GreenPath Debt Solutions offers an array of financial assistance including services like debt counseling, housing services, student services, and bankruptcy counseling. Formally known as Michigan Credit Union League, GreenPath has been present in the financial sector since 1961. At the height of the housing market in 2005, GreenPath became one of the 1st companies to be recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice for offering bankruptcy counseling.



The Good

  • Available in all 50 states
  • Accredited and members of NFCC, COA, AICCCA
  • Educational resources

Free Consultation

GreenPath Debt Solution isn’t like most other companies in the financial industry. While some businesses limit themselves to credit card debt and unsecured loans, GreenPath goes further than that. They recognize the importance in comprehending individual situations. As a result, a consultation free of charge will help determine which strategy is best when it comes to handling your specific debt structure.

Educational Resource

The company provides a slew of online educational resources and tools for customers to help instill a sense of financial literacy in them. Their newsletter “Write on the Money” provides consumers with an added sense of knowledge, and on top of that, they offer over 10 calculators to help provide insight to all things “money.”

The Bad

  • Additional fees may apply
  • Lack of transparency
  • Not ISO certified

Additional Fees

There are a few flaws to consider with GreenPath. For example, only the debt counseling is free. Any additional services are charged a nominal fee. Likewise, customers are obligated to obtain a credit report for a fee, unless the customer hasn't participated in the federally regulated allotment of one free credit report per year.

No Available Interest Rate Information

It is always comforting to see when companies are upfront about their average interest rates. GreenPath, unfortunately, does not provide this information anywhere. This kind of information would be extremely helpful to potential clients.

No Refund Information

Most consolidation companies offer a money-back guarantee or some sort of refund. GreenPath does not provide any information on their refund policy. This makes it hard for us to recommend GreenPath when other companies are up-front with this kind of information.

The Bottom Line

In all, GreenPath, Inc lays out all the information about costs and services on their website. They have a strong history of 50 years in the industry by offering a helping hand to thousands of clients who need help digging their way out of financial debt. On a positive note, counselors at GreenPath do not receive any type of compensation or commission for recruiting customers for their services. Consumers can be confident that they will not be pressured into doing anything that would hurt them financially. We suggest at least taking advantage of the free online education resources and credit counseling. More than 220,000 people have been successfully helped by GreenPath and that number continues to grow to this day.

About GreenPath Debt Solutions

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, customers have been receiving quality service and favorable results. GreenPath Debt Solutions offers debt management solutions, free debt counseling, housing services, student loan counseling, financial education, and bankruptcy counseling. GreenPath offers customized debt relief plans that allow consumers to consolidate their debt into one monthly payment while also reducing their interest rate.