National Debt Services provides economic help for those struggling with debt through their settlement programs. They assist in relieving customers by redirecting harassing creditors and using established relationships with some of the leading creditors to help their client save money.



The Good

Free Consultation

National Settlement Services offers a gateway for clients under the heavy burden of unsecured debts to establish financial prosperity. They do this by offering a free consultation where a debt specialist will evaluate their financial situation and determine if they qualify for their program. If they qualify for the program, customers will have to set up a trust (or specialized account) with Global Client Solutions where a predetermined monthly payment will be made. The funds in this account will act as leverage when the negotiation process with the creditors begins. When the client and National Settlement Services agree on an amount, a service fee will have to be made on the total amount saved in the settlement – which will most likely be higher than the industry average.

Open Communication

National Settlement Services has strong relationships with some of the country’s biggest creditors because this means clients can potentially save more money when it comes to negotiating the debt down. Moreover, clients are given access to their personal online accounts via a private pin number. With this option, customers can follow the settlement process step-by-step and communicate directly with a financial specialist from the comfort of their home.

The Bad

Lack of Privacy

Many complaints about this company surround the mailings National Settlement Services sends out with a lot of the client's personal information printed on it, including their name, the total amount of debt they enroll, and who their creditors are. This appears to be a risky tactic to reach out to customers. Our team of reviewers would like the company to exercise more privacy and reduce the amount of “junk mail” they send in the mail.

High Prices

The company’s prices are also higher than most other companies with a 35% charge on the total amount of debt saved. The company tries to make it clear that the charge is only on the total amount of debt saved, even though the example they gave us says otherwise. We have reason to believe the company actually charges 35% on the total amount of debt enrolled, and not saved. The inconsistent information on pricing leads to point our visitors in a different direction.

The Bottom Line

National Settlement Services offers settlement services for a higher price tag than most of their competitors. The company also lacks in vital accreditations and education resources. In all, due to the lack of transparency, we feel there are better companies for debt settlement.