Debt Relief Network is a San Diego based company that was founded in 2001 and ran for a solid 15 years or so before it gradually wound down. In that time they provided debtors across the United States with a wealth of debt relief services, including bankruptcy assistance, credit repair, debt consolidation, debt management, student loan consolidation, tax relief, debt settlement, and more.

As far as we can gather 2014 was the final year in which they were actively acquiring new customers, and by 2017 they had all but wound down. At the latest check (late 2018) they have not been accepting new customers for a while and have finished the contracts with most (if not all) of the customers acquired before they wound down.

For posterity sake, we have kept out initial review of Debt Relief Network, which you can find below. This was being updated right until the final moments, so we have details based on them when they were in their prime, as well as when they were dealing with their final few customers.

Debt Relief Network

About Debt Relief Network

Basic Information

  • Address: 4445 Eastgate Mall #200 Sungate Corporate Centre, San Diego, CA 92121
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 2001
  • BBB Accredited? No.

The Company

Debt Relief Network are not in business at the time of writing, but they haven't done a great job of hiding this fact. Their website is still active, and only by contacting them directly were we able to determine that thy are no longer active.

Our Debt Relief Network Review

As mentioned above, the bulk of our Debt Relief Network review was created before this company closed down, and shortly after they had seemingly decided to go out of business. This will remain and will hopefully help those searching for more information about this company. It will also be updated if this company ever returns.

It's a similar story with other companies we have covered here on DebtReviews, including Superior Debt Relief. And we feel that it's always best to keep this info active.

The Good

Debt Relief Network claims to offer solutions for people who are negatively affected by debt, which accounts for millions of people across the United States right now.

We have found some positive qualities about the company, including their pricing for their debt settlement services, which is very competitive. 

Debt Relief Network charge a flat-rate of 20% of the total amount of debt enrolled. Clients are also offered a free consultation, during which a consultant will assess their financial situation and determine if the client qualifies for the program. If the client does indeed qualify, the next step in the program is to set up a trust account with Global Client Solutions, after which a predetermined amount of money will be transferred into the account every month. 

Once a sufficient amount has been added to the account then the negotiation process will commence and this money will be used as leverage, showing the creditors what is available and letting them know that the client is ready and willing, providing they are also willing to make some allowances in reducing the size of the debt.

Once the amount is agreed upon, the funds from the escrow account will be transferred to each of the creditors in turn. The final payment from this account will be made to Debt Relief Network, and this will only take place once all of the funds have been paid to the creditors. In fact, thanks to a 2010 FTC law, it is illegal for debt settlement companies to charge any upfront fees and they can be fined heavily if they break this law, as Global Client Solutions discovered to their detriment.

Clients are able to cancel their contract with this company at any time, and if they do the the money back guarantee ensures they do not incur any penalties and can also get back all of the money in escrow. For a client to access the services offered by Debt Relief Network, they need to have at least $5,000 worth of unsecured debt, which comes from sources such as credit cards, department store cards, medical bills, repossessions, and other types of unsecured debt to qualify for their services.

Pros for this company include:

  • They have a low minimum debt of $5,000
  • They have a money-back guarantee
  • They have been in business for over 15 years

Debt Relief Network Review

The Bad

We have a lot of concerns about Debt Relief Network. They have gathered some worrying bad reviews and complaints, they do not have the best record when it comes to customer service, and there are also many reports of them being slow to reply and in some cases no replying at all.

It seems that they were also not as effective as other companies when it comes to clearing debts quickly and to getting the best possible reduction on those debts. Maybe this is why they slowly went out of business, maybe we're just doing them a great disservice and they were actually a profitable company who went out of business for another reason.

The Bottom Line

It is common for companies in this sector to go out of business and it has happened to some of the best ones. Whatever the reason, there are just too many negatives here, too many reasons why we can't recommend.