Global Client Solutions was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company offers customers a savings solution to aid those who are struggling with unsettled debts. From our research conducted, Global Client Solutions does not carry any accreditations from industry leaders, which is concerning but the company may just be under review at this time. The company does not have a money-back guarantee for their services and the majority of reviews left online are negative comments about the company’s customer service.

 The Good

Track & Save

Global Client Solutions offers customers a dedicated account that can be accessed via the internet at any time. This account acts as a means for clients to safely save, disburse, and track funds in the account for debt settlement purposes. The FDIC fully insures all accounts established by Global Client Solutions.

Special Purpose Account

Global Client Solutions works to help settle outstanding debts by utilizing a special purpose account for their debt relief program. Upon agreement, a monthly amount will be withdrawn from the customer’s bank and deposited in the special purpose account to be later disbursed to the creditors. Creditors will be able to see the balance in the special account to be able to assist in the settlement process for accrued debts.

Settlement Advisor

A toll-free number is provided on the account management company’s website so that customers can contact a customer service agent during normal business hours to ask any questions that arise. Customers are also given a Settlement Advisor they can contact in the case that anything comes up during the debt settlement process.

The Bad

Will Not Negotiate

There is no negotiation service to help talk down the total amount of debt a client has. The company solely provides a special account where the client can manage their funds and learn how to manage their finances.

Illegal Activity

Global Client Solutions was charged by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) with an enforcement action in 2014. The CFPB found that Global Client Solutions was charging an illegal upfront fee. The company was forced to pay over $6 million in relief to customers and $1 million in civil penalties.

Various Fees

Global Client Solutions was hit with a lawsuit and numerous complaints on their various fees associated with their processing services. The lawsuit filed in 2011 stated that the company’s special purpose account application authorized the company to charge a one-time account fee of $9, a $9.85 monthly service charge, a $15 charge per wire transfer and other additional fees. 

The Bottom Line

Global Client Solutions helps people around the United States with 3rd party processing services for the debt settlement process. The company provides a special dedicated account that allows clients to have full control and access to their account. Global Client Solutions does offer customer help for those who have any questions or issues that may arise. Albeit, the company charges numerous fees and does not offer any negotiation services or a money-back guarantee for clients. 

About Global Client Solutions

Global Client Solutions helps people resolve their overdue debts by offering an account management solution. Nevertheless, they do not negotiate settlements and is not affiliated with any other settlement companies. Global Clients Solutions does work with a variety of unsecured debts except for payday loans. There are multiple administrative and monthly fees associated with Global Client Solution's debt program. To help settle debts, the company provides a unique dedicated account that gives consumers greater control over their funds.