Mossler Law Firm, P.C. is a company run by an experienced a team of attorneys that fight to protect their clients as they deal with debt collectors. They do all of the hard work on behalf of their clients, dealing with creditors, reducing debts, and ultimately helping the client to attain the financial freedom that we all strive toward.

We'll take a closer look at Mossler Law Firm in this guide, before offering our own opinions with our Mossler Law Firm review.

Mossler Law Firm

About Mossler Law Firm

Basic Information

  • Address: 7945 Cartilla Ave # A, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730-3069
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 4/10/2008
  • Contact Number: (800) 304-1655
  • BBB Accredited? No.

The Company

As far as we know, Mossler Law Firm are still active at the time of our most recent update (Nov/Dec 2018). However, there are some warning signs that make us think twice. We have not been able to get a reply from them by email, their website is down intermittently, and they are taking their time to respond to reviews and complaints, as outlined below.

The Services

Mossler Law Firm offer a range of debt management services, all of which are approached from a legal standpoint by certified attorneys. This can be a costly approach, but it's a professional one and it ensures you get the very best help from the most experienced individuals.

However, while we can't dispute the professionalism of the attorneys that work for Mossler Law Firm, we can't say the same thing about the others. There are responsiveness issues and other minor issues and these stem from the support staff.

The Reviews

There are a number of concerning reviews and complaints out there for Mossler Law Firm, and what is especially concerning about these is that Mossler Law Firm are not replying to them quickly or professionally. In some cases they have taken weeks, and their responses have still not appeased the customer and settled the issue.

Mossler Law Firm have a habit of frustrating customers it seems and they have yet to find a way to resolve these issues as quickly as they should.

Our Mossler Law Firm Review

Our Mossler Law Firm review was compiled by a team of researchers who closely monitor the site all of the time, and have done since this review was first published over a year ago.

The Good

A Team of Legal Experts

Mossler Law Firm has experience with helping hundreds of clients and dealing with millions of dollars worth of debt. They utilize their vast knowledge of the law to back client’s financially and ensure they get back into the black.

The legal experts they have on staff all specialize in debt settlement, consumer advocacy, and creditor harassment. Many of the company’s competitors are unable to offer an attorney under the American Bar Association, which is one of the things that sets them apart from the crowd.

This group of legal experts works with clients to secure debt issues within the standards set under the law. They are also a smaller company so they can provide a more personalized service the likes of which you just don't get with companies like Money Management International, Freedom Debt Relief and more.

Free Consultation

A free consultation is offered to all prospective customers, during which point an attorney will advise them whether debt settlement is the best option. If so, they will outline the process and discuss the things that are required of them. If not, then they will point them in the right direction and advise them on the best course of action.

To begin with, we recommend taking them up on this offer of a free consultation in order to let an expert go over your issues, your history, and any potential problems you might face. You can't beat this sort of advice when you're up to your knees in debt, and if you get that advice for free then even better!

Fair Pricing

Mossler Law Firm charges a fee of 50% of the total amount of debt enrolled, but only 25% of the debt will go toward attorney fees. The company is confident in their abilities to negotiate and settle large amounts of debt successfully, but there are no guarantees that every situation will go as smoothly as planned.

No Minimum Requirement

There is no minimum amount of debt required to qualify for the services offered by Mossler Law Firm, and if the debt cannot be settled for whatever reason, the funds will be placed in a dedicated bank account and then be returned to the client. The vast majority of companies in this sector have a minimum amount of debt to be enrolled and that minimum amount can be anywhere from $4,000 (as with Ooraa) all of the way to $30,000 (as with Trinity Debt Management). The lack of such a requirement makes Mossler Law Firm standout from the crowd.

Mossler Law Firm Review

The Bad

No Money-Back Guarantee

The cost of working with attorneys is considerably more expensive than the cost of working with the average credit counselor. This cost will depend on the service and the length of time that the attorney's services are needed for, but in all cases they are a lot more expensive and this can be a concern. There is also no money back guarantee, which means you need to be prepared to spend big and to potentially never see that money again.

Unsecured Debt Only

Typically, lawyers can handle debts that have been placed in judgment, but Mossler Law Firm can only handle unsecured debts. These include credit card debt, store card debt, and medical bills, but it does not include federal student loans, tax debt, and many other forms of debt.

Other Improvements

Some other improvements that we would like to see include:

  • More transparent pricing.
  • Mor industry accreditations.
  • Online resources and information for clients looking to learn more about debt settlement and to better their own financial situation.

The Bottom Line

Mossler Law Firm is a smaller company, and this allows for more personalized service. You get the feeling that you are working with a highly skilled lawyer and not a team of customer support staff who will just pass you off onto someone else whenever you become too troublesome.

The Mossler Law Firm teams helps consumers with a range of legal services, though their size limits them in how many cases they can take on. We'd recommend looking for a debt settlement company that is full-service instead of this one, but if you have the funds and the need for a little more experience you should definitely include them in you comparisons.