Best Money Saving Apps

There is an app for everything. It’s a clichéd saying, but it’s true and some of the best apps out there are the ones that can help you to save money. In this guide to the best money saving apps we will look at those applications in particular, making sure we have something for Android, iOS, and Windows users.

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1. Clarity Money

The goal of Clarity Money is to add some common sense to your financial situation and it does this by helping you to get rid of subscriptions that you are being overcharged for and no longer need. The average American spends over $1,000 a month on subscriptions, including up to $200 on media subscriptions, so there is a lot of money-saving potential here.

This money-saving app can also keep track of what you are spending, what you can afford to spend, and what you should be saving. It offers some insight, some clarity, into your financial situation and this is something that many debtors lack.

You can download this money-saving app on both Android and iOS and it has over 1 million users, with countless awards, including a nomination for the Best Finance App by Webby.

2. Mint

Money Saving Apps

Mint is one of our favorite money-saving apps and its goal is to help you keep track of your spending, with an emphasis on your bills. It makes sure that you don’t miss a payment and accrue late fees and penalty APRs, and it also helps you to budget with whatever money you have left over at the end of the month.

Mint will also give you a free credit score, which you can use to check how well you are doing and if you have qualified for any additional credit cards, loans or mortgages, or if you still have someway to go.

It is owned by Intuit, the same company behind QuickBooks, and you can signup for free, with the app available on both the App Store and on Google Play.

3. Viggle

Viggle basically gives you money in the form of deals every time you watch TV, play games or take part in other activities. It sounds like a dream come true, and in a way it is, just don’t expect those deals to be huge.

You use the Viggle app to check-in when you are watching films and to play games and take quizzes. You are then rewarded points that can get you free stuff at many top chains, from coffee shops to book shops and clothes stores.

4. Honey

You can use Honey to search for coupon codes, which in turn can save you heaps of cash on your weekly grocery shopping.

Honey is constantly searching for great deals so that you don’t have to. You just need the Honey app and you can see all of these deals for yourself. It works with a huge number of brands and you can use it on everything from household essentials to luxury gifts and more.

Tune into the app every day to see what the latest offers are and if they correspond to your needs. Just make sure you don’t use it as an excuse to spend frivolously, as that’s how many of us get into debt in the first place.

5. Trim

Money Saving Apps iOS

This is a money-saving app that you can use to control all of your finances. Trim is a personal financing app that brings together all of your accounts to monitor every dollar that comes in and goes out. Once the app has all of this information then it can tell you where you are spending too much, what you need to watch out for, and where you can make some big savings.

It doesn’t end there either, as Trim will also tell you which services are better and cheaper, providing options for everything from media subscriptions to insurance. It is essentially your own personal financial assistant, finding the problems and then providing solutions for how they can be fixed.

There are also options for self-employed individuals, people who need to keep a close eye on their finances at all times.

Trim help users to save over $1 million a month, it’s free to sign-up and get the app and if you would prefer to do it through your browser then you can signup with one click using Facebook.

6. ScoutMob

ScoutMob is a local money-saving app that searches for deals, discounts and coupons in your area. It’s very similar to Groupon, but it’s newer and smaller, and it has less of a commercial feel to it, with many more cool offers.

These days Groupon plays host to deals that aren’t really deals, from products that had massive markups before being discounted, to knock-off brand jewelry and watches that are not worth the deal price, let alone the supposed original ticket price. There are still some good deals to be had, especially if you shop locally and focus on experiences, and what makes ScoutMob such a worthwhile app is that all of its deals fall into this category and you’ll find many more worthwhile ones.

7. HoneyFi

Money Saving Apps Android

This is a budgeting, money-saving app that was created with couples in mind, helping them to work together to balance their household finances and to save money where possible.

It provides a great way for couples to work together whether they are roommates, partners who have just started living together, or a married couple who have been together for years.

It eliminates distrust and misunderstandings and makes sure that they both know what the situation is and where the money is going. If you are constantly arguing with your partner about money, complaining that they are spending too much money, then this could be the perfect app. It puts everything into clear, plain English to help quash those arguments and provide some financial clarity.