Family Credit Management has been in the financial industry for over 20 years, making them one of the most tried-and-true consolidation companies around. They made a reputation for themselves based on superior-quality service through their highly-qualified and certified credit counselors, along with some of the lowest prices and best rates in the industry. In addition to their great counselors, they are also highly accredited with ISO and CPFC accreditations.

The Good

  • Free consultations with a certified debt counselor
  • Positive reviews

Free Consultation

Family Credit offers a free 10-minute consultation with potential clients to help further guide them on what option is best for them. They also offer a money back guarantee to help the customer ease any concerns about any questions they may have. Whats more, they are operating nationwide with a license to help customers in all 50 states.

Positive Reviews

Customer reviews consistently show how helpful and courteous the staff is at Family Credit. There are numerous accounts of clients praising the company for their help with their debts without further damaging their credit scores. We like this company’s style when it comes to comprehending the unique needs of everyone’s economic situation. They also allow for customers to decide a due date for monthly payments to fit their personal schedule and also allow for payments to be cut into 2 monthly installments to help secure program success.

The Bad

  • No AICCCA accreditation
  • No NFCC accreditation

Lack of Accreditation

During our research, we had to look hard to find something worth complaining about with Family Credit Management. One downfall is that although the company has some accreditations, they are not certified by the AICCCA or NFCC. These accreditations usually indicate that the company is doing all that it can to follow the best industry practices. Want to see the top rated Debt Consolidation Companies? Click Here

The Bottom Line

Our team of reviewers was impressed with Family Credit Management. Albeit, they do not carry all of the accreditations we would like to see, they do have a solid track record, great reputation, and consumer-friendly services. In all, past client reviews demonstrate the reliability of the company. We recommend Family Credit Management to anybody struggling to take a hold of their debt situation.



About Family Credit Management

Family Credit Management is a non-profit organization that offers consumers a credit counselor to discuss debt management, credit counseling, and housing aid. Family Credit Management is considered a true debt consolidation company that combines customer’s debt into one monthly payment with overall lower monthly interest rates. In one specific case, Family Credit was able to reduce a client’s interest rate to 1.9%. Family Credit Management also offers free resources such as a digital finance made easy e-book called “100 Small Ways to Save BIG,” many financial calculators, and a personal spending plan.