IRS Medic is a family run company that focuses on tax relief and is based in the state of Connecticut. They were founded nearly 15 years ago at the time of writing and have used that time to save thousands of clients millions of dollars. In this guide we will look at IRS Medic in a little more detail before ultimately determining if this is a company we would recommend or not.

IRS Medic

About IRS Medic

The IRS Medic motto is “Tax problems solved. No matter where you are in the world” which tells you all that you need to know about their reach. Most of the companies we have reviewed here on DebtReviews limit themselves to a handful of states, others expand their reach across the whole country, but IRS Medic work with clients from all over the world.

Basic Information

    • Address: 144 S Main St, Wallingford, CT 06492-4200
    • Web Address:
    • Date of Founding: 1/4/2004
    • Contact Number: (203) 269-6699
    • BBB Accredited? Yes, since 2009.

The Company

IRS Medic is basically the online name of Parent & Parent LLP, a father and son team that works out of CT. The company owners are a Mr. Anthony E. Parent and a Mr. David G. Parent, and there are also a number of highly experienced and accredited legal professionals on staff.

IRS Medic work with clients all over the world and offer them a variety of tax related services. This is a big positive for two reasons. Firstly, it means that multinational companies and international companies can use their services. Secondly, it means that US companies that do business outside of the United States can look to IRS Medic for assistance.

Services and Prices

IRS Medic are very open about their prices and this is always nice to see. It's actually very rare where tax services are concerned, as noted when discussing everyone from the Tax Defense Network to Community Tax LLC, so it's worthy of praise.

The prices themselves will be a big of an eye opener for some customers though. If you want to work with one of the partners then you will need to be prepared to pay $650 an hour, a fee that will likely prove unrealistic to all but the richest of businesspersons. This fee reduces to $395 for an associate; $200 for a CPA; and $160 for a paralegal.

You can hire IRS Medic for an array of tax related services. If you can afford to pay these prices then you might want to consider getting in touch.

The Employees

As far as we can tell, IRS Medic are not one of those companies that hires a plethora of inexperienced support staff and interns to do all of their bidding. Their services cost an arm and a leg, as mentioned above, but you get to work with very experienced and knowledgeable attorneys, so you always get your money's worth.

The Reviews

There are a lot of good reviews for IRS Medic out there and bad reviews are few and far between. In fact, if you look for “IRS Medic reviews” you'll see nothing but “good” to “great” ratings. There is a site that shows a rating of 0 out of 10 if you look at the Google description, but once you click the link itself you will see that this is a mistake and that the actual review is a 10 out of 10.

IRS Medic Review

Our IRS Medic Review

Speaking of IRS Medic reviews, it's time to offer our own. You may have already seen our rating of this company, which is shown at the top of this page, and you may be wondering why we scored them fairly poorly when you take into account the other scores they have received. But we have our reasons for this and they will become clear when you read our IRS Medic review.

The Good

Worldwide Availability

The IRS can tax individuals and business who generate their income from countries all over the world. IRS Medic makes it their goal to educate the public about this little unknown fact and to provide the assistance that the public needs.

In fact, they claim to have provided their unique services on every continent except for Antarctica, and it is this global presence that sets them apart from all other US-based tax relief companies out there.

IRS Medic have toll-free numbers in many different countries and they offer services everywhere from the UK to the far east. You do not need to be based in the US to contact them, nor do you need to be in the United States at the time that you contact them. Speaking of which, the initial contact that you make with IRS Medic will be via a free consultation, which is provided to help the company assess the client's situation and to determine if they are a good fit or not.

Range of Tax Services

IRS Medic offers a wide range of tax resolution services geared towards businesses that have a global presence. They make it clear that if the consumer is looking for a local attorney, they may not be a good fit, further emphasizing the fact that they are a global company for global clients.

Flat Rates

We discussed the hourly pricing in our About IRS Medic section, but they also work on flat fees when dealing with specific needs. The exact price will depend on the specific service and on the client, but this is something that will be discussed during the initial consultation.

IRS Medic has a warranty for their services, which means that the clients will never be charged for more than the original quote if there is a discrepancy with regards to the pricing. So, if they give you a great quote that sounds too good to be true, don't worry, it's not.

Contrary to what you might find elsewhere, IRS Medic also try to resolve all issues as quickly as possible. Some companies out there (especially those in the debt settlement industry) charge small admin fees every month and as a result they are incentivized to take as long as they can. Because of the flat fees charged by IRS Medic for some of their tax relief services, they are always incentivized to move quickly.

Final Resolution Protection

The IRS Medic warranty stays active for 6 months after the day the tax debt has been settled. This protects the client from any mistakes that the IRS, or IRS Medic  themselves, might make, and it gives the client some much needed peace of mind throughout the process and in the proceeding months.

If a mistake is indeed made then IRS Medic will extend the warranty an additional 6 months to account for more mistakes and more issues down the line. They will do this for as long as mistakes continue to be made.

Up to Date Resources

IRSM has a blog and an informative FAQ page that contains a complete list of basic tax questions and their extensive answers. They also offer plenty of other resources to clients, including an up-to-date stream of news about tax issues so that the client is always informed.

This is always nice to see as it shows that the company really cares and is happy to go above and beyond for their client. It's information that we feel should always be included, but it's information that is so often lacking.

IRS Medic Help

The Bad

IRS Medic may have a lot to offer international clients, but they also have a few points of concern. These are discussed briefly below.

No Meetings in Person

One of the issues we have with IRS Medic, and one that will cause concern with old-school businesspersons, is the fact that it's not possible to meet with them in person if you are based outside the state of Connecticut. This shouldn't be that much of an issue when you consider that they are always reachable online and by phone, but there are generations of people out there who insist on resolving all legal matters in person and they will struggle with this.

Lacking Accreditations

IRS Medic lacks important accreditations and memberships such as the National Association of Tax Professionals. They are members of the ABA because they have a number of lawyers on staff, but we would still like to see more of a proactive effort to attain accreditations and show prospective customers that they are abiding by the rules and regulations outlined by these organizations.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is well worth taking advantage of the free consultation offered by IRS Medic and seeing if they are a good fit for you. Consumers can learn about their services but should be wary of the fact that they don't hold the accreditations we often look for and that their hourly rates can be out of reach for many smaller businesses and individuals on low incomes.