Eagle One Debt Solutions has been operating for over a decade, but some suggest that they merged with National Debt Relief in 2010, even though there are a few aspects of their online persona that suggest they are both active and inactive. It's a strange one, but it's something we will cover in more detail in our Eagle One Debt Solutions review, which you can find below.

Eagle One Debt Solutions Review

About Eagle One Debt Solutions

Before we get to our Eagle One Debt Solutions review, there are a few things that we need to cover first. These are the basics, the things you need to know if you're contemplating signing up for their services.

Basic Information

  • Address: 462 Germantown Pike, Lafayette Hill, PA 19444
  • Web Address: http://www.eagleonedebtsolutions.com/
  • Date of Founding: 6/15/2006
  • Contact Number: (800) 576-0788
  • BBB Accredited? Yes, since 2007.

The Company

We have encountered some poorly made websites in our time and we have also encountered companies that have gone out of business (Superior Debt Relief are one of the better ones). However, even we were a little unsure about Eagle One Debt Solutions–it's fair to say that this one baffled us.

Let's ignore the aesthetics of the website for a moment and the fact that it doesn't have a lot of info and let's focus on the basics. The copyright notice is dated 2013, even though it is now late 2018. They were founded in 2006 and they made a big switch in 2010, suggesting that they were updating this notice yearly until 2013, when…presumably they stopped caring.

The second issue, and the most bizarre one of all, is their FAQ. Not only is it a little scarce with regards to content, but it's filled with placeholders. There are notes everywhere stating things like, “Insert Link Here”. It has the look of a page that was in draft and was then accidentally published. And that's okay, as that happens, but when it does it's usually noticed and then rectified. The fact that this has not been noticed or fixed for 5+ years is a concern and tells us this company simply stopped caring.

The Services

Eagle One Debt Solutions offer a debt settlement service and we have been led to believe that they charge a low rate of 18%, which is very promising, even though the average rate they charge is a lot higher. But there are some big negatives here, ones that offset all of the positives, and these are discussed in more detail during our review.

The Reviews

There are very few reviews out there for Eagle One Debt Solutions, but the ones that do exist are not great and we've also spoken with former customers who have nothing but negative things to say.

Our Eagle One Debt Solutions Review

Now it's time to see how this company compares to a the other debt settlement companies out there. Can they compete with the likes of ClearOne and New Era or not?

The Good

Eagle One are accredited by the IAPDA, which has a set of strict rules and regulations that need to be followed and give the customer a degree of protection as a result. They require a minimum debt of $7,500 in unsecured loans, which includes everything from credit cards and medical bills, to store cards and personal loans, and this is a very competitive rate when you consider the industry average is nearly twice that.

Eagle One Debt Solutions works with a broader range of debts than most of the competition as they can also accept some forms of secured debts, such as private student loans. The debt settlement process that they undertake asks the customer to set up a special purpose account where monthly escrow payments will be made, after which this amount will be used to negotiate debt with creditors.

The monthly payments are based on what the individual makes as opposed to a fixed amount that could be unrealistic for the customer. This ensures that they can meet the payments comfortably and pay off their debts without feeling like they need to sell up and sacrifice everything they have.

Once the debts have been settled then Eagle One Debt Solutions claim their fee, which is described as being anywhere from 18% to 25% on their website.  As is the case with any reputable settlement company, there are no upfront fees and they also offer a money back guarantee, which is always indicative of a company standing by their results and level of service.

Eagle One Debt Solutions has educational resources, calculators and tools on their website, but there are many issues with their site, which we have discussed already.

They also offer a Financial Success Kit, which contains information pertaining to household financial planning and overall budgeting tips. Customers can also find a free e-book on their website called “How to Drop Debt Weight and Become Financially Fit”, as well as other similarly themed budgeting ebooks.

Eagle One Debt Solutions

Highlights of this company include:

  • They have an IAPDA accreditation.
  • They offer a free consultation.
  • There is a minimum enrollment amount of $7,500.
  • There is a lot of great resources on the Eagle One Debt Solutions website.

The Bad

Eagle One Debt Solutions does not provide much information when it comes to their pricing and overall company structure, and this causes some confusion and frustration.. When we talked to the customer service reps, we were told different things, with one suggesting that the fees would be as low as 15% (a figure we have not see quoted anywhere else) and the other quoting the fee of 18%, which is more in line with what we have seen elsewhere and what former customers have told us.

This was frustrating and we would like to see more consistency from them. At the very least they should be communicating with each other to avoid issues such as this.

Another point we were concerned about is their objective to settle debts in 24 to 48 months. This is quite a long term especially if the payments are past due. It is concerning when you consider that the risk of litigation increases significantly with each passing month and there is a high risk of litigation after 2 years. Many companies will look to get them cleared in a few months to avoid this, and others will look to sort them within 2 years. The fact that Eagle One Debt Solutions prolong this process is worrying and it puts the customer in harm's way.

The Bottom Line

Eagle One Debt Solutions is owned by National Debt Relief, who are a giant in this industry, but they seem to have given up on them and even though we know they are still operating, you wouldn't know this to look at their website.

There are many better sites and services out there and we can't think of a valid reason why you would choose Eagle One Debt Solutions. Sure, they have a low rate, or at least they seem to, but you have to ask yourself why there are so many negative reviews, why there are so many complaints, and why they have not felt it necessary to fix the faults on their website in five years.

Are these the antics of a top debt settlement company? We don't think so.