Donaldson Williams is a family-operated debt settlement business focused on helping customers and clients create financial plans to free themselves of the constraints imposed by having debt. Donaldson Williams has been around since 2006, providing services in 42 states with their number one goal being the financial freedom of their clients.

The Good

This company takes their family-owned approach and extends this intimate way of doing business to their clients for debt settlement. Although they have a higher average minimum enrollment rate, they do charge lower fees than most at around 17% of the total amount of debt enrolled and settled. They do not charge upfront fees, and although laws have prohibited any settlement company from doing so since 2010, Donaldson Williams never did so since they open doors in 2006. Our team of reviewers was pleasantly surprised to find out that Donaldson Williams doesn’t have any extra hidden fees. It isn’t rare to find that companies who claim that they have no upfront fees actually charge a monthly “maintenance” or administrative” fee. This company conveys the feeling that they already know individuals who are trying to settle their debt are already stressed enough and do not need any surprises to burden them more. Overall, their fee model is 30 to 50 percent lower than the industry standard. Consumers are offered a free and honest consultation. Clients just have to go the company's website to fill a form out and request a consultation. In the case that the company feels like they will not be able to meet the needs of the client, they will point them down a more appropriate path. Another selling point for the company is a feature that allows clients to create their own personal bank account. This means they will not need an escrow account, which allows customers to avoid a monthly maintenance fee. This method allows for the client to have complete control and access to their accounts.

Donald Williams’ highlights include:

  • No hidden fees
  • 30%-50% lower than industry standard
  • Services 42 states
  • Small, family-owned and operated business

The Bad

The company is extremely limited in the sense that they can only settle credit card debt. All other types of debt, secured or unsecured, are not eligible for their program. Likewise, the company requires a high minimum of unsecured debt in order to qualify for the services. Getting a consultation is a little bit more complicated than we would like to see. Unfortunately, the form online is time-consuming to fill out.

Negative points to consider:

  • Only deals with unsecured credit card debt
  • High $15,000 debt enrollment
  • Tough to contact a representative
  • No accreditation with the AFCC or IAPDA
  • Compare to the top rated debt settlement companies

The Bottom Line

Donaldson Williams is a well-rated debt relief company that does not charge their clients an upfront fee. However, they do have a high minimum debt enrollment rate, but they are always honest about what to expect from their small, family-owned and operated business.

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