Ebates Review

No matter which type of internet shopper you are, you likely know that you can purchase just about anything you can dream of online. From books and toothpaste to lawn mowers and even mortgages, you can bet you’ll find an e-commerce store that sells it.

It would seem that for every e-commerce store, there’s a site that offers cash back on purchases. Ebates is one of the oldest, and boasts offers from 2 to 40% cash back when you shop online. So is the site legit? Do you actually get money back? Here’s what Ebates reviews say about the site, and a little more information so you can decide for yourself.

How Does Ebates Work?

Ebates is an affiliate site. What that means is the company partners with stores like Amazon, Old Navy, Walmart, Kohls and more. For every purchase someone makes through their site, Ebates earns a commission.

There are well over 2,500 stores Ebates affiliates with. The site is free to use, and there is a “button” available for Google Chrome which will alert you when offers are available. The service is very easy to use. You just sign up (you can do this using Facebook if you like) and begin shopping. Periodically, Ebates also offers sign up bonuses which will be immediately credited to your account.

So what are Ebates reviews saying? Is the site a legit way to earn cash back on your purchases? Is it a waste of time? Well, there are certainly pros and cons to Ebates, so let’s see what others are saying about Ebates.

Ebates Reviews: The Pros

Ebates Reviews

Overall, you won’t hear too many people complaining about Ebates. The site is not a scam, and you actually do earn money back when you shop online. There are two ways you can do this.

First, you can log directly in to the Ebates website when you’re ready to begin shopping. This is particularly a good idea if, for example, you’re about to do some holiday shopping, or even back to school shopping.

Just click on (or search for) one of the stores you’re interested in making a purchase from, and shop to your heart’s content. You’ll earn points for each purchase you make, and those points will usually be instantly reflected in your Ebates account.

The second way to shop is by using the Ebates button for google Chrome. As you go about your daily web shopping business, the Ebates button will alert you to available deals you’re eligible for. Be sure to click the “activate offer” button, then proceed with your online shopping.

Because Ebates is so easy to use, and is affiliated with such a large number of stores, you’d be hard pressed to come across negative Ebates reviews. There are a few cons to the service, however. Let’s look at what people don’t like about Ebates.

Ebates Reviews: The Cons

First and foremost, if you don’t use Google Chrome, Ebates can be hard to use. That’s for no other reason than that people simply forget to shop through the site.

Ebates isn’t one of those sites where you can, after you shop, upload a receipt and be credited. Because of the way affiliate relationships work, Ebates can’t pay you money unless you shop directly through their site.

If you do use Chrome, there’s usually no problem. The Ebates button is a helpful reminder to activate the offer before you check out at your online merchant. Your account will be credited, and you won’t be missing out on your Ebates cash back because of forgetfulness!

The second con most frequently cited in Ebates reviews is the payout. Ebates isn’t the only site of its kind, by any means.

MyPoints, Ibotta and others offer cash back on online purchases. That cash back is credited to your PayPal (or you’re sent a check) just as soon as you reach a specified threshold.

Not so with Ebates. The service only pays out quarterly, which is a long time for most people to wait. Checks (or credits to PayPal) are sent in February, May, August and November. That said, the November payout is great if you’re planning on doing some holiday shopping – it’s right on time!

Despite this, Ebates reviews are largely positive. The cash back is great, and sometimes the site offers additional bonuses. If you can remember to shop through Ebates, you may find you enjoy using it.

Ebates Credit Card

Ebates Reviewed

Ebates is a great site to use for cash back on purchases you’d be making anyway. In addition to the offers listed on their site, the company also offers a Visa credit card. This, of course, is where people tend to get into trouble.

The Ebates Visa credit card offers an additional 3% cash back on purchases made through the site. There’s no annual fee, and if you make your payments on time, you won’t accrue interest. If you don’t pay your balance on time, however, the interest rate is phenomenal: 26.49%.

At risk of sounding pessimistic, we don’t really think that’s a good deal. If you miss one payment, you’re already well on your way to negating all the good you’ve done with those cash back rewards – in interest alone. The late payment fee is an additional $38.

We’d encourage you to think carefully about the pros and cons of an Ebates Visa before you apply. Be sure the benefit to you will outweigh the potential costs, and do what you think is best.

Should I Sign Up For Ebates?

Should you sign up for Ebates? Sure! Why not?! Go ahead and register for the site, then take a look around and see if the stores are interesting to you. Of course, we can’t encourage you to make superfluous purchases solely for the purpose of getting cash back – that just doesn’t make sense.

But if you regularly shop online, there’s no harm in signing up for the site and doing your shopping through Ebates. Even if you occasionally forget to shop through the site, that quarterly check will still be a nice surprise!