DebtGuru is an internet domain for American Credit Foundation that has been helping people with debt resolution for 19 years. Based out of Utah, this non-profit organization helps those who are in need of guidance when dealing with creditors. In addition, DebtGuru will also help educate about all things debt. Overall, they are a 3rd party administrator that disburses funds (that are kept in a FDIC account) to many different financial institutions across the country.

The Good

  • Free consultation with certified counselor
  • Personalized service
  • Educational resources

Free Consultation

DebtGuru is there to make the debt collection calls stop, keep wage garnishments at bay, and can even reduce or eliminate late and overdraft fees. An initial consultation is encouraged to help the customer shed light on which path is best for him or her. During this consultation, individuals may be recommended to participate in their free, no-obligation credit counseling service to determine the best plan moving forward. Once enrolled, average interest rates come to about 4.1% and in some instances zero percent.

Personalized Service

Personalized customer care sets DebtGuru apart from their competitors. They acquaint clients with a team of 2 fully accredited and certified representatives with the NIFCE. Customers can also request one-on-one client care with an Account Manager.

Educational Resource

When and if a customer at DebtGuru wishes to educate him or herself, they have a vast network of financial related articles to read up on, along with testimonials showing the excellence of this company. If in fact, DebtGuru decides a consolidation won’t benefit you in the long run, they won’t recommend it. They are ISO certified to ensure high-quality services provided to the customer under strict regulation. Visit Site

The Bad

Lack of Control

Another potential downside to DebtGuru is the escrow account. What this means is that your monthly payment and interest rate go directly to an escrow account, then following this, DebtGuru divides the funds amongst your creditors. This can be a little off putting for customers because they report feeling a loss of control over their payments and the specifics of their account. On top of this, the online support is a bit lacking, which falls below industry standard where most consolidation companies offer a way to manage their accounts and view their progress. Visit Site

The Bottom Line

DebtGuru can be a great resource for knowledge and education when it comes to debt. They provide informative blogs for customers, and free debt counseling to get your finances in order. In addition, DebtGuru offers debt consolidation plans to further ensure debt relief goals. With NIFCE certified counselors just a phone call away, it is most certainly worth giving them a call to see how their innovative debt management programs can help you meet your financial goals. We recommend researching this company a little more before making a final choice to work with them.




About DebtGuru

As a non-profit credit counseling organization, DebtGuru offers certified counselors to aid individuals with credit card debt. This company provides an authentic experience for customers through its debt management program. DebtGuru debt management also allows clients to consolidate all of their unsecured debt payments into one monthly payment, as well as lowering the interest rates on that debt. There is also a variety of educational articles available to those who wish to educate themselves on debt management.