Fast Track Debt Relief offers a lot of information about their debt relief options and provides services to those who are financially constrained by the grips of debt. They have also been in business for over 6 years now.



The Good

Performance Based Model

Fast Track Debt Relief has a team of professionals to negotiate and settle their clients debt for a small percentage of what they owe. Pricing is different for all clients because of the company's performance based model. Typically, their debt settlement program ends up being around 15% of the original debt amount. Clients can also expect Fast Track Debt Relief to relieve them of their debt in around 36 months, with an average settlement of ~ 22% of the original debt owed.

Free Consultation

Like the majority of settlement companies, a free consultation is given by a debt counselor to better understand the customer’s financial situation and determine if they qualify for the program. Following this, if the client qualifies for the program, they create an account where funds will be deposited each month. The negotiation process will commence when a specific amount of money has been reached. When the client agrees to a settled amount, funds will then be transferred from the escrow account to the creditors and Fast Track will collect their dues.

No Upfront Fees

The client will not be charged an upfront fee and they have the option to cancel services at any time without penalty.

The Bad

Lacking Transparency & Accreditations

Fast Track has a short 6 years of experience. In addition, we found that the company isn’t very transparent with their pricing and lacks a bit of information about the company. They also do not have an accreditation with the AFCC, which is something to take seriously. Fast Track is also only available in 20 states, limiting the availability for the majority of the US.

High Minimum Requirement

Clients must have at least $10,000 of unsecured debt to qualify. This is a bit high compared to many of the competitors only requiring a $5,000 minimum.

Difficult to Navigate Website

The company’s website is very difficult to navigate with too many tabs of information on debt relief, management and settlement. The company had a newsletter for 2 years, but it appears that has stopped. There is an informational “general” section about various topics on debt, but again, it is very difficult to navigate.

The Bottom Line

Fast Track Debt Relief is a credible business, but if you are considering using their services you should discuss your options with a representative. There is expressed concern about the company's lack of speed when it comes to settling debt. Overall, we recommend looking elsewhere, unless you are in one of the 20 states that Fast Track provides services to.