transparency when it comes to pricing and to their settlement process in general. Clients need to know these things in advance, not only so they can make an effective comparison, but also so they can understand the process in detail before they signup. They do provide basic information on what customers should be looking for when choosing a debt relief company to work with, but there needs to be more.

Debt Management Guys Help

The Bottom Line

The Debt Management Guys provide a number of key financial services, including a debt settlement program. They have some good features, but there are too many negatives here for us to recommend them and as a result we think you would be better off with one of their many competitors, details on which you can find throughout the DebtReviews website.

Some of the better alternatives out there include Trinity Debt Management, who are very good at what they do but only accept those with large debts; and Ooraa, who tick a lot of boxes that Debt Management Guys fail to.