For almost 40 years, customers have enjoyed shopping from home via the Home Shopping Network. From jewelry to clothes and from blenders to baby gear, you’ll find tons of interesting products on HSN, sometimes at a discount, and now they are offering a HSN Credit Card.

As you shop, you’re offered the opportunity to pay for your purchase in “easy installments.” But what if there was a way to purchase those items on credit? Read on to learn more about the HSN credit card which allows you to do just that.

HSN Credit Card: Different From FlexPay?

If you’ve ever suffered insomnia, there’s a good chance you’ve caught the Home Shopping Network on the television at least once. Every day, presenters on the network showcase new products. Those products include home, fashion, jewelry, furnishings and even tools.


There will be displayed, of course, a “Special Price.” For instance, perhaps a foldaway bed costs $99.95. (Today only, of course.) Then, in addition to that special price you’ll have a chance to make installment payments. These, on HSN, are called FlexPay. That bed is yours for five FlexPay payments of $19.99 each. Add $7.50 shipping and handling and you’ve got yourself a bed!

Many of the products on HSN offer FlexPay. But if you want to take your Home Shopping Network experience a step further, the company also offers a credit card.

The HSN credit card allows 9 months of “VIP Financing,” which is no interest financing, on select products. Electronics, tools, furniture, and fitness gear are a few of the categories that qualify. Of course, you must make each of those payments on time.

“ExtraFlex” offers alternatives to FlexPay for cardholders. For example, a MacBook might be offered for two FlexPay payments of $1,300. ExtraFlex gives cardholders more flexibility.

In short, the HSN credit card is similar to FlexPay but is more, well, flexible. In most cases you won’t be charged interest on your purchases, and you’ll have a longer period of time to pay.

HSN Credit Card Reviews

If you frequently shop HSN, or are just curious about the channel and website, you may be interested in applying for a HSN credit card. Here’s what you need to know.

First, the HSN credit card is issued by Comenity Capital Bank. As it turns out, this isn’t uncommon. Comenity works with many brands to offer store credit cards. A few examples include Ann Taylor, Hot Topic, DSW, David’s Bridal, Kay Jewelers and Forever 21.

That said, the interest rate is just as high as other store credit cards. At time of writing, the HSN credit card was offering a 28.74% APR for approved cardholders. No interest is charged if your balance is paid on time.

So what are people saying who have used the HSN credit card? Well, reviews are as would be expected: they’re mixed. Here’s what we heard from a few cardholders.

One customer’s HSN credit card review was one star out of five. This is because the card was cancelled after seven years of inactivity. The cancellation impacted her credit score negatively, and HSN refused to reopen the account.

Another HSN cardholder says he’s very happy with the customer service, the payment options and the fact that he’s never been charged interest. Again, paying your bills before the due date means no interest due.

May customers stated that HSN wasn’t too generous with the credit limits. Most customers only received a $500 line of credit, and they found that FlexPay was a simpler option for purchases in that price rage.

Still other cardholders complained they never received a credit increase despite years of paying bills on time. Comenity Capital Bank issues credit limit increases at the discretion of the bank.

All in all, we found that people who used their cards regularly, and for smaller purchases, were generally happy with the HSN credit card. Those who were inactive cardholders or paid bills late were less than satisfied.

Does the HSN Card Earn Rewards?

Many consumers are drawn to retail credit cards because of points, cash back awards or other incentives. The HSN credit card doesn’t offer much by way of these rewards.

First, the HSN card is a store card. It’s not affiliated with a network like MasterCard or Visa, and can only be used on the Home Shopping Network.

When you apply for the HSN credit card, you’ll receive a $10 coupon to use on a single item purchase from the network. The coupon can be used with the television network, online or via the Shop By Remote service.

Finally, cardholders are offered the opportunity to receive $5 in Spendable Ka$h (basically that’s store credit) when they use the Easy Return label. HSN has notoriously good return policies; should you choose to return an item you can get this cash back up to six times per year.

Of course, the deferred interest for nine months is appealing to many cardholders. For some, and despite the low credit limit, using the HSN credit card is just simpler than purchasing products via FlexPay.

Should You Apply for an HSN Credit Card?

Are you a frequent HSN shopper? Maybe the HSN credit card is a good choice for you. As with any card, it’s critical that you pay your bills before the due date to avoid interest ad late payment penalties.

Maybe there’s a product you’re looking for – a new laptop, or a television – that you can’t afford out of pocket. If the FlexPay terms on the HSN website or programming don’t meet your needs, an HSN credit card may offer an alternative that’s easier on your budget.

If you’re looking for a credit card that offers incentives, points, cash back or other rewards, move along. This card is not for you. There are very few perks associated with the HSN credit card, and you’d be better off with a card from your local bank.

With that said, Comenity Bank does report to the credit bureaus. You’ll need a credit score of around 650 or more to be approved for this card. If nothing else, the HSN credit card can be a good way to build your credit by paying your bills on time.

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