IRS Medic is a family operated tax relief company run by David G. Parent and Anthony E Parent. This father and son duo is based out of Connecticut. They tend of focus on assisting taxpayers with offshore voluntary disclosure and more generally, solving traditional tax issues as well.

The Good

Worldwide Availability

Unbeknownst to many, the IRS can tax individuals and business who generate a worldwide income. Fortunately, IRS Medic makes it a point to try to educate the public about this little unknown fact. In fact, the company has claimed to have helped on each continent, aside from Antarctica. What sets this company apart from the rest of their global presence. They have toll-free numbers for Zurich, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and even a number with iNum, a supplier of local telephone numbers to communication service providers and businesses worldwide. The company also provides a consultation free of charge to help clients figure out what the best approach is for solving their tax issues.

Range of Tax Services

The company has a wide range of tax resolution services including offshore tax controversy services. They do make it clear that if the consumer is looking for a local attorney, they may not be for them. The reason being that their team of Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program attorneys have a broader knowledge base than the locals. This may be a little off putting for some, but we appreciate the company’s confidence in their services.

Flat Rates

Just like most companies in the tax relief industry, IRS Medic offers their services for a flat rate fee that depends on the scope of the tax issue. On top of this, IRSM has a warranty for their services, meaning if there are any discrepancies in pricing, clients will not be held accountable and will never be charged for more than the original quote. This ensures the client that the company will do their best to solve cases in a timely manner, otherwise they lose money.

Final Resolution Protection

IRS Medic offers a warranty that stays active for 180 days after the final resolution of the tax debt is reached. This protects the client from any mistakes the IRS or IRS Medic might make. In the case that a mistake is made, IRSM will extend the warranty an additional 180 days, virtually guaranteeing that the client will never have to pay for any mistakes.

Up to Date Resources

IRSM has a blog and an informative FAQ page that answers basic tax questions. They also offer plenty of other resources to clients, including an up-to-date stream of news about tax issues so that the client is always informed.

The Bad

No In Person Meetings

This company may have a lot to rave about, but they also have a couple points on concern worth mentioning. For one, any client outside of Connecticut will not be given the opportunity to meet with a professional in person. Although isn’t necessarily paramount, some clients feel more at ease knowing they can talk to a representative in person if need be.

Lacking Accreditations

IRS Medic lacks in accreditations and memberships with some important organizations, like the National Association of Tax Professionals. Albeit, they are members of the ABA due to the fact that they have lawyers on staff, but we would still like to see more of a proactive effort to attain accreditations.


The Bottom Line

Overall, it is well worth taking advantage of the consultation offered free of charge. Consumers can learn about their services but should be wary of the fact that the company does not hold the accreditations we look for.