JG Tax Group was co-founded by an ex-IRS agent and claims a significant success rate when it comes to helping clients with tax debt. Their services are available across all of the United States, they have vast amounts of experience and a hard-working team and there is a lot to like here. However, we also have concerns with regards to how they treat some of their customers and how they respond to complaints and bad reviews.

JG Tax Group Help

About JG Tax Group

JG Tax Group claim that they have helped 97% of their clients to successfully defend themselves against the IRS, a very impressive claim to say the least. Their team is staffed by highly qualified and experienced former attorneys and other tax experts and these will be on hand to help when needed.

Basic Information

  • Address: 1430 S Federal Hwy STE 301, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441-7244
  • Web Address: http://www.jgtaxgroup.com/
  • Date of Founding: 8/27/2008
  • Contact Number: (866) 477-5291
  • BBB Accredited? No.

Our JG Tax Group Review

Keep reading to see what our team of experts thought about JG Tax Group. Our review has actually changed over the years and may change again in the future. If they make improvements or they drop the ball, it will be reflected here. That way you know the information you're reading in our JG Tax Group review is always up to date.

The Good

There are lots of good things worth noting about JG Tax Group, just make sure you always read the “bad” things before you make up your mind about this company. It is important to have balance.

Lots of Tax Relief Services

JG Tax Group helps customers with negotiation issues and tax debt. Their services include a range of options, covering everything from payroll taxes and to filing services. Their services may not may as varied as some of their competitors, but they cover the majority of tax debt issues. You can find a number of these below:

  • Filing services
  • Lifting tax levies
  • Removing wage garnishments
  • IRS audit representation
  • Payroll tax problems
  • Spouse relief
  • Penalty abatement
  • CAP and CDP appeal assistance
  • Tax audit help
  • Help with reducing tax liability
  • Protection from the IRS
  • Tax preparation Services
  • Bookkeeping services

Customer Satisfaction

We have heard some very good things about JG Tax Group, including from our own customers. They have helped many Americans out of desperate and frustrating situations, and as you might expect those customers are usually very generous with their praise at the end.

The Bad

The “negative” side of our JG Tax Group review is where we have made the most amendments recently. This is where we noted some serious changes and where we felt like a change in our review was necessary. Keep reading to learn about the things that concerned us and the reasons we decided to lower our rating for JG Tax Group.

Undisclosed Money-Back Guarantee

Our team of researchers was unable to find any information pertaining to the company’s money back guarantee on their website. As a result we can only assume that there is no such offer, which would be a huge shame if that were the case. These guarantees are the catalyst that lead many clients to join companies like this. They provide stability, security, and give them something to fall back on if they discover that it's not going quite as planned.

Such guarantees are more common in the debt management and debt settlement sector than they are in the tax relief sector, which is to say that they are more common with the likes of Take Charge, DelRay and OneMain than they are with Century Negotiations. But they do exist here as well and it would have been nice to see one offered by JG Tax Group,


There are some negative reviews out there for JG Tax Group. These didn't really concern us much when we first saw them and our initial review of JG Tax Group was actually a 5 star as a result. However, there were a few developments that changed that and resulted in us dropping their score from a 5 to a 4. And, quite frankly, if our system allowed for half-scores they would have a 3.5.

One of the biggest issues we have with any company is when they respond petulantly to bad reviews and complaints. We understand that people get angry, especially if they perceive those reviews and complaints to be incorrect, but that's business. You have to take it on the chin, move on, and know that every customer worth their salt will be able to see straight through those bitter/angry reviews and understand it's just an annoyed customer saying hurtful things.

There have been a few cases of JG Tax Group doing the opposite and reacting in ways that made us cringe a little. One message they sent was posted on a review site after a clearly angry customer vented all of their frustration. JG Tax Group began their response by saying, “The problem with this article is that this was written by a woman who is bipolar who we are working with,” and it didn't get better from there.

Maybe the woman is bipolar, maybe, as the reply states, she did have a positive experience, did have her issues rectified and really did want to change her negative review. But this is not the way to go about it. Drawing attention to a customer's mental illness? Come on, that seems a bit low.

The Bottom Line

JG Tax Group are widely available, have some solid services and fantastic staff. They tick most boxes and as a result they were one of our highest rated tax relief companies for a long time. There was really only one thing that they did wrong, but this really worried us, which is why we lowered our score.

We are going to continue to monitor them and see how they respond to future reviews and complaints. Hopefully, they will understand that this wasn't the right way to go about it and they will adopt more humility. If that happens then we will happily return their rating to a 5/5.