Just US Debt is a debt relief company that combines the experience of many debt relief professionals into one complete service. In fact, they claim to have over 50 years of experience combined, making them the first choice for many struggling Americans when it comes to debt management, tax settlement, and DIY debt settlement.

The question is, can the services provided by Just US Debt compete with everything else out there right now? Are they good enough, do they offer competitive pricing structures, and does their half century of experience actually translate into results? These are the questions we aim to answer in our review of Just US Debt.

But first, let's learn a little more about the company behind the name.

Just US Debt

About Just US Debt

Basic Information

  • Address: 10955 Westmoor Dr. Suite 400 Westminster, CO 80021
  • Web Address: http://justusdebt.com
  • Contact Number: 888-88DEBTS (33287)
  • Opening Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mountain Standard Time
  • BBB Accredited? Yes, since 2009.

The Company

There are a few things that concern us about Just US Debt. Firstly, the website is a little bare, it doesn't have an SSL and it doesn't have any educational resources, guides, or anything of the sort. We've been monitoring them for over a year at the time of writing and their site has remained empty throughout that time.

This would be okay if not for the fact that they have sections for “Blog” and “Support” that are both empty and have seemingly been waiting to be filled for a few years (judging by the copyright notice that is dated 2013–five years ago at the time of writing).

When you operate as an online company and put your name out there to the world wide web, you need to take some time to update your site, add some resources, and make sure your online presence if strong. If not, then it looks like your company is no longer active or no longer cares, and that's pretty much where Just US Debt are.

The Services

Just US Debt have a few different services that we discuss in a little more detail in our Just US Debt review. The main service is a debt settlement program, but there are a couple others too, including a DIY package.

The Employees

Just US Debt has a small team of employees, maybe no more than a handful, but these employees have a lot of experience working for many creditors, including the likes of Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, and other big names. This gives them a unique perspective and allows them to gain an advantage during the settlement process.

The Reviews

We can't find a great deal of reviews out there for Just US Debt. We get the impression that they are a small company that operates locally and is used to getting business through word of mouth, newspaper advertisements and maybe even some cold calling, as opposed to search engines and other online avenues. This would explain why their website is so bare, and why there are very few Just US Debt reviews online.

Our Just US Debt Review

There are a lot of positives worth mentioning about Just US Debt, but there are also a few negatives and a few stark warnings. To learn more about these, keep reading for our Just US Debt review.

Just US Debt Help

The Good

Industry Experience

The professionals working for Just US Debt have a history with some of the biggest financial institutions in the United States. As a result, they have direct experience of the other side of the settlement process, and understand what it's like to be on the receiving end of those offers. In other words, they know what works and what doesn't, they don't have far they can push things, and they also have contacts in the industry.

This gives them a lot of leverage. It's not entirely unique in this industry as companies like this like to hire experienced financial professionals, but there are also many companies who hire untrained, inexperienced sales staff and they just can't compare.

Reasonable Fees

Just US Debt charge very reasonable fees, with a 25% charge on the total amount saved at the end of the settlement process. The goal of the negotiator is to settle the debt in under 48 months, which is towards the longer end of the spectrum and can be a concern when you consider that the risk of litigation increases significantly every year after the first year. However, Just US Debt claim that some cases are settled within a year and that a large number are settled within 2 years.

The average saving during this debt settlement process is a fraction under 50% of the debt enrolled, which is towards the higher end of the industry average.

As per the FTC regulation, Just US Debt will not charge their customers until they have derived some relief from their debts. The money they use to pay these debts comes from an account that the client is required to setup as soon as the process begins, with the company then tapping into this account as necessary.

These funds are still owned by the client and they can remove them if they feel like the process is not going to plan, or stop Just US Debt from using them if they disagree with any step of the process.

In deciding how much money should be paid into this account every month,  Just US Debt will take into consideration everything from tax payments and medical expenses, to household food bills, interest payments and other budgeting issues. They will require you to make some sacrifices and to tighten your belt, but you can also do this preemptively (take a look at our tips on how to save money) so that you have a lump sum to put into the account when the program begins.

Do-It-Yourself Program

As mentioned at the outset of this review, one of the services that Just US Debt offers is a DIY settlement program. This works in a similar way to ZipDebt, a company we reviewed here. Basically, the client pays for a set of guidelines, the same ones that the negotiator would follow during the settlement process. They can then tackle the issue themselves, saving money by not paying any escrow or admin fees, and avoiding the final settlement fee as well.

There is also a money-back guarantee, which finishes six months after enrollment.

Just US Debt Review

The Bad

Settlement Issues

There are inherent risks with the debt settlement process, including damage to your credit score, tax liability, and potential litigation. We have discussed these before and these things are worth taking into account, but they an issue with the industry and not necessarily with Just US Debt.

Lacking Accreditation

Just US Debt do not have accreditation with the AFCC, which would be a useful resource and something that could provide prospective clients with a little peace of mind. This is not a huge issue, but it's one worth mentioning nonetheless.

Lack of Resources & Online Support

There are no educational resources on the Just US Debt website. This is a pet peeve of ours, as we believe that companies in this industry have a duty of care to inform and educate their clients and prospective clients. Not only can it help debt-free clients to stay that way, but it also proves the point that they often make, which is that they are there for the benefit of debtors and not just to make a quick profit.

They do have a blog, but it has very little information. In fact, when we first created this review there was no content on this page whatsoever and there was also no content in other key areas of the website.

Just US Debt also don't have an online dashboard that can help clients to keep track of the process every step of the way. This is something that many bigger and better companies (National Debt Relief, Preferred Financial Services) are doing and it makes a huge difference, because no client likes to be left in the dark.

The Bottom Line

Just US Debt has a wealth of experience behind them, with fairly competitive pricing, a helpful money-back guarantee, and a do-it-yourself program. But they are lacking in many areas, including educational resources and an online portal to update clients every step of the way.

They also lack accreditations and affiliations with some of the industry’s leading regulators. In all, we recommend using a debt settlement company that charges less, has worthwhile accreditations, and goes above and beyond to help clients and prospective clients.