Golden Financial Services offers consumers debt settlement services to help ease the burden of debt. This company has been voted best debt settlement program by eKomi, a social commerce technology enabling online business to generate customer reviews and ratings. The company is been practicing since 2004, bringing 11 years of settlement and debt validation experience. Services include debt settlement and counseling about credit, consolidation and more.

The Good

Golden Financial Services provides debt relief services by negotiating to help consumers reduce the total amount of debt they owe to creditors. The company requires a minimum of $7,500 in unsecured debt in order to qualify and aims to settle debt in 3 years or less.

A free phone consultation is available for those looking to have a staff member assess their financial status and determine qualification, depending on the state of residence. For debt validation purposes, pricing will be determined on a case-by-case basis and the amount of debt a client enrolls with. For example, $30,000 of debt would be charged $1,750, which would be divided into monthly payments. Note that no escrow account is required. Specific information about debt and what services are offered in each state. Gold Financial also has services for those who are involved in credit card lawsuits. They offer a free consultation to help customers find a lawyer who can help them with their situation.

Highlights to this company include:

  • Fees of 15% of enrolled debt
  • Attorney protected
  • Over 11 years experience
  • Updated financial literacy resources

The Bad

Gold Financial lacks accreditation with the AFCC. Pricing also isn’t clearly defined and may cause confusion among potential clients. The reason for this being that the company offers different programs for different states. Information regarding this on the website would be extremely helpful in clearing any confusion among individuals looking to see if they can afford the company’s services. Aside from pricing, it is difficult to differentiate between the services they offer and the ones they solely consult on. The best way to clear the confusion is to call in and ask for clarification or request a free consultation. Compare to the top rated debt settlement companies

The Bottom Line

Golden Financial Services offer customers competitive rates for their settlement and validation services. The company does lack some accreditations which many consumers look for in a debt settlement business. A free consultation is offered to help clarify which program is available in each state. This tool is extremely important for consumers so that they can be properly informed about the different services offered in different states. We suggest asking questions and obtaining documentation of what is being purchased before the purchase due to the lack of information on the website. There are additional tools like a credit card debt calculator and free consultations to help potential clients. Besides this, we are concerned about their services. Their lack of pricing and accreditations cause us to suggest other settlement options.



Company Information

Website: Email: Phone: 1-866-376-9846 Address: 600 Palm Ave Imperial Beach, CA 91932