In 2010, Eagle One Debt Solutions merged with another debt settlement company and is now operating under Nation Debt Relief. The company’s specialty is debt negotiation services. Our team does not recommend them as highly as some of their competitors who offer more debt education, a more simple approach, and an online dashboard. More companies may be viewed here: Best Debt Settlement Companies.

The Good

Eagle One is accredited with the IAPDA, which allows consumers to be assured that their team of representatives knows how to get debts settled. The company requires a minimum debt of $7,500 in unsecured loans, such as debt accumulated from credit cards, medical bills, departments store cards, personal loans and collection accounts. This company works with a broader range of debts than most of the competition. They can also work with some form of secured debts such as private student loans. The debt settlement process does ask for the customer to set up a special purpose account where monthly escrow payments will be made so that the client can avoid arbitrations to negotiate debt with creditors.

Thankfully the monthly payments are based on what the individual makes to ensure they can afford them. In the end, once the debts are settled they claim their fee, which is outlined at 25% on the company website. Note that the company claims can be as low as 18%, with a running average of 21%. As is the case with any reputable settlement company, there are no upfront fees and a money back guarantee, which is always indicative of a company standing by the results clients see.

The companies educational resources and tools outlined on their website does make them stand out from their competitors. Eagle One offers a Financial Success Kit with information pertaining to household financial planning. Customers can also find a free e-book on their website called “How to Drop Debt Weight and Become Financially Fit.” The website also has links to other e-books pertaining to financial education.

Company highlights include:

  • IAPDA accreditation
  • Free Consultation
  • $7,500 minimum debt enrollment
  • Abundance of resources on Eagle One Debt Solutions website

The Bad

This company does not provide much information when it comes to their pricing and overall company structure. When we talked to the customer service reps personally, we were informed that affiliate fees are as low as 18% by one, and 15% by another. This was frustrating and we would like to see more consistency from the company collectively. Another point we were concerned about is their objective to settle debts in 24 to 48 months, especially in the case that debts are past due. This is quite a long term especially if the payments are past due. It is concerning for the fact that if the debts are past due, the most interest will accrue within each debt and also increases chances for litigation.

The Bottom Line

The fact that the company is actually owned by National Debt Relief makes us recommend using another company. This does not mean the consumer can’t still take advantage of their useful tools available to them on the website. We recommend taking at look at our top recommended companies to see if they can provide more transparency when it comes time to get those debts settled.