Just US Debt has been offering a variety of debt relief services to the public for over 7 years now. Their services offered include everything from debt management to tax settlement, and a program that allows customers to settle their debt on their own. 



The Good

Industry Experience

Just US Debt debt sets themselves apart from the competition with their combined experience of team members who have a wide range of previous exposure to the financial industry from major US financial institutions. This fact gives them more leverage than some of their competitors because they are aware of the inside tactics and procedures established by the creditors. This kind of knowledge allows them to reduce client’s debt in a shorter amount of time due to creditor interest accruing during the settlement process.

Reasonable Fees

The company’s fees are reasonable with a 25% charge on the total amount saved the settlement process. The negotiator’s goal is to settle the debt sometime between 12 and 48 months. This is considered a bit long because of the risk of litigation after 48 months. On average, clients have seen an overall reduction of 48% of their total amount of unsecured debt enrolled. Operating on a performance based model, the company won't charge their customers until they have found some relief from their debts. All funds deposited in the special purpose account are fully owned by the customer, therefore if the client becomes dissatisfied with the services, they will be fully refunded, excluding any monthly fees.

Do-It-Yourself Program

Just US Debt also offers a unique do-it-yourself program where clients purchase guidelines to the settlement process to enable them to undertake the process of settling their debts themselves and avoiding the fees associated with hiring a debt settlement company. There is a money-back guarantee, within six months of enrollment. Before determining the monthly payments, Just US Debt will take into consideration tax issues, medical expenses, and any other factors that affect how much you can pay every month.

The Bad

There are inherent risks involved with the settlement process that one must take into serious consideration before continuing on, like tax liability and hits to your credit score.

Lacking Accreditation

Other concerns with this company include a lack of accreditation with the AFCC, which would be a useful resource for curious individuals looking for more company information.

Lack of Resources & Online Support

Just US Debt also does not provide any educational resources on their website. However, they do have a blog, but there is no information on the page (yet). There is also a “support” page on the website, but yet again, there was no information on the page. The company lacks an online dashboard which would be a helpful way to keep clients informed about what is happening with their account.

The Bottom Line

Just US Debt has great experience backing them, with competitive pricing and a helpful money-back guarantee backing their do-it-yourself program. The company could do well by providing educational resources for clients who want to inform themselves about financial literacy. They also lack in accreditations and affiliations with some of the industry’s regulators. In all, we recommend using a debt settlement company that charges less and has accreditations.