Debt Relief A La Carte was founded by a former debt collector by the name of Jared Strauss. He built the company around what he learned in the collection industry, that being approximately 80% of collection account debts are never collected because a debtor’s assets are not enough to solve their debts. Personally handling each case, Strauss himself works the goal of settling ALL of his customer’s accounts.

The Good

Great Customer Service

Strauss has not had a single complaint filed against him in over 3 years. His approach doesn’t resemble that of any other settlement company, that being he only accepts customers who have the financial resources to have their debts settled in a matter of a few months rather than the typical 1 – 4 year time frame. This service is offered with no upfront fee, even before they were banned by the FTC in 2010. Strauss uses a 5-step process, which is outlined on the company’s website. What sets this company apart, besides what was already stated above, is that clients are able to participate in each step of the process, including the negotiating phase, which is something our team of researchers has never seen.

Affordable Fees

The fees charged by Debt Relief A La Carte are 10 – 15% of what is saved on the total amount of debt enrolled. For comparison sake, other companies typically charge 18 – 25% of the total debt enrolled, or the total amount of debt resolved. So far, this is the best pricing we have come by, Strauss offers his clients with a range of options to choose from if creditors are being less than willing to settle for what the clients are able to accumulate, which is always a welcome feature to have in a settlement program.

Quick Settlements

Another standout feature of Strauss’s company is the length of time required to settle a debt. Much of the competition offers services with the expectation to resolve total enrolled debt in 12 – 48 months. While 12 months is fairly reasonable, keeping in mind a client's ability to save funds, Strauss takes a different approach which allows all of his client’s debts to be settled in 72 days. This not only saves the client’s time but also saves the consumer extra cash by reducing the time. This method works by taking out all of the monthly fees assessed with other settlement programs and minimizes exposure to interest charged by creditors during a lengthy settlement process.

No Minimum Requirement

Additionally, there is no minimum requirement of debt to qualify and encourages potential clients to contact him to discuss delinquent accounts. Debt types which qualify for the program are unsecured, such as credit cards, private student loans, repossessions, medical bills, and collection accounts. The program at Debt Relief A La Carte can even help with some deficiency balances on foreclosures.

Highlights to this company include:

  • Best industry prices at 10% to 15% of amount saved
  • Free Consultation
  • Client involvement
  • 72-day average completion
  • Combined 20 years of industry experience

The Bad

Small Staff

With any settlement process, there are risks involved that must be understood before continuing on. Fortunately, Strauss outlines these risks clearly on his website such as tax liability, credit score hits, and possible litigation. Debt Relief A La Carte is a smaller, one-man-crew company, which asks consumers to use a little more cash than most consumers are able to afford, especially all at one time to allow their debts to be settled in such a short amount of time. His process is thorough, quick and has an extremely high success rates among his clients at more than 88% according to the United States Government Accountability Office (2010).

No Accredidations

Although the company has been around for over 10 years, Debt Relief A La Carte does not have any accreditations that our team of researchers could find, this includes the AFCC and IAPDA. Compare to the top rated debt settlement companies

The Bottom Line

Debt Relief A la Carte, run by Jared Strauss, is a company with a lot going for them, such as low fees, complete transparency, debt settlement literacy, exceptionally high success rate, and among several other highlights. Conversely, there is one cause for concern for individuals carrying a large total amount of debt, consumers will need to have access to a fairly large sum of money in order to go through with the process of settling with Strauss and creditors. Although many have found a way to make it happen, others have not had such luck. This company comes with our recommendation, and we advise anybody looking to settle their debt to call for a consultation to find out if they will be able to qualify for the program.