GreenPath Debt Solutions offers an array of financial assistance including services like debt counseling, housing services, student services, and bankruptcy counseling. Formally known as Michigan Credit Union League, GreenPath has been present in the financial sector since 1961. At the height of the housing market in 2005, GreenPath became one of the 1st companies to be recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice for offering bankruptcy counseling.


GreenPath Financial Wellness Solutions Review


About GreenPath Debt Solutions

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, customers have been receiving quality service and favorable results. GreenPath Debt Solutions offers debt management solutions, free debt counseling, housing services, student loan counseling, financial education, and bankruptcy counseling. GreenPath offers customized debt relief plans that allow consumers to consolidate their debt into one monthly payment while also reducing their interest rate.

Basic Information

  • Address: 36500 Corporate Dr, Farmington Hills, MI 48331-3553
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 1/1/1961
  • Contact Number: (888) 776-6735
  • BBB Accredited? Yes, since 1968.

The Company

GreenPath Financial Wellness is one of the biggest companies we have reviewed here on Debt Reviews. They have a history that dates back over 50 years, they have over 500 employees working for them, and at an estimated $40 million, their turnover is some 2 to 3 times larger than some of the biggest companies we have reviewed.

They are based in Missouri and are registered as a non-profit.

The Services

GreenPath Financial Wellness offer a wealth of services to Americans who find themselves in debt and desperately need a way out. They can help you to manage your money, deal with credit card debt, find an affordable home, and much more.

Their debt management plans are some of their most popular services and these have a completion rate of 53%. They can help to bring your interest repayments down, to better manage your debt, and to ensure you are debt-free quickly and without any hassle. Of course, you can always simply take out a consolidation loan yourself and many customers choose to do just that, but with a company like GreenPath Financial Wellness you should pay less and get back into the black sooner.

The Prices

  • Debt Management Plans: Startup fee of $33 to $50; monthly fee of $29 to $75.
  • Student Loan Counseling: $50 basic; $200 advanced; free with debt management plans.
  • Bankruptcy Counseling: $25 Pre-Filling; $15 pre-discharge (more expensive over the phone).
  • Housing Counseling: Free for Basic; $199 for Advanced.

The Employees


You can usually judge the success of a company by the happiness of its employees. That's not always the case, but it's certainly a very good indicator in this sector and we have heard an overwhelming number of positive reviews from employees at GreenPath Financial Wellness.

One of the things we heard the most was that the workplace was like a family, a collective of people that treated each other with respect. That's exactly what you want, and it's comforting from the customer's point of view to know that they have respectful, professional people working for them.

One of the strangest comments we heard from prospective employees was that GreenPath Financial Wellness ask applicants to take a series of tests, including a personality test. Maybe this is common (probably not) but it certainly seems like an unusual request and it is one that has angered a few applicants over the years.

There have been some other issues, as well. There are employees arguing about low pay (which is very common in this industry, as discussed in our reviews of Family Credit Management and Christian Debt Counseling) but there are no worrying insider complaints about business practices (like we found with Navicore Solutions) and on the whole it's everything a customer and employee would want.

The Reviews

We have our own review on GreenPath Financial Wellness below, but it's worth taking some user reviews and complaints into account as well. There are many more of them than there are of us, after all.

The bulk of GreenPath Financial Wellness reviews are positive, singling out the customer service and the efficiency. But there are also a lot of bad reviews out there complaining about the same issues, with some going as far to suggest that GreenPath Financial Wellness is a scam. This is certainly not the case. The truth is that any company who has been operating for this long and has worked with as many customers as GreenPath Financial Wellness has will always have bad reviews and complaints, and due to the nature of complaints in this day and age a number will always complain of being scammed.

Bad reviews are always more common than good reviews as most customers will only speak up when they have something negative to say and want to “get back” at the company. And because the word “scam” hits home more than any other, that's the word they use.

Just know that while you might have a bad experience and you might not appreciate the things they do for you, GreenPath Financial Wellness are not a scam and will not rob you blind like some reviewers have suggested. And even in the unlikely event that they did, the fact they are accredited means you can complain to the BBB and get the issue resolved.

Our GreenPath Financial Wellness Review

GreenPath Financial Wellness Solutions

GreenPath Financial Wellness used to go by the name GreenPath Debt Solutions, and you will still see them being referred to by this name on many other websites, with many of their logos and other media also using this name. We have mentioned this just to avoid any issue as it seems to be causing some confusion with people trying to research this company.

To learn more about GreenPath Financial Wellness, keep reading for our review. This was first published when they still referred to themselves as GreenPath Financial Wellness Debt Solutions but we have updated it many times over the years and have continued to check-in on them on a regular basis.

The Good

  • Available in all 50 states
  • Accredited and members of NFCC, COA, AICCCA
  • A wealth of educational resources

Free Consultation

GreenPath Financial Wellness isn’t like most other companies in the debt relief industry. While some businesses limit themselves to credit card debt and person loans, GreenPath goes above and beyond and includes many more debts. This will all be discussed during an initial consultation, which is provided to all prospective customers completely free of charge.

If you have a lot of debt, unsecured or secured, then we recommend taking advantage of this offer and discussing your situation with one of the experts on the GreenPath Financial Wellness staff. They will talk you through the issues and will decide what the best option is for you.

Educational Resource

GreenPath Financial Wellness provides a slew of online resources and tools to help customers manage their finances, beat their debts, and stay debt free after their debts have been settled. Their newsletter “Write on the Money”, provides consumers with an added sense of financial freedom by providing them with essential information, and on top of that, they offer over 10 calculators to help provide insight to all things credit and debt related.

The Bad

  • Additional fees may apply
  • Lack of transparency
  • Not ISO certified

Additional Fees

We have a few small issues with GreenPath Financial Wellness, and while these are not enough to turn us off the company, they are still well worth mentioning. One of the issues that we have with the is that only the debt counseling is free, and everything else incurs a cost, the price of which differs depending on the service and the client.

Customers are obligated to obtain a credit report for a fee, unless they have participated in the federally regulated allotment of one free credit report per year.

No Available Interest Rate Information

It is always comforting to see when companies are upfront about their average interest rates. GreenPath, unfortunately, does not provide this information anywhere on their website. This kind of information would be extremely helpful to potential clients, and it would also make our job a lot easier. The fact that it is not listed doesn't make them a bad company as such, it just makes them slightly less impressive than they would be if they were transparent.

No Refund Information

The majority of debt consolidation and debt settlement companies offer a money-back guarantee of some sort. GreenPath Financial Wellness, on the other hand, does not provide any information on their refund policy, leading us to make the assumption that they don't have such a policy in place.

This makes it hard for us to recommend GreenPath when other companies are up-front with this kind of information.

The Bottom Line

GreenPath Financial Wellness are very transparent in some areas and very opaque in others, giving our researchers some mixed signals. They have a strong history, helping customers in need for more than 50 years, and there are a lot of great reviews and testimonials out there from former customers.

Counselors at GreenPath do not receive any type of compensation or commission for recruiting customers for their services, which means there are no issues with pressure selling and customer harassment. Consumers can be confident that they will not be pressured into doing anything that would hurt them financially and will only be guided in the direction that is right for them and their situation.

GreenPath Financial Wellness have helped hundreds of thousands of customers over the years and if you find yourself heavily in debt then we would recommend taking a look. At the very least you should take them up on their offer of a free consultation and browse through the many helpful guides on their website.