Since 2001 DebtWave Credit Counseling has helped over 13,000 people become debt free and enjoys a large following of loyal and happy clients. The company works in consolidating credit card debt with lower interest rates and a reasonable monthly fee of anywhere from $10 to $49.

The Good

  • Low-interest rates
  • Low monthly fee
  • Positive customer reviews

Low-Interest Rates

With certified debt specialists to guide clients along every step of the consolidation process, DebtWave is able to offer reasonable monthly fees anywhere between $10 and $49. Additionally, their interest rates are competitive within the industry with %7.63. Between the low monthly fee and reasonable interest rates, clients end up saving a lot more than anticipated.

Great Reviews

Loyalty and praise aren't in short supply when it comes to DebtWave. Due to the company’s policy on transparency, customers feel satisfied and happy with the services provided. Unlike the complaints customers have about other companies, clients report feeling valued and cared for when working with them.

The Bad

  • Not licensed in CO, KS, MD, or NY
  • Limited customer service hours


DebtWave has restricted customer service hours and this can be an issue for some clients. Presently. they are only open on Monday to Thursday from 7am to 5pm (PST), and Fridays 7am to 4pm (PST). These hours might end up making them difficult to get a hold of if you need to speak to somebody.

Service Area

DebtWave is not licensed to operate in NY, MD, KS, and CO during this time. This is obviously a let down for anybody living in these states as for some of their competitors offer services in all 50 states.

The Bottom Line

DebtWave has a loyal and happy clientele base for a reason; they provide great customer service and competitive interest rates. With this sort of proven track record, we would most certainly recommend DebtWave to anyone living in their 46-state service area.



About DebtWave Credit Counseling

DebtWave is a non-profit organization that specializes in consolidation by using certified credit counselors to consolidate client debt into one monthly payment. Along with the consolidation process, DebtWave can also help decrease interest rates on debts. This company also provides education to clients who may profit from understanding how debt works, how to read credit reports, making budgets, and forming attainable financial goals.