NFL Extra Points Credit Card

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as an NFL credit card. Known as the Extra Points card, it was created for fans of the National Football League and offers rewards for customer who spend money on merchandise and more.

But is this a good rewards card, should you signup to it and what can it offer you if you do? These days it seems like there are credit cards for everything and produced by everyone, from GameStop to Best Buy and more, but where does the NFL Extra Points credit card fit into this?

NFL Extra Points Pros

We have reviewed some shocking credit cards over the last couple years and we weren’t expecting much here, but the NFL Extra Points card surprised us somewhat. These are the benefits you can expect when you signup:


The main benefit to the NFL Extra Points card is the 20% discount that cardholders get on every NFL website purchase. It is a permanent coupon that ensures you can save on jerseys, tailgating supplies, accessories and more for all the family every single season.

To put this into perspective, a spend of $300 per season will save you $60 a year. After 5 years you will have saved a full $300, which you can use to stock-up on the latest season's supplies!


You can earn 1 point for every $1 that you spend, regardless of what you spend it on or where you spend it. You can earn 2x as many points for money that you spend on NFL gear. And if you need a boost then you can take advantage of the introductory offer. This gives you 10,000 bonus points when you spend just $500 in the first three months. These points have a value of $100.


There is no annual fee on the NFL Extra Points credit card, which means you don't have to worry about making enough money to offset the fees. There is also an introductory rate on the NFL Extra Points credit card, which offers you a 0% APR for the first 6 months and a similar intro rate that extends to 15 months for balance transfers.


This is a fun extra that fans of the National Football League will enjoy, because when you signup to the NFL Extra Points credit card you can choose from 32 designs—one for each franchise. Go blue and red to fly the flag for the Pats, black and orange to show support for the Bengals or, for the perennial masochists out there, green and white for the Jets.


You can redeem the points you earn in the NFL store on everything from gear to gift cards. If you have a US checking account then you can have the money deposited in there or if you prefer then you can turn the money into statement credit.

NFL Extra Points Cons

NFL Credit Card

There are cons to every pro and the NFL Extra Points credit card is no exception. So, before you let that football fever get the better of you, take a look at these downsides.

We’re sorry for being party poopers!


The NFL Extra Points credit card doesn’t have the highest interest, but it definitely doesn’t have the lowest either. The APR can be as high as 24.74% variable.

There is a minimum of 16.74% APR advertised, but as is usually the case we can’t find many cases in which this has actually been offered and unless you have a sterling credit score then you’re probably going to get a rate a lot closer to the highest.


Many new reward cards don’t charge for foreign transactions. This is especially true of airline and travel rewards cards. But it’s not the case with the NFL Extra Points credit card and you will pay 3% on all transactions made outside of the United States.

There is also a cash advance rate of 26.99% and you will pay 3% (to a minimum of $5) on every balance transfer, as well as a late fee of $47. These rates are certainly not unusual and some of them are pretty much standard, but they are worth mentioning nonetheless.


There are a number of rewards credit cards out there that don’t require high credit scores. Unfortunately for anyone with low credit who has just gotten excited by the above benefits, the NFL Extra Points is not one of them.

You need a very good credit score, which may rule many of you out. Should this be the case then there are things you can do to raise your credit score, so click the link and try them out for yourself.

Value of NFL Credit Card Points

NFL Extra Points

As mentioned above, you can earn twice as many Extra Points when you spend money on NFL gear, but it goes much further than that. The points are also earned when you spend at partner stores, NFL team stadiums and any purchases made with DirecTV.

The points are worth $0.01 each. If you are a huge NFL fan who goes to every game and spends $5,000 a season then you can earn 10,000 points, or $100. What’s more, if a quarter of that amount was spent in the NFL online store and you also met your bonus terms then you would save a total of $700.

And that’s before you consider all the additional non-NFL purchases you would have made throughout the year.

NFL Extra Points Review

We were really surprised how generous this card was. The points system is not the best, but it’s certainly worth having and when you add it to the discounts, the introductory interest rate and the other perks discussed above, the NFL Extra Points credit card looks pretty good.

But make no mistake about it, this is definitely a card for people who spend big on the NFL. If you try to see as many games as you can, buy as much kit as you can, and spend your days tailgating or catching the latest live games, then this card will be a revelation. If you merely catch the occasional game and don’t spend much at the NFL store, there are better alternatives out there.

We’re sure that some of you will try to convince yourself you need this card just because you want a credit card with your team’s colors. But unless you tick those aforementioned boxes then there is really no value in it.