Mossler Law Firm, P.C. has a team of attorneys that fight to protect their clients as they deal with debt collectors. For those who are unsure how to go about settling their debt, the company provides debt relief by doing the tough negotiating on behalf of their clients.

The Good

Team of Legal Experts

Mossler Law Firm, P.C. has experience with helping hundreds of clients with debt management by utilizing their vast knowledge of the law to back client’s financial legal rights. The legal experts at Mossler Law Firm specialize in debt settlement, consumer advocacy, and creditor harassment. Many of the company’s competitors are unable to offer an attorney under the American Bar Association. This group of legal experts works with clients to secure debt issues within the standards set under the law. They are also a smaller company so they can provide a more personalized service.

Free Consultation

A free consultation is offered to consumers where an attorney will advise them whether debt settlement is the best option and what other efforts could be made to reduce debts. The best approach to take with this company is to take advantage of their free consultation to review personal financial history, current debt and income, and to review the situation on a case by case basis.

Fair Pricing

Mossler Law Firm charges a fair fee at 50% of the total amount of debt enrolled, although, only 25% of the debt will go toward attorney fees. The company is confident in their abilities to negotiate and settle large amounts of debt successfully, but there are no guarantees that every situation will go as smoothly as planned.  

No Minimum Requirement

There is no minimum amount of debt required to qualify for the services, and if the debt cannot be settled within reason, the funds will be placed in a dedicated bank account and go directly back to the client.

The Bad

No Money-Back Guarantee

The price tag to work with attorneys is generally more expensive, depending on the length of the process and how much debt is being handled. There is also no money-back guarantee.

Unsecured Debt Only

Normally lawyers can handle debts that have been placed in judgment, but Mossler Law Firm can only handle the typical unsecured debt types.

Other Improvements

Some other improvements that we would like to see include:

  • More transparent pricing
  • Major industry accreditations
  • Online resources and information for clients looking to learn more about debt settlement and their financial situation

The Bottom Line

Mossler Law Firm is a smaller company which allows for more personable service. The team helps consumers with a range of legal services, though their size limits them in how many outside of the box cases they can take on. We'd recommend looking for a debt settlement company that is full-service instead of Mossler Law firm.