Money Management International is the largest credit counseling agency in the US and has been aiding consumers to free themselves from their debt since 1958. From the start, Money Management International has been on a mission to offer high-quality services and promote financial education to clients to help them stay on the right financial track.

The Good

  • NFCC and FCAA certified
  • 59 years in business
  • Broad-spectrum of educational resources and tools

Great Customer Service

Money Management International is a prodigious company that is able to provide a variety of services. For instance, their counseling and educational services are vast. They offer 24-hour access to a financial advisor, which is somewhat rare in the industry. In many ways, this makes them a lore more approachable than many of their competitors. Moreover, they offer in-person appointments at any of their off-location offices for those who would like to meet in-person. During the consultation, a representative will decide if credit counseling is the best option for you. Those going through financial distress will be aided by one of their certified financial counselors who will provide professional guidance to help the individual. During this session, a personal credit counselor will analyze the current financial situation and create a realistic budget enabling consumers to achieve their financial goals.

Financial Tools

The interactive tools on the company’s website, like debt calculators, are easy to use and informative. The educational resources are fantastic to use and can help anyone learn about personal fiscal responsibility. These resources can be utilized by anyone including a financial advisor or just anybody looking to improve their financial intelligence. Additionally, there are several articles designed to help families live more within their means during their debt payment plan and beyond.

The Bad

  • Lack of transparency
  • Potential no refund policy
  • No average interest rates

Lacking Transparency

For debt consolidation companies, it is normal for them to avoid posting their fees and financial policies. While Money Management International does post its upfront fees (up to $50), they do not publish their monthly fees. It would be very helpful if Money International could provide this information prior to engaging with them. Although prices range from state to state, it is common to see a range of prices to give a general idea of what the costs will be to enroll in a program. We would like to see the company do more to disclose the risks associated with enrolling in a debt management program such as, interest rate spikes and tacked on late fees for those who wish to opt-out after enrollment.

Lacking Accreditation

We like companies with accreditations; they show that the company abides by a high level of quality in their services. Money Management International is lacking FCAA and ISO accreditations; which doesn’t make them a deal breaker but it sure does make a potential customer think twice about enrolling with them.

The Bottom Line

Money Management is a full-service counseling provider who provides consumers with a vast educational resource that can help dig them out of a financial hole. However, the company is lacking transparency which makes them difficult to recommend. We don’t know if they operate in al states, nor do we know what the monthly fees are or what the return policy is. This kind of information is vital for consumers to know. Therefore, we do not recommend working with them at this time.




About Money Management International

Money Management International is one of the biggest credit counseling companies that offer debt consolidation – not a loan. They help individuals by offering a certified credit counselor who creates a debt management plan and consolidates all of their debt into one affordable monthly payment with reduced interest rates. In addition to debt consolidation, they offer services for budget and debt counseling, foreclosure prevention, bankruptcy counseling, financial workshops, and pre-purchase housing counseling. Money Management International also provides other resources like free podcasts, videos, lesson plans, and webinars.