First Choice Debt Relief is a credit card settlement company headquartered in Orange, California. Since 2008, First Choice Debt Relief has provided services to consumers such as free consultations, financial education, and multiple debt management programs with no upfront fees. Administrative fees vary from state to state and are based on how much debt is enrolled. The company offers clients a money-back guarantee for clients who may end up changing their mind. Their web page displays a number of past customer reviews that give proof of the company’s ability to negotiate debt. First Choice Debt Relief holds accreditations with the American Fair Credit Council and the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators. The company is also fully compliant with the Federal Trade Commission.

The Good

Positive Customer Feedback

There are numerous accounts of satisfied customers leaving reviews on the company’s website. Reviews are uplifting stories of individuals who have struggled with debt for years until calling First Choice Debt Relief – they reported being happy with the company’s customer service. Clients can also find past successful debt negotiation letters that show hard evidence of the company’s ability to reduce customer’s debts by approximately half of the original amount enrolled.

Money-Back Guarantee

Like most settlement companies in the industry, First Choice Debt Relief offers a money back guarantee. In the case that the client pays the creditor more than the original balance, the company will refund the difference directly to the customer.

The Bad

No Listed Fees

The company lacks some transparency when it comes to their fees. There are no charged upfront fees, but the company does not state what their administrative fees are on their website. It is worth noting that charges depend on certain aspects of the financial situation, such as the total amount owed to a creditor, the client’s ability to pay monthly, and the state the individual lives in.

Refund Limitations

There are limitations on the money-back guarantee offered by the company. The guarantee is not offered to those enrolled in the attorney based debt settlement program, the company also clearly states that the guarantee does not ensure that their balances will be reduced either by a specific balance or timeline.

Limited State Availability

First Choice Debt Relief does not clearly specify what states the company offers their services. However, when we emailed them personally, they told us they operate in 14 states, including AL, AZ, AR, CA, FL, LA, MA, MI, ME, NM, NY, NC, OK, VA.

The Bottom Line

First Choice Debt Relief aids individuals relieve credit card debt without any upfront fees. Clients can also take advantage of a free consultation, financial education, and a full money-back guarantee. First Choice Debt Relief is accredited by numerous organizations, they have multiple customer reviews praising their customer service, and they have no filed complaints against them. On the other hand, First Choice doesn’t disclose any information on their pricing for their programs and they are limited in some states. Also, the refund policy is not applicable to those enrolled in an attorney based service. Overall,



About First Choice Debt Relief

First Choice Debt Relief offers credit card debt relief services, financial education, all without any upfront fees. The company works to resolve debt by negotiating with creditors to lower the total amount of debt owed and monthly debt repayments. Administrative fees depend on the individual circumstances and the state of residency. There are a number of debt settlement letters posted online to the public that show that First Choice Debt Relief was able to reduce original balances by half through credit negotiation.