Debt Management Guys provide financial services including debt settlement programs. For the purposes of this review, we will base our feedback strictly on the information found on the company’s website, for the reason being the phone number for this company is no longer in service. In all, we were unable to determine if this company is still in business or not.

The Good

Debt Management Guys claim to work with hundreds of attorneys who are experienced in debt settlement and situations to help lower the payments and interest rates of accumulated debt. Once it is determined if you qualify and you enroll in the program, customers will be set up with an affordable monthly payment plan that is determined by the amount of debt that is enrolled. This monthly payment will be electronically drafted from the client's personal savings account into a FDIC non-interest bearing savings account. Once a lump sum is accumulated, the negotiation process commences.

Debt Management Guys claim to settle debts in 12 to 48 months, which is reasonable and competitive with industry standards. The company also offers credit counseling tools and meetings to guide the customer to keep them out of debt in the future. Our team appreciates all the links for consumers to credible financial sites such as CNN Money. The website also offers an array of financial literacy resources and tools. It should be noted that it was difficult to find any more pros about the company due to the fact that we could not contact them via telephone.

Pros of Debt Management Guys:

  • Reasonable time frame for debt settlement
  • Affordable monthly payment plans

The Bad

It’s unclear whether or not Debt Management Guys is still in business or not. Our team of reviews has some major concerns come up during our research. The biggest cause for concern was not having a point of contact with the company to obtain any additional information. We couldn’t help but ask ourselves if the company is even in business. We did notice the copyright on the web page is only dated from 2014. Other concerns involve not have any IAPDA accreditations. Although it isn’t industry standard to have this, we take the accreditations seriously and always appreciate it when a company shows that they are dedicated to being professionally responsible.

The company lacks some transparency when it comes to pricing and the general settlement service they offer. The company does provide basic information on what customers should be looking for when choosing a debt relief company to work with. All the social media posts or articles published by the company are extremely outdated, with their last article being posted on January 10, 2010.

The Bottom Line

Debt Management Guys claim to provide financial services including debt settlement. In all, we do not recommend using this company due to the fact that there are way too many unknowns about the company, that being no AFCC or IAPDA accreditation, valid phone numbers, updated web information, etc. When consumers find themselves in a stressful financial situation, the last thing they need is uncertainty in the solution to their problems. We recommend consumers seek out alternative debt settlement companies with a serviceable phone number – consumers can start by browsing our top recommended companies.