Delray Credit Counseling is a non-profit educational service. They prepare and provide consumers with the knowledge on how to build and maintain credit. For 15 years now, Delray CC has been helping people find their way to financial freedom.

About Delray Credit Counseling

Delray Credit Counseling is a non-profit consumer credit counseling agency that offers a plethora of free educational resources to clients who want to learn more about the financial world. Delray Credit Counseling also offers customers debt consolidation loans. For those struggling with credit card debt, Delray helps them find affordable monthly payments. In some cases, Delray Credit Counseling was able to help customers pay off $15,000 to $20,000 of debt in around 4 years.

Delray Credit Counseling Help

What You Need to Know

  • They are based in Fort Worth, Florida, but provide services across many states.
  • Their goal is to educate as well as to help, and you can find an array of educational material on their website.
  • They specialize in credit card debt, but offer assistance with many other types of debt as well.
  • They are not accredited by the BBB, but have many other accreditations.
  • They are responsive in dealing with complaints, so speak up if you have anything negative to say or you have a major issue you want them to resolve.

Delray Credit Counseling Review

There are a lot of positive reviews out there for Delray Credit Counseling, and these come from customers as well as review websites. However, there are also many bad reviews and complaints. It's a mixed bag, and in our own Delray Credit Counseling review we'll try to pick the details apart to get to the bottom of this one.

The Good

  • Free consultation
  • Certified personal finance counselors (CPFC)
  • ISO Certified

Free Consultation

Delray CC has a toll-free number to call for individuals who would like to talk about financial matters with a certified credit counselor. For those who want to talk in person, Certified Personal Finance Counselors are available to speak to about a debt management program to help clients consolidate their monthly payments into one reasonable monthly installment.

Low Fees

There are several moving parts to understand when it comes to fees and monthly charges on your debt such as the amount being consolidated and which banks are being used. It is reasonable to expect to pay 5% on the debt and a monthly payment of $39 – but always remember fees vary between state and amount of debt. In addition to the consolidation process, a reduction in interest rates is also possible, allowing customers to pay 100% of their debts off more quickly. Generally, interest rates fall between 6 and 9 percent with up to 30% in overall rate reduction.

Great Educational Resources

Finding a solution to your financial problems is made easy with Delray CC due to their large online education resource center. The navigation menu is flowing with information on bankruptcy, personal loans, credit loans, credit card debt, and much more. What’s more, each menu includes several subcategories for anyone looking to educate themselves on financial matters. Clients can have a piece of mind knowing Delray CC updates their information periodically to stay on par with the industry trends.

Delray Credit Counseling Reviews

The Bad

  • Negative reviews
  • State availability
  • Lack of transparency

Large Number of Complaints

Delray does have a couple points potential customers need to aware of. First, there are a large number of client complaints. Albeit, Delray CC resolved the majority of these problems, but the last thing one needs is more problems on top of their debt issues.

State Availability

After reviewing Delray CC, we could not find which states the company is available to operate in. This is obviously upsetting, as a consumer we would like to know if our state is serviceable.


With all of the educational resources Delray has to offer online, one can’t help but feel a little disappointed at the lack of information about the actual company itself. One can easily become frustrated with the amount of searching required to find answers to specific questions.

Delray Credit Counseling

The Bottom Line

Delray Credit Counseling is a great educational resource for those who are looking to learn about managing debt and better understanding the financial world. The amount of information available to those who aren’t looking to disclose any personal information is vast. They really have gone all-out in this area and even as a content site that specializes in similar material we are impressed.

Overall, we recommend checking out Delray Credit Counseling to see if they will fit your financial needs but also looking into our top recommended companies as these may be better suited. We have listed a few of them below to help your search. All of these scored the full marks from us and if you follow the hyperlinks you can read our reviews for yourself: