National Debt Services provides economic assistance to those struggling with debt. Its debt settlement program has helped many Americans in this situation and if you find yourself struggling with the same problems then they might be able to help you as well.

In this guide we'll hopefully discover if that is the case. We'll cover everything that you need to know about National Settlement Services, before offering our opinions with our review of this company.

National Settlement Services Review

About National Settlement Services

Basic Information

  • Address: 5840 W Cypress St STE F, Tampa, FL 33607-1787
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 1/26/2009
  • Contact Number: (813) 498-0080
  • BBB Accredited? No.

The Company

National Settlement Services pride themselves on a “no win, no fee” service. And this would be commendable, if it wasn't illegal to do anything else. This is tantamount to a company taking pride in a slogan like, “We are not thieves”. The FTC changed the law back in 2010 and made it illegal for debt settlement companies to charge their fee prior to settlement, and even though a long time has passed since then, there are still companies that pretend like it hasn't happened and that they are doing something amazing by not charging upfront fees.

Are National Settlement Services a Scam?

National Settlement Services are not accredited by the BBB, which is fairly common for a debt settlement company, but they are legitimate and they are reputable. As we have mentioned many times before, however, just because they are legitimate doesn't mean you will have a good experience with them, and just because you have a bad experience doesn't mean they are a scam.

The Reviews

There are more good reviews than bad reviews for National Settlement Services, but the bad reviews that do exist are very damning. It seems that customers have a lot of anger for this company and many of them have also raised complaints. To be fair to National Settlement Services they have tried to settle these complaints and to clear their name after bad reviews, but it hasn't quite nipped them in the bud.

The Services

National Settlement Services only offer debt settlement, but there are some issues here. Firstly, there isn't a great deal of information on their website, and what we could find didn't exactly clear things up. We've also heard contradicting information from former customers, and it all serves to muddy the situation and leave us confused as to where we stand.

We have covered this issue more closely in our National Settlement Services review below.

National Settlement Services Help

Our National Settlement Services Review

If you have made it this far then there is a good chance you have already seen the rating we have given National Settlement Services. But don't give up just yet. Because for all the negatives, there are also a number of positives and in our National Settlement Services review we'll see how these balance out, if indeed they do.

The Good

Free Consultation

National Settlement Services offers a gateway for clients struggling with unsecured debts, through which they can establish financial prosperity. They do this by offering a free consultation where a debt specialist will evaluate their situation and determine if they qualify for their program. If they discover that they are not a good fit then they will advise accordingly, potentially referring them to a debt management program instead (such as Debt Guru, Family Credit, or one of the many others).

If they qualify for the program, customers will have to set up a specialized account with Global Client Solutions, after which a monthly payment will be agreed. The funds in this account will act as leverage when the negotiation process begins, showing creditors that the debtor has the money needed to pay off debts, but only if they are able to reduce those debts to a manageable sum.

When the client and National Settlement Services agree on an amount, a service fee will have to be made on the total amount saved in the settlement. This will most likely be higher than the industry average, as National Settlement Services don't come cheap as far as we can tell.

Open Communication

National Settlement Services has strong relationships with some of the country’s biggest creditors, which means clients can potentially save more money when it comes to negotiating the debt and bringing those high sums down to a low amount.

What's more, clients are given access to their personal online accounts via a private pin. With this option, customers can follow the settlement process every step of the way, communicating directly with a financial specialist from the comfort of their own home at anytime they choose.

National Settlement Services

The Bad

Lack of Privacy

Many complaints about National Settlement Services surround their use of private information, as they have a habit of sending printed materials and other data include client's name, the total amount of debt they enroll, and who their creditors are. This appears to be a risky tactic to reach out to customers. Our team of reviewers would like the company to exercise more privacy and reduce the amount of “junk mail” they send in the mail.

After all, it's all very helpful when you get a leaflet showing you the details of a previous customer and detailing how much they were able to save. But what if you were that customer and your details were being sent out to everyone who queried National Settlement Services, would you be happy with that?

Probably not.

High Prices

National Settlement Services prices are higher than what most other companies in this sector are charing. They charge a high 35% charge on the total amount of debt saved. This means that if they end up saving you 50%, which is considered a good and very attainable figure in debt settlement, then you'll only actually save 15%. Once you add time, risk, and admin fees on top of this you might be left wondering why you bothered at all.

Also, while National Settlement Services tries to make it clear that the charge is only on the total amount of debt saved, the example they gave us says otherwise. We have reason to believe the company actually charges 35% on the total amount of debt enrolled, and not saved. In any case it is a lot of money, but one is clearly more worrying than the other, and the fact that there is no consistency and clarity is also a big issue.

The Bottom Line

National Settlement Services offers settlement services at a higher price than most of their competitors. They also lack vital accreditations and educational resources. In all, due to the lack of transparency, the high prices and the other issues, we feel there are better companies for debt settlement.

Instead of National Settlement Services, take a look at companies like Pacific Debt or Donaldson Williams.