InCharge Debt Solutions claims to solve debts 90% faster than its industry competitors with their consolidation program. Clients enjoy not only a lower interest rate, but as well as a counseling program aimed to help educate customers with techniques to better help with budgeting, saving, and achieving future financial success. Note that actual interest rates are unknown with this company.

The Good

  • Positive reviews
  • Low upfront fees
  • Highly accredited

Free Consultation and Accreditations

For those struggling with credit card debt and some unsecured debts) can call InCharge and get a free analysis of their situation by a certified counselor. With a no-strings-attached consultation, customers can become one step closer to financial freedom. In addition, InCharge has a number of industry accreditations and certificates, specifically with NFCC and AICCCA.

Positive Reviews

When facing our debt problems, we can be easily overwhelmed. Fortunately, past clients of InCharge report feeling hopeful and informed after talking to one of their financial counselors.

The Bad

  • Unknown cancellation policy
  • No ISO certificate
  • Unknown state availability
  • Lack of Transparency

For reasons such as not disclosing several key pieces of information about the company has landed them a below average score. Although finding the average interest reduction rate for most debt consolidation companies, InCharge is no different. In addition to this, there is no information about nationwide availability and their return policy. As a consumer, we would prefer to see more information disclosed about the company.

The Bottom Line

InCharge is a great credit counseling resource for debt management. They claim to have your debt paid off in 3 to 5 years, which is much faster than the industry average. The company does not have high fees, and they are highly accredited. Nonetheless, they lack some transparency, and for that reason, we cannot recommend using them. To find a more transparent company to solve your debt problems, check out the top consolidation companies.



About InCharge Debt Solutions

InCharge provides both debt consolidation and management services. Their plan allows clients to consolidate their debt into one monthly installment with a lower interest rate that allows them to pay everything off in 3 to 5 years. In one specific case, InCharge was able to reduce their debt time payoff from 15 years to 4 years, while also saving them $7,900 in interest payments. Moreover, InCharge Debt Solutions offers debt consolidation by combining all of your loans into one new loan with a lower interest rate than your average debt interest rate.