InboxDollars Scams

Everyone wants to earn a little bit more money. Unless you’re already making a few million a year, a few hundred extra a month could go a long way. And, as you know, there are plenty of work from home “opportunities” which claim to allow you to do just that.

If you’ve been looking for one of those opportunities, you may have come across articles explaining an InboxDollars scam. Of course, InboxDollars says you can earn extra money by playing games, completing surveys, and even just by watching videos online. Sound too good to be true? Let’s take a look.

What is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars is an online platform which says it pays its members to sign up. Then, those members will earn additional money by completing tasks online. You can see if you qualify for surveys. You can check out videos (which are usually advertisements). You can play games to earn money or you can go shopping and get cash back.

Sounds great, right? Perhaps those are the types of things you’re doing online anyway. Why not earn a few bucks to do them?

Well, as well as having heard of the InboxDollars program for making money online, you’ve likely also heard of the “InboxDollars scam.” Which is it? Is InboxDollars legitimate? Can you really earn hundreds of dollars each month just by doing simple online tasks, or is there an InboxDollars scam?

Is InboxDollars Legitimate?

InboxDollars Scam

InboxDollars is legitimate. What we mean by that is that you can, in fact, make money online. Additionally, InboxDollars doesn’t cost money to sign up.
What you’ll do is sign up for the program using a valid email address.

Immediately upon signing up (and verifying your email) you’ll be presented with a few opportunities. For instance, you can earn $.50 by:

  • Activating your account
  • Taking a profile survey
  • Watching tv
  • Watching a how-to video
  • Liking InboxDollars on Facebook
  • Confirming your first paid email

Just to clarify… that’s $.50 for doing all of those things. That’s not $.50 per task.

To put it in perspective, here’s the time it takes to do these tasks.

  • Account activation – 5 minutes
  • Taking a profile survey – 10 minutes
  • Watching a clip selected by InboxDollars – 2 minutes
  • Watching a InboxDollars how-to video – 2 minutes
  • Liking InboxDollars on Facebook – 1 minute if you’re already logged in
    Confirming the paid email – 5 minutes

That’s 25 minutes or more for $.50. That’s about a dollar an hour. We won’t decide for you if that’s worth it; we’ll allow you to decide for yourself.

Other Tasks on InboxDollars

The tasks mentioned above were just the preliminary ones on InboxDollars to earn half a buck. There are, to be fair, other things you can do to earn money.

We mentioned taking surveys. Let’s talk about those for a few minutes. Remember that we also mentioned that you could see if you qualify for surveys. Most of the surveys on sites like InboxDollars are looking for a specific type of person to answer the questions.

If you’re a 37 year old woman with a household income of $100,000 yet the surveying company is looking for a 20-something male with an income of $50,000, you won’t qualify. That’s fine. However, you’ve spent a lot of time disqualifying from the survey. That’s time that obviously could have been spent doing something much more lucrative – and let’s face it – something much more fun.

You can earn more by completing offers that cost money. Approval for credit cards can net you as much as $10 or so. But how many credit cards do you want or need? You can also “earn money” by signing up for services like Netflix and others, but the credit won’t appear on your account for a mere free subscription.

In other words, you have to spend money to get money. While that’s a basic tenet of life, it applies to InboxDollars just as much as any other aspect. There’s very little in this life that comes free. And, in this case, you’re going to have to put in quite a few hours of “work” to get just a little bit of cash.

Is InboxDollars a Scam?

Is InboxDollars a Scam

“InboxDollars scam” isn’t entirely accurate. After all, the site does offer real cash for menial tasks like watching advertisements and sending your personal information to strangers on the internet. Do we recommend that this is how you earn an income? Not really. Is it a scam? No, it’s not that either.

People who have used InboxDollars have had choice words to use about the service. “A waste of time” is the phrase that presents itself most frequently. We won’t be so unkind, but will advise you that there are other, easier and more dependable ways to earn money on the internet.

To cash out your InboxDollars account, you must have a balance of $30 or more. When you cash out, there’s a $3 processing fee. (Of course that totally negates, plus some, that initial $.50 you earned.) To make a long story short, you’re not going to get rich filling out surveys. You’re probably not even going to make enough to buy your kid a birthday gift.

InboxDollars Scam: Fact or Fiction?

If you’re trying to make money online, there are absolutely more lucrative ways you can do so than by using survey sites like InboxDollars. In fact, there are legitimate sites like Fiverr and others where you can sell, say, stock photos, resume writing services and more.

Again, if you want to build an online income, you’ve got to put in a little work. That’s not to say, though, that InboxDollars isn’t a good option for you. If you’re filling out surveys and watching ads online, it’s true that you certainly may as well get paid for it.

To make a long story short, the next time you find yourself with a few hours to spare, go ahead and check out InboxDollars and decide for yourself. Just know, going in, that you’re not going to get rich. You’re literally going to be clicking ads and signing up for prepaid credit cards. With that in mind, there’s no harm in it – only you can decide if you want to continue using InboxDollars.

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