Discount Tire Credit Card Reviews

It’s happened to just about everyone. You’re riding down the highway, singing along to your favorite Eagles tune and suddenly you hear it. Your car starts to rumble and shake, and you just know – you’ve blown a tire.

Sometimes a tire repair is an easy fix. Other times it can be pretty pricey. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to pay upfront to replace tires? Here’s what you need to know about the Discount Tire credit card.

What’s Discount Tire?

Discount Tire is almost exactly what the name implies. They do tires and wheels, and that’s all. You won’t take your car in to Discount Tire for an oil change or an inspection. Most Discount Tire locations won’t even align you or balance your tires.

They just sell tires and wheels.

With that in mind, you know the Discount Tire credit card is pretty limited in scope. For instance, if your truck is overheating, Discount Tire credit will be worthless to you. But if it’s inspection time and your tires are looking a bit worn, Discount Tire credit cards may be a lifesaver.

So what is the Discount Tire credit card? What benefits does the card offer to cardholders? Let’s take a look at how financing with Discount Tire works.

Discount Tire Credit Cards

First things first: the Discount Tire credit card isn’t exactly a credit card. It’s just financing that’s available to you should you need to replace a tire or four. The amount of time you’ll have to pay for your tires depends on how much you spend. If you spend between $199 and $999.99, you’ll have six months. $1,000 to $1,499 will give you nine months. Anything $1,500 or more and you’ll get a year to pay for your tires.

Each of those time frames offers a zero interest rate if you pay your minimum balance on time. Your credit limit is determined by the issuing bank, and will vary from consumer to consumer. Te interest rates are the same no matter your limit.

The Discount Tire credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank, which works with many retailers to provide store cards. In fact, they’re the people responsible for Amazon, Walmart, Lowe’s and J.C. Penney credit cards.

With partners such as those, the company is reputable and well trusted.
But what about the Discount Tire credit card? Is it useful? What are people saying about the card, and should you apply for Discount Tire credit?

We’ll take a look at reviews in a moment. First, there are a few things you’ll need to know about this credit card. To begin, you’ll need to have a relatively established credit history to be approved for the Discount Tire credit card. Your credit should be good to excellent.

Secondly, you’ll need to know that this card can only be used at Discount Tire. So if you want new tires or some flashy new wheels for your car, this credit card may be handy. If you need new brakes, look elsewhere.

Alright, so what are Discount Tire credit card holders saying about their cards? Let’s see what reviews say.

Discount Tire Credit Card Reviews

Discount Tire Credit Card

A vast majority of Discount Tire credit card reviews say this card is a “lifesaver.” There are oodles of stories of people who needed tires in emergency situations. They didn’t have the cash, and Discount Tires was able to finance them in store, install new tires and get them on their way.

People were generally happy with the payment options available to them. You can pay your bill online or over the phone with customer care. People who chatted with customer service on the phone said the representatives were friendly and accommodating. You can not make payments in store.

The terms of the credit card are quite straightforward. At time of writing, purchase APR is 29.99%. That, of course is high, but if you make your payments on time you’ll pay no interest at all. The minimum interest charge is $2 if you’re late.

Sometimes Discount Tire offers promotional benefits to cardholders. For instance, you may be eligible to receive a mail in rebate on Kumho tires, or a Visa gift card for Bridgestone. Discount Tire will send emails and postal mail to eligible customers. The information is also available on the Discount Tire website.

Finally, Discount Tire reviews say the card is super convenient. Most customers were approved for at least a $1,000 line of credit, so that allowed them flexibility in their car care. All four tires could be replaced at once, rather than staggering the replacements.

Should You Apply for a Discount Tire Credit Card?

Discount Tire Credit Card Review

If you don’t need tires, a Discount Tire credit card wouldn’t be our first suggestion for you. There are certainly other options out there that may prove more valuable to you – Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy come to mind. These cards, if you use them correctly, can help to build or repair your credit. Simply carry a low balance and pay your bill on time each month.

However, if you find yourself broken down on the side of the highway, have your tow truck driver take you to Discount Tire. Even if you don’t have cash in hand, you can get approved for new tires at zero percent interest for 6 to 12 months.

Remember that you do need to have a good to excellent credit rating to be approved for the Discount Tire card. If your credit is fair to poor, you’ll need to look for tire financing elsewhere.

Overall, we found that the Discount Tire credit card was a straightforward and convenient way to finance new tires. The interest rate is high if you miss your payments, but interest free financing for a year is a pretty good deal.

People were satisfied with the terms of the card, the convenience of the offer and the quality of customer service. The occasional discounts and cash back offers were also very popular in Discount Tire reviews.

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