NetDebt LLC has resolved millions of dollars worth of debt in the few short years that their debt settlement program has been available. In this guide we will look at all of the pros and cons of this company, while also covering all of the basics. If you want to learn more about NetDebt and are considering signing up for their services, be sure to read this review first.


About NetDebt

If you've seen other reviews of NetDebt then you may notice there are some discrepancies regarding their founding date. That's because they have changed their name over the years, being known as “Debt Mediation” and “Debt Relief Advocates”. There are many reasons why a company changes their name, and they are not all bad, but when you include all of the other issues then these name changes begin to look very negative and very concerning.

Basic Information

  • Address: 6400 Pinecrest Drive Suite 400, Plano, TX 75024
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 10/31/2012
  • Contact Number:(972) 202-4366
  • BBB Accredited? No.

The Services

NetDebt focus mainly on debt settlement, although we have been led to believe that they have offered other services in the past. They promise to help Americans escape from the vicious cycle of debt within 24 to 26 months, a timeframe that should help customers to avoid litigation and other serious issues. However, they make no guarantee regarding this and they also do not guarantee anything in terms of debt reduction amounts and potential legal issues.

There are customers who will be disappointed to see this, but the truth is that there is no way for a debt settlement company to know any of these things, and if they guarantee it then they are basically lying in the hope of attracting more business.

The Employees

There are some good reports from former and current employees at NetDebt, but there are also some concerning ones. One of the most highlighted employee reviews on the biggest employee review site openly calls them a scam. We get the impression that they are just an angry former employee who was wronged and is now looking to get back at them, but we're also left wondering what could anger them so much.

The truth is, NetDebt are not a scam. They are regulated and accredited, after all. However, this industry is not as clean cut as you might think and there are companies out there who do things that some would consider a scam, while still operating within the law. For instance, we heard reports from Navicore Solutions employees saying that they used bullying and harassment tactics to hassle customers into signing up; there are companies under investigation by the trade commission and advertising authorities for doing similar things; and there are also those who seriously under deliver and over-charge.

In other words, NetDebt are not a scam, and you'd be hard pressed to find a company in this industry (especially the ones we have reviewed) that is. But there are many things that they might do that could be considered scam behavior.

The Reviews

There are quite a few bad reviews out there for NetDebt, and you'll also find a number of bad reviews under their previous names. If you focus on a few aggregate review sites, such as TrustPilot, then you'll see an abundance of positive reviews, but these sites are easy to manipulate. We're not for a minute saying that the company fixed their reviews, but we know how easy it is for a company to report and remove bad reviews while pushing for good ones.

TrustPilot, and sites like it, like to put themselves across as being a genuine and honest representation of customer opinion, but that is rarely the case and it should not be seen as the be all and end all when it comes to reviews.

Our NetDebt Review

NetDebt has some positive qualities to get excited about. This includes the fact that they have no upfront costs and flexible customer service hours. However, as we shall discover, they have been plagued by legal issues in some states, have changed their name in the past and raise quite a few red flags.

The Good


Our team of reviewers the fact that NetDebt is completely upfront about their price, which is 25% of the total debt. This is not that common in the debt settlement industry and many companies are unclear about the specifics of their costs. However, despite this, it's worth noting that 25% is a rather high fee compared to industry averages.

Being upfront is definitely a good thing, but not when the thing they are being upfront about is negative.

Saturday Availability

NetDebt offers consultations and customer service on Saturdays outside of normal business hours. This makes them extremely accessible for those who are busy during normal business hours. They also have a live chat feature on their website for anyone who doesn't have the time for a phone call or simply prefers to do everything online.

Money Back Guarantee

You have the option of walking away from NetDebt without paying anything if you are dissatisfied with the level of service provided or if the debt has not been settled at the speed that was expected. Of course, customers will still lose something in these situations as there is an increased risk of litigation and the longer they were with the company before they took advantage of this guarantee, the more they have to lose.

The program at NetDebt also guarantees that their settlement program will save you money on fees, or they will pay the difference. These kinds of guarantees are not that common among other settlement companies, so it's good to see here.

Customer Satisfaction

Past customers have expressed their satisfaction with the level of expertise demonstrated by the consultants at NetDebt. On top of this, clients mention that they were pleased to find out that there were no upfront fees, although this is fairly common among all settlement companies. They also expressed their appreciation for the tools, resources, and calculators available to them on the company’s website.

As mentioned already, there are also a lot of bad reviews, but we shouldn't ignore the good ones.

The Bad

Some Client Complaints

Customer complaints mainly revolve around their dissatisfaction with the company’s high costs in comparison to the competition, as well as difficulties and delays when it comes to canceling the program and getting their money back. There are also complaints about hidden fees like the mandatory enrollment in United Member plans for $395 per year, with extra fees tacked on if the customer decides to opt out.

This is very cheeky, and downright suspicious, and it's something that raised a huge red flag for us when we discovered it.

NetDebt Review

Higher than Average Pricing

Although we appreciate NetDebt’s transparency about their pricing (most of it, anyway), they are still higher than the industry average. They charge 25% of the total amount of debt enrolled when other companies typically charge 15% to 20%.

Lacking Credibility

Netdebt has no major accreditations, which is a big concern. Most settlement companies are at least accredited with the IAPDA and the AFCC, so the lack of any accreditations here is another red mark against their name.

Main cons with NetDebt are:

  • Limited industry experience
  • Not available in the state of Utah
  • They fall a long way short of what other companies offer
  • They have no industry accreditations

The Bottom Line

NetDebt could be a great company for those who are busy during normal business hours and need support on Saturdays. However, once you take this positive out of the equation there is very little to get excited about and a whole lot to be concerned about.

Between the legal issues, high costs, and reported communication problems, we do not recommend NetDebt for most customers, and we can not recommend them until they make some big changes and get some major accreditations.

For a less expensive debt settlement option, we recommend learning more about Pacific Debt and Freedom Debt Relief. If you have a lot of debt that needs to be settled you shoudl also checkout Trinity Debt Management, a review of which you can find here.