DebtGuru is an internet domain run by the American Credit Foundation, one that has been helping people with debt resolution for 19 years. Based out of Utah, this non-profit organization helps those who are in need of guidance, acting as the go-between when dealing with creditors.

What's more, DebtGuru also help educate people about all things credit and debt related. Overall, they are a 3rd party administrator that disburses funds (that are kept in a FDIC account) to many different financial institutions across the country and helps millions of Americans in the process.

About DebtGuru

As a non-profit credit counseling organization, DebtGuru offers certified counselors to aid individuals with credit card debt. This company provides an authentic experience for customers through its debt management program. DebtGuru debt management also allows clients to consolidate all of their unsecured debt payments into one monthly payment, as well as lowering the interest rates on that debt. There is also a variety of educational articles available to those who wish to educate themselves on debt management.

Debt Guru Reviews

Basic Information

  • Address: 7720 S 700 E, Midvale, UT 84047-2852
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 7/12/1998
  • Contact Number: (801) 208-1000
  • BBB Accredited? Yes, since 1999.

The Company

DebtGuru offer a number of debt management solutions to customers in 23 states. They have been in this industry for 20 years and while they are small, they are also very experienced and very capable, helping many customers to negotiate their way out of debt.

The Prices

You will pay between $15 and $39 a month along with an interest rate of between 0% an 15%. There is no minimum debt requirement and there is also no setup charge, making DebtGuru one of the cheaper companies that we have reviewed here on DebtReviews.

The Employees

As far as we can tell DebtGuru only have around a dozen employees, a far cry from the average of 50 to 100 and a long way from the 500+ that work for GreenPath Financial Wellness. But this is a small company, so it's not a big surprise.

We have not heard anything negative from current or past employees and everything seems to be above board here.

How to Complain

A Mr. Scott J. Peterson acts as the President, while a Mr. John Keller heads the customer service department. If you have any issues with customer service, or anything else for that matter, we would advise contacting both of these in the first instance to see if those issues can be resolved. Many customers are quick to complain and to post their anger on review sites, but while this can be effective in the long run, we find that management is usually just as frustrated with bad service as the customer is and are more than happy to resolve the issue.

They are accredited by the BBB, so you can also push complaints through them if you are not happy with the level of service provided.

The Reviews

DebtGuru have received good to middling reviews on most review sites. This may not sound great, but it's actually quite good for a company in this sector. Most customers won't leave a review unless they have something negative to say, so it's not unusual to find review sites littered with nothing but complaints and vitriol, even on otherwise respected companies.

For our review of DebtGuru, see below.

Our DebtGuru Review

Now that we have looked at what others have to say about DebtGuru, it's time to cover this company ourselves. As mentioned already, this company is owned by American Credit Foundation and is basically their web domain. There isn't a great deal of info out there based on DebtGuru and a search for this term will bring a deluge of data from self-appointed credit experts and very little info on So keep this in mind if you're researching into their services.

The Good

  • Free consultation with a certified counselor
  • A highly personalized service
  • A host of educational resources

Free Consultation

DebtGuru is there to make sure the debt collection calls stop, as well as to keep wage garnishments at bay, and to reduce or eliminate late and overdraft fees. An initial consultation is encouraged to help the customer discover which path is best for them and to determine if this company can actually help them with their needs.

During this consultation, which is offered completely free of charge, individuals may be recommended to participate in their free, no-obligation credit counseling service. This can then help them with their debts going forward and ensure that they stay in the black once they get there.

Once enrolled, average interest rates come to about 4.1%, but in some cases they are reduced all of the way to 0%.

Personalized Service

Personalized customer care sets DebtGuru apart from their competitors. They put clients in touch with a team of fully accredited counselors who are certified representatives with the NIFCE. Customers can also request one-on-one client care with an Account Manager should they need it.

This level of service is not entirely unique to DebtGuru, but it's well worth noting as it's highly specialized and incredibly valuable.

Educational Resource

Should a customer wish to educate themselves on the intricacies of credit management and debt, DebtGuru have a vast network of financial related articles that can help, as well as testimonials that provide how effective this company's services can be. If in fact, DebtGuru decides a consolidation won’t benefit you in the long run, they won’t recommend it. They are very honest and upfront in this way and we can only commend them for that. DebtGuru are ISO certified to ensure high-quality services provided to the customer under the strictest of regulation.

The Bad

For all the good that DebtGuru do and all the great services that they offer, there are a few negatives here that need to be mentioned.

Lack of Control

One of the main issues we have with DebtGuru is the escrow account. What this means is that your monthly payment and interest rate go directly to an escrow account, after which DebtGuru divides the funds amongst your creditors.

This can be a little off putting for customers because they are no longer in control of their debt and of the situation in general. On top of this, the online support is a bit lacking, which falls below industry standard. Most consolidation companies offer a way to manage their accounts and view their progress, and this is just not available on DebtGuru.

This makes a big difference as customers like seeing how fast things are going, and how well the company are doing. It's a long and drawn out process and being able to see it close-up like this gives the customer a sense of being involved, while also stopping the inevitable quizzical phone calls and emails. The fact that DebtGuru don't have this is a great shame.

Debt Guru

The Bottom Line

DebtGuru can be a great resource for knowledge and education when it comes to debt related issues. They provide informative blogs for customers, as well as free debt counseling to help them get their finances in order.

In addition, DebtGuru offers debt consolidation plans to further ensure that debt relief goals are met. With NIFCE certified counselors just a phone call away, it is most certainly worth giving them a call to see how their innovative debt management programs can help you meet your financial goals.

We recommend researching this company a little more before making a final choice to work with them. Compare them to a few of the other highly rated companies we have covered (Family Credit Management and DelRay are solid options) see how they stack up.