GameStop Credit Card

There are no shortage of credit card offers in the United States and you can get rewards cards from many of the country’s top companies. One of the latest to throw their hat into the ring is GameStop, whose rewards credit card offers incentives for anyone shopping in the thousands of national locations they have.

But who does this card benefit, if anyone? If you are a gamer can you earn more rewards from this card than you would a standard rewards card or is it just another cash-grab credit card from one of America’s elites?

Let’s find out.

GameStop Credit Card Pros

There are a few reasons why you might want to consider the GameStop Credit Card, but before you get excited, make sure you read the “cons” that follow this list:

  • Bonus Points: You can get 5,000 rewards points when you make your first purchase with the card and another 5,000 when you spend $250. If you pay $14.99 a year for the premium add-on, you can earn even more. You can redeem your points for amounts of $5, $10 and $15.
  • Offers: There are a handful of offers for GameStop credit card holders every now and then. They are nothing to write home about, but if you spend a lot of time and money in GameStop then there will no doubt be something of interest here.
  • No Annual Fee: There is no annual fee on the GameStop credit card. There is also no foreign transaction fee.
  • Availability: Unlike many rewards credit cards, you do not need an excellent credit rating to apply for the GameStop credit card. We have discussed how difficult it can be to get some premium cards like the Discover It and a bunch of Chase and Capital One cards, but that is not the case here and anything above “Poor” should suffice.

Speaking of poor…

GameStop Credit Card Cons

GameStop Credit Card Review

Now for the bad news, and there is plenty of it so sit tight:

Limited Points

The reason we didn’t mention how many points you will earn for every $1 you spend is because there is no worthwhile rewards scheme here. You get the bonus points, you get some options to finance a GameStop purchase, and that’s it.

This is a very poor rewards scheme and the only saving grace is that there is no annual fee, because even the smallest annual fee would be enough to offset any money you make from these pitiful rewards.


The interest rates on the GameStop credit card are staggering. There is a purchase APR of 27.47%, which is above the higher end of many rewards cards, and this is standard for all customers. With some rewards cards you can get an APR of just under 15% if your credit rating is strong enough—but not with the GameStop credit card.

Lack of Worthwhile Offers

Some customers have told us that they were able to signup to the GameStop credit card during a 0% introductory APR offer, and others have told us of some promising rewards sent their way.

But these are few and far between, there is no ongoing introductory offer and it pales in comparison to what other rewards cards are offering right now.

No Financing Incentives

You can use a GameStop credit card to finance a GameStop purchase, but there’s really no reason why you would. There are no incentives for doing so–no freebies, no reduced rates, no grace period.

You’re basically just using your credit to purchase an item, which means you then have to deal with an extortionate APR if you can’t meet those repayments.

GameStop Credit Card Review

Needless to say, we are not a fan of the GameStop store card. In a sector that has been saturated by promising offers and impressive rewards scheme, it looks completely out of place and is simply incomparable.

To use a gaming metaphor, in a world of blockbuster Triple A titles and beautifully made indie games, the GameStop credit card is a crappy freemium app that some amateur developer threw together on their coffee break.

We’re being harsh, we know, but take one look at those rates and that rewards scheme and tell us they don’t deserve it.

Alternative Gaming Credit Cards

GameStop Store Card

There are very few gaming companies that have the reach, the wealth or the sheer audacity to launch a credit card, so don’t expect there to be many more out there. However, there are store cards and rewards cards that can be used on gaming purchases and most of these (okay, let’s be honest—all of these) will earn you more than the GameStop store card.

Take a look at our guide to Store Cards to get a feel for what is out there in the retail sector, and take a look below to find better alternatives to the GameStop card:

GameStop Rewards Card Alternatives

  • American Express Platinum: This one has a rather high annual fee, so it’s not ideal if you are on a shoe-string budget. But if you’re a big gamer who spends thousands of dollars a year on the best tech, then the rewards you earn will more than cover that annual fee.
  • Discover It: You will need a good credit score to be accepted for the Discover It card, but if you can make it then it will reward you for it. It is one of the best rewards cards out there right now and one that we have discussed many times as a result.
  • AAadvantage: This card offers a wealth of bonuses and privileges and has a great rewards scheme. It is an American Airlines card and it focuses on travel, but you can still earn points when you spend in retail locations and the points will do a lot more for you than the ones you could earn with GameStop.

GameStop Store Card Alternatives

  • Best Buy: The Best Buy card is poor as far as reward cards go, acceptable as far as store cards go, and amazing when you compare it to GameStop. The rates are lower, the rewards are better and there are some worthy financing offers and incentives as well.
  • Walmart Store Card: It’s not our favorite credit card/store card, not by a long way, but it’s a lot better than what GameStop have to offer and Walmart stocks pretty much everything you could need.