Donaldson Williams is a family-operated debt settlement business with the goal of helping other families across the United States to escape from the clutches of debt. This is a sector filled to the brim with big businesses and corporations, so it makes for a refreshing change to see a family-owned business and there is a lot to like about Donaldson Williams.

This company has been around since 2006. They provide their services across 42 states, have helped thousands of Americans to clear millions of dollars, and may be able to help you as well.

Donaldson Williams

About Donaldson Williams

Donaldson Williams label their services as an “honest and ethical alternative to bankruptcy” and in many ways they are able to do just that. We take a closer look at their services below.

Basic Information

  • Address: 42211 Garfield Road, Suite 194, Clinton Township, MI 48038
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 6/30/2006
  • Contact Number: (586) 263-4590
  • BBB Accredited? Yes, since 2007.

The Company

Donaldson Williams is a small company that was founded in southeast Michigan by a family intent on clearing debt for millions of Americans. They have a small team of highly-qualified staff members and this “family business” feel is evident throughout the business, from the first phone call to the final debt clearance. It can really feel like you have someone on your side, someone who is striving towards the same goal and is actually happy when that goal is reached, as opposed to simply being relieved that they can put another tick in another box.

The Services

Donaldson Williams offer a debt settlement service. We have been somewhat outspoken against this service in the past as we don't think it is the best option for everyone, and in most cases it is the worst. Debt settlement requires you to pay off debts in one lump sum, and it can only be accessed after defaults and struggles. This is a situation that few debtors can deal with, which is why consolidation and debt management plans are often better.

Still, debt settlement is a good option for some and when it comes to this service Donaldson Williams are pretty solid and respectable in their offerings.

The Prices

Debt settlement companies like Donaldson Williams are not legally allowed to charge you money until they have cleared the debt for you. If a debt settlement company requests that you cover their 10%, 20%, 30% or whatever prior to them clearing your debts, then stay away. Thankfully, Donaldson Williams do not do that.

The Employees

As mentioned above, Donaldson Williams have a very small team of experts on their side and are not one of these big companies like Money Management, Wells Fargo or Freedom Debt Relief, who hire hundreds and sometimes thousands of employees nationwide.

Our Donaldson Williams Review

We asked our team of researchers to take a close look at Donaldson Williams's services, studying them as if they were a customer and even applying to become one. The following review is based on their findings, but it's worth noting that this is only their opinion and does not necessarily reflect the experiences that everyone else will have with this company.

The Good

This company has an intimate approach when it comes to debt settlement, which can often be cold and clinical. They have a higher average minimum enrollment rate, but they charge lower fees than most at around 17% of the total amount of debt enrolled and settled.

They do not charge upfront fees, and although laws have prohibited any settlement company from doing so since 2010, Donaldson Williams have had this rule since 2006. Our team of reviewers was pleasantly surprised to find out that Donaldson Williams doesn’t charge any extra hidden fees whatsoever and that they never have done.

It isn’t rare to find that companies who claim that they have no upfront fees actually charge a monthly “maintenance” or administrative” fee. This is not true with Donaldson Williams, and they also charge much lower settlement fees, which ultimately means that the customer has more money in their bank account at the end of this long and occasionally stressful process.

Clients just have to go to the Donaldson Williams website to fill a form out and request a consultation. This will be provided free of charge and if they do not feel like they can help then they will refer the client to another process, or advise on how they can better manage their budget.

Another big advantage to Donaldson Williams is a feature that allows clients to create their own personal bank account. This means they will not need an escrow account, which allows customers to avoid a monthly maintenance fee, and all of the extra work and stress that goes with opening and maintaining such an account. This method allows for the client to have complete control and access to their accounts.

Highlights of this company include:

  • There are no hidden fees whatsoever.
  • They charge 30%-50% lower than the industry standard.
  • They service 42 states.
  • They are a small, family-owned and operated business.

Donaldson Williams Review

The Bad

Donaldson Williams are extremely limited in the sense that they can only settle credit card debt. All other types of debt, secured or unsecured, are not eligible for their program. Likewise, the company requires a high minimum of unsecured debt in order to qualify for the services.

This is somewhat contradictory when you consider that the average credit card debt in the United States is under $9,000, and that only a small percentage have the sort of debt that Donaldson Williams can help with.

The negative points of this company include:

  • They only deal with unsecured credit card debt
  • There is a high $15,000 debt enrollment
  • It can be difficult to contact a representative
  • No accreditation with the AFCC or IAPDA

The Bottom Line

Donaldson Williams is a highly-rated debt relief company that does not charge their clients an upfront fee and deserves every bit of praise that they have received over the years.

They have a high minimum debt enrollment rate, and there are also some other niggling issues that we would rather not exist, but on the whole this is a solid company offering a very good service.